The Ataris

Members of the band Atari wearing Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneakers.
Ataris  Chris Swinney and Aaron Glass play the guitar. Ataris  Kristopher Lee Roe playing his guitar at a concert. Ataris  Chris and Aaron are on the guitar while  Kristopher sings. Ataris  Kristopher Lee Roe gives a speech.
Ataris  Bryan, Aaron, Chris, and Kristopher sit with the dead. Ataris  Kristopher, Chris, Aaron, and Bryan pose holding torches. Ataris  Aaron, Kris, and Chris jammin' the guitiar. Ataris  Kristopher is being carried by the crowd.
Ataris  Back to back Kris and Chris play guitar. Ataris  Kristopher Lee Roe plays his guitar. Ataris  Kristtopher Roe on guitar and vocals. Ataris  The crowd carries Aaron during a concert.
Ataris  Behind the band stand. Ataris  Kris and Chris wearing low cut black chucks. Ataris  Chris Swinney playing the guitar at a concert. Ataris  Chris Swinney in black hightops.
Ataris  Kristopher Lee Roe feeds birds.