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Record Setting Chucks

In the world of chucks, one of the most important parts of their history is their relationship with the NBA. They were the standard shoes worn by all the players until the mid-70s and every pair saw their share of victories and losses. There was one set, however, that was especially important as they played a role in one of the most incredible moments in basketball history: Wilt Chamberlain’s famed 100 point game.

The year was 1962 and the Pennsylvania Warriors were taking on the New York Knicks. The Warriors won with a score of 169 against the Knicks’ 147, but while there was certainly a team effort on both sides, Pennsylvania owed their victory to Chamberlain’s 100 point streak. But how did he do it? Obviously there was quite a bit of talent involved, and his status as a seven foot tall man certainly helped, but chucks fans all know that his shoes probably factored in as well. How could they not, what with their ideal traction for a basketball court and the fact that his feet were probably super comfortable!

Wilt lacing up a pair of optical white high top chucks.

Chamberlain and his chucks went on to set several other records including most free throws, but none managed to be quite as impressive as his 100 point game. It was a feat that rocked the world of sports and will forever go down both in NBA and chucks history.

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You and Your Chucks Can Save the Day

With the recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy, all eyes have been put on Marvel Comics, but soon that attention may very well be focused on DC…the comics, not the city! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most highly anticipated superhero movies set for release in 2016. It’ll be the first time Ben Affleck puts on his cape to be Batman, and mark Wonder Woman’s return to the big screen in a major motion picture. Needless to say, in the worlds of comic book fans and movie buffs alike, this is a pretty big deal. To mark the occasion, Converse has decided to set the tone by introducing new designs into their fall 2014 line of “DC Illustration Chucks”.  

There have been a lot of cool shoes to come from the minds of the chucks designers, but these are extra special, as famous comic artists like Jim Lee and Andy Kubert have teamed up with Converse to make something especially unique. There are five new styles—all of them high top—featuring some of the most memorable characters from the DC universe.

Some of the new high top chucks with super hero print pattern uppers.

You have your choice between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to help you save the day, or, if you absolutely can’t choose, there’s also a “Justice League” option featuring the previous three alongside the Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Then again...we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes, and there’s an option for you guys, too. The Joker has his very own shoe for those of you who are feeling like causing a little mischief. These shoes go for around $60 and have not yet determined whether or not they will be limited edition.

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Chucks on Display

Museums, over the years, have gained the bad reputation of being stuffy, boring, and just overall unappealing to those who aren’t stuffy college professors or nerdy high school kids. But that’s not the case! These days, many of them are all about “making learning fun”, and many of them succeed. After all, they’re establishments that need money to stay open and that’s not going to happen with narrow demographics. But why does this even matter? You’re here to read about chucks, not museums! Believe it or not, though, there’s a pair of chucks that have landed themselves in one of the United States’ most prestigious museum.

Either you’ve been there, you’ve heard about it, or you’ve seen the Ben Stiller’s sequel to “Night at the Museum”, Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian is a pretty big deal. It’s an even bigger deal to snag a spot among the many display cases. Of course, gaining entrance was no problem for Converse. After all, with a shoe that has so much history to it—from training soldiers during World War II to helping basketball legends win their games—museums should practically be begging to get a pair of their own. In 1992 the Smithsonian got just that.

Chucks tend to celebrate special events in style (AKA releasing new styles), and their 75th birthday called for something especially spectacular. And thus the “Stars and Bars” chucks were born! Coming in both high tops and low cuts, these shoes essentially looked like an American flag was slapped onto the canvas. Now before you get disappointed because these sound very much like one of the many dreaded “limited edition” chucks that have already run their course, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they were made a permanent edition to the Converse family. So what are you waiting for? Make a trip to the Smithsonian and support the chucks that are rightfully considered to be history!

Stars and Bars high top chucks

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Back to School with Chucks

Nobody wants to hear it…but back to school time is approaching. Fast. Parents and students alike are already putting together their lists of things to get. Some early birds may have already made and completed their lists while the procrastinators (which, let’s face it, is most of us) are doing everything in their power to avoid the stores. But while the end of the summer can be a drag, there are still ways to make it at least a little bit enjoyable.

We’ve all seen the wide selection of folders, notebooks, pencils, and every other type of school supply imaginable, which is definitely a good thing. Having a One Direction book cover, or Spongebob spiral is way better than a boring solid color—but did you know that Converse makes school supplies? That’s right, you can now buy a back-to-school pair of chucks and have matching backpacks, folders, and notebooks to go with them!

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor backpack

While the chucks school supplies may not necessarily be found in every store, Target tends to carry these products around this time of year. Like all things Converse, you can expect great quality and a reasonable price. So reasonable, that you run the risk of getting to the store only to find that everything is sold out! No worries, though, with a quick google search, you can find that many reputable sites sell them online. In fact, it may be better to head to the computer instead of the car so you can avoid the mad rush of frantic back to school shoppers! So start the school year off right: with chucks.

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Chucks Summer Survival Guide

Let’s face it. Summer is probably the best time of the year. The bulky jackets have to make way for the sunshine and fresh air, the days are long, and a multitude of festivals pop up throughout the country. They could be anything from a quaint little town celebration to a state fair, but no matter the size of the event itself, there always seems to be an impenetrable crowd. But you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few survival tips to help you have the most fun possible:

1. Remember that all that fun you’re having is in the sun! Before you leave your house thinking “eh…I probably don’t need sunscreen” just remember what it’s like to take a shower with a sunburn.

2. STAY HYRDRATED! With all that sun comes heat, as well! Drink as much water as you can.

3. Take breaks! There’s always a lot going on at carnivals, festivals, and fairs, but constantly standing can lead to exhaustion and faster dehydration. Find a bench, a curb, a shady tree, and try to sit for five or ten minutes every hour or so.

4. Wear chucks! No, we’re not just saying it because we love chucks (well…that might be part of the reason) but when you make your feet work hard all day, you might as well make them comfortable. Plus, chucks not only feel good to wear, but they also protect your feet from things like dirt, getting stepped on, broken glass, and any other hazards you might encounter.

Follow these tips and you won’t have to be worried about your good time turning sour. After all, summer only comes once a year. Make the best of it!


NOTE: The picture accompanying this chuck talk is a picture submitted to the chucksconnection Instagram page by user @henilenz

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The Chucks Smartphone App

It’s unfortunate, but times are tough right now. For a lot of people, money is tight. Budgets have to be followed, more time has to be spent at work, and sacrifices have to be made when it comes to things like…well…chucks. Though they’re all great, sometimes a certain style of chucks just doesn’t quite fit with your personality, and sometimes you don’t realize it until after you’ve bought them. Sure you could head back to the store or send them back, but that’s only if you have the time. Luckily, Converse totally gets it and thus their “Sampler” app was born.

You’re probably eagerly wondering what it is! Basically, it’s a free (yes free!) application for smartphones that lets you browse different styles of chucks—complete with 360 degree views. But that’s not all…you also get to try them on before you make your purchase. That’s right, folks, the future is here and it brought a store into the palm of your hand. With a few taps of your finger, the app transfers your shoe of choice into a camera feature. You then hold it up over your foot and strut your stuff to get a feel for how it’ll look!

This app is a free download from Converse.

While there are plenty of upsides, there are a few negatives, too. It’s relatively new so there are still a few glitches that need to be worked out (mainly the camera that tends to freeze up). In addition to the occasional hiccups with the camera, there’s also the selection…it’s not as wide as one may hope. It covers the basics: high tops, low cut, black, white, red, etc. but aside from that, patterns and the ability to customize haven’t been made available…yet. But hey, the only way to improve is to hear from YOU the consumers, so give it a try. It’s free. It’s chucks. It’s awesome.

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Chucks for Father's Day

If you need an obscure thing in the house fixed, who are you going to call? If you need a deep metaphor and potentially a story about one’s youth, who are you going to call? If you just need to see someone yell at the TV while the Bears are playing, who are you going to call? Clearly there’s only one person: Dad.

He might be a little on the dorky side, or maybe his DIY projects don’t always go as great as planned, but in the end he’s there for you with a little advice and tousle of the hair to go with it. Coincidentally, father’s day is on Sunday (funny how that works out, right?) and while some people have got BBQs planned out, or baseball games to attend, there is always that one little detail that so many people have trouble with…what to get him!

Which item is the best gift for Father's Day?

Cards are great and so are hugs and spending time together, but deep down everyone loves nothing more than to get a present. Now what on Earth could you possibly get a man that loves to relax just as much as he loves the outdoors? Chances are a new golf shirt or grilling utensils aren’t going to cut it…and this is where the chucks come in. He can wear them out, he can wear them while shingling the roof, he can even lounge back while watching his favorite sport, all while looking super stylish. And the best part? Even if he’s the “guy that has everything” (including chucks) you can never have too many pairs!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Chucks in Color

If you’re a chucks fan, chances are you’re likely to have an extensive collection of them. High tops, low cut, platform, leather, red, neon pink, tie dye, and studded are just a few of the literally hundreds of possibilities of chucks you may own. That’s not even including the customizations that chucks fans around the world make themselves. But did you know until 1971 you had only the choice of black or white chucks? Super wide variety, right? With all the options that we’re given today, we may not think twice about the fact that though they, for the most part, have kept their classic form, chucks have been evolving stylistically at the same pace as fashion trends (only they do a better job of sticking around).

Coincidentally, color began seeping into the world of chucks around the same time that athletic shoes were becoming popular as everyday footwear…okay so maybe it’s not that coincidental. What exactly were the first colors, you may ask? They were about as standard as you can get: Green, orange, red, gold, and two shades of blue. That’s right, folks. There were no Batman chucks or chucks covered in glitter. Just black, white, and a mere six other colors. However, the start of colored chucks was more of a “boom” then a “trickle”.

How many models and colors of chucks are in your closet?

Booming and trickling? Yep, that’s right. Instead of new colors and styles being slowly added over time to finally end up where we are today, it only took a few years for colored chucks to really start making themselves known. Soon there were patterns and pop culture logos showing up in addition to the growing rainbow of Converse, all leading up to present day. Now there are new styles of chucks introduced almost monthly, and luckily, they show no signs of running out of ideas any time soon.

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Fight Battles In Chucks

Left! Left! Left, right left! Are you picturing a group of boots trudging through the mud right towards you? If you are then you’re close, but not quite there. Combat boots are essential to many military uniforms, but sometimes their boots may be tucked away and replaced with chucks. It’s not as common now as say seventy years ago, but just because they aren’t as popular with soldiers as they once were doesn’t mean they haven’t had a huge impact on the American military as we know it.

While most of us may not have been around to experience the terrors of World War II, we know that it was a dark time in history. People lived in fear of being bombed or taken away, and threats of a terrible new world order were very prominent. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US realized it was time to make a stand, so they gathered up their army, laced up their chucks, and prepared for battle.

Chuck Taylor training shoes.

No, the US soldiers didn’t go charging in wearing the traditional chucks that you’d see someone wearing on the street, but a beefed up version reinforced with heavy rubber. Because they were so easy to move in and able to stand against wear and tear, they were the preferred shoe used to train new recruits. Unfortunately it’s pretty tough to come by these industrial strength shoes, however, every now and then Converse releases a limited edition remake, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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ChucksConnection on Instagram

Today is a momentous day in chucks history because (drumroll) Chucks Connection is now on Instagram! That’s right, you can now get fast access to music, movies, celebrities, and everything else chucks right in the palm of your hand! Keep track of when new galleries, articles, and chuck talks are posted, see other Instagram-ers sporting their converse, and much, much more!

You’re already pulling out your smart phone, aren’t you? (Those of you who aren’t better get to it ASAP!) Well now it’s time to put those fingers to work.

Step 1: Find username: chucksconnection

Step 2: Follow username: chucksconnection

Step 3: Tell all your friends/family/teachers/pets about username: chucksconnection

By the way, can any of you guess what our username is?

But wait, there’s more! All of us at Chucks Connection are very excited to be further expanding into the world of social media but we’re also looking for suggestions from you wonderful readers as to what you want to see! Feel free to comment on photos, shoot us a direct message, or even send in pictures of your very own chucks to be featured on the page!

Chucks Connection is exactly what it sounds like—to connect with fellow lovers of chucks—and we want to do so in every way possible. So help us take the next step forward to getting the word out about how awesome chucks are!

Oh right. And just in case you missed it, the username is: chucksconnection.

See you on Instagram!

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Say “I do” in Chucks

“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Here comes the groom, wearing cool shoes!” Okay…so that might not be how the song actually goes, but it’s a good (though cheesy) way of letting you know that yes. Chucks have infiltrated weddings, and made them look fabulous. It’s by no means a new trend, but it’s certainly a timeless one and a great way to add a little personality to your wedding party. Both grooms and brides have been spotted sporting Converse on their special day, and frankly, despite the fancy attire, their chucks fit in perfectly with the occasion.

It has been going on for decades, used by both your average couple, and even a few with celebrity status such as popular alternative musicians Max Bemis (Say Anything, vocals) and Sherri DuPree Bemis (Eisley, vocals) pictured below.  But what exactly makes them so great for that ever-so-important wedding day?

Max and Sheri showing off their chucks in a weddking photo.

There are a few reasons. First off, are the boat loads of money that can be saved. Both ladies and guys have cringed while paying for an expensive pair of shoes at least once in your lives, but now you can save yourself that pain by replacing pricey dress shoes and heels with very reasonably priced chucks! Not only can you save money that can be put to good use somewhere else (a romantic honeymoon, perhaps?), you can also get rid of your worries about being uncomfortable. Being the center of attention, though fun, also means standing on your feet while you make the rounds to thank your guests for coming before hitting the dance floor. So if you’re getting ready to say “I do”, make sure you pick up a few pairs of chucks!

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Spring into Socks

Spring, while pretty to look at and a literal breath of fresh air from winter, is also a huge pain in the you-know-where for fashion. Not because it’s hard to find nice things to wear, because as soon as March hits there are spring lines of clothing as far as the eye can see—it’s the fact that the days haven’t quite settled on what their temperatures are going to be yet. That means that sometimes you’ll wake up to it being fifty degrees only to find that at one in the afternoon it’s somehow gotten up to eighty and there you are in your long sleeved shirt and jeans. Guys don’t seem to have as much of a problem as girls do, especially seeing as the new fad for them is to just wear shorts year round. But women of the world, fear not, we understand your pain, and that is why we are here with a few fashion tips.

Socks. See them. Memorize them. Be them! Or at least wear them. You should also stop yourself before you roll your eyes because yes, socks are probably a normal part of your wardrobe, however, what potentially hasn’t been included in your daily outfits yet, are socks made for fashion. The new style that’s sweeping the internet and streets by storm is shorts and skirts worn with mid to thigh high socks. Think high fashion school girl. So where do chucks play into this? Well, not only are they an ideal shoe to wear with socks (obviously!) but you can actually buy socks that are made to look like chucks!

Left: Fashion knee high socks. Right: Quarter high star socks available from The ChucksConnection.

Coming in a multitude of colors, they, of course, have the oh-so-famous star on the side in addition to a front pattern that imitates shoe laces. Sound too flashy? You can also get more traditional looking socks that still feature the converse star. These, however, are a little tougher to find, but luckily chucksconnection has them in stock under the clothing and hats section. Spring temperatures are rather unpredictable, so show off your chucks pride and stay comfortable at the same time!

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Dye Hard Chucks Fan

Talk about tie-dye and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Psychedelic patterns? Long haired hippies? Those super messy arts and crafts projects you may have done in elementary school? Well it is time for all those lovely memories to step to the side, because chucks are reinventing what it means to dye (tie-dye, that is).

As of April 2014, Converse has been promoting ten new styles of tie-dye chucks for men and women. This isn’t your average “mash-up-of-swirly-colors”, though. This is tie-dye 2014. Each variation features a subtle, monotone depiction of the popular 1960s pattern. The line ranges in price from about $55 to $65 depending on the style and pattern. Coming in both high and low tops, the color selections consist of light blue, pink, and gray.

One of the new tie-dye high top chuck models recently released.

Looking for a more traditional tie-dye look? Chucks have also come up with tie dye “panels”. In other words, the shoe still has that sleek, modern day feel, however, there are different panels of the shoe sewn on in different monotone dye patterns (mostly bright blue and pink). Not only is it a unique tribute to all that tie-dye has been throughout time, but it is also a great way to add some color into your summer wardrobe. It’s been a long winter—longer for some than others—so pulling on a pair of these is sure to help give the mucky winter colors a final push out of your life…at least until next year!

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So You Want To Write A Term Paper About Chucks

If you are a student, it's getting to be that time of year when term papers are due. Stymied for a topic? Then you look down at your feet and think, "Why not a term paper about chucks?" It's a good topic, and there is a lot to write about. At The ChucksConnection we often get requests for information about chucks for student projects or term papers. We put together an article to help you out with your topic selection, research, and how to go about creating a successful paper. You can check it out in our articles section.

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Base Stealers

Attention one and all, be sure to grab your peanuts and cracker jacks, because baseball season is back in full force in the good old U S of A. With it, comes the reminder of a pair of chucks that you can’t quite call yourself an enthusiast without owning. Naturally, all of you probably have your noses pressed to the screen of whatever device you’re reading off of, desperate to know where it is you must go to get whatever chucks are missing from your collection. While we wish we could tell you what store to head over to, or give you a snazzy link to click, it unfortunately isn’t that easy because the production of these shoes stopped in the early 1980s, thirty years after they were first made.

Converse Base Stealers was the line of cleats made specifically for professional baseball. Many players, both amateur and profession have worn them, though one of the most notable was Hall of Famer ,St. Louis Cardinal, Lou Brock who was known to have stolen a record breaking amount of bases. The shoes were made with soft leather that came in four different colors such as red and white, and had nickel-chrome plated cleats. But most importantly was the Converse star that was etched proudly on the outer side of each shoe.

These Converse cleats are shown in the MLB Hall of Fame.

Sounds great, right? Well just because they are no longer being made doesn’t mean you still can’t get your hands on a pair. Bidding websites like put some up for auction now and then, and due to the popularity of the cleat in its heyday, there is a good chance that you might stumble across a pair in a rather athletic grandparent’s attic. They may not be in the greatest condition to play ball in, but they sure would look right at home with wherever you may keep the rest of your chucks.

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Chucks in the Happiest Place on Earth

ChucksConnection correspondent Mary Ann Meussling writes: We all know that the Disney parks are “The Happiest Places on Earth”. But what made me especially happy on my most recent trip, is the pair of chucks I saw on one of my favorite rides. “Spaceship Earth” is located in Walt Disney World’s Epcot center. It is an especially unique ride because the entire thing takes place in the large golf ball looking structure that towers over the park.

Personally, I am a fan of thrill rides, however, I am also a bit of a history buff, so, despite the fact that Spaceship Earth is slow moving without and sharp turns or sudden drops, I love the historical aspect of it. The concept of the ride is to show how communication helped to shape what we know today. It begins “back in time” in the age of the cavemen and slowly brings you through time, ending in today’s world. Even my little sister, who yawns at the very thought of anything that isn’t current, loves seeing all the different animatronics and special effects used to convey each time period.

Happy homes have pairs of chucks!

While I love the entire ride, my favorite part happens to be right around the time that the ride takes me through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I can’t help but chuckle at seeing computers that take up entire rooms and all the shag rugs used to decorate the average home. But what I especially love is the scene where a happy looking family is gathered around their TV watching the first moon landing. It is there that a pair of chucks is lying casually next to the couch. While I was born in the 90s, it still gives me a strange sense of nostalgia to actually see just how long my favorite shoes have been around!

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Chucks Tote Bags For All Your Traveling Needs

Heading to the gym? Need to pack an overnight bag? Hopping on a plane? Chucks are glad to help you out! But not just as footwear to get you from point A to point B, but instead, to help you carry your belongings to said destination. The Converse tote bag has plenty of space for all your travel needs measuring 18.75” X 10.5” X 9.5”; in other words, room enough to fit two pairs of chucks with room to spare.

Coming in black with two different styles of trimming, the totes have a casual and sleek look, complete with the iconic Chuck Taylor logo on the side. It does more than look good, though. It will also keep your belongings safe and secure. The tote is constructed from a hefty nylon, and has a strong, U-shaped zipper to access the inside. There is also a special mesh side that is especially useful to those using it as a bag for the gym, as it ventilates any body odor left over after your workout and keeps everything smelling fresh. The tote also features both a strap and handles to make transportation comfortable and easy.

Here is one type of totebag you can get.

The best part, however, is that you don’t have to spend time rushing out to the mall or scouring the internet for these useful bags, because we have them right here at The ChucksConnection! With just a few clicks on the “Clothing and hats” tab found on the homepage or on the bottom of any feature pages, in a matter of minutes you can have your very own official chucks tote! If you need a larger size, there is plenty of selection from our Eastbay affiliate store.

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Chucks Workout Wear

Spring is just around the corner and for those of us not fortunate to live in sunny places like Florida or Texas, that means finally being able to reveal to the world that we are in fact human and not just walking coats and scarves. We’ll be able to drive with the tunes cranked up and the windows rolled down. No longer will it get dark at four in the afternoon, and our worries won’t be snow, but rather finally getting around to working off that excess holiday weight we swore we’d get rid of on January 1st. Of course, the reason for our sudden motivation to get in shape is to prepare ourselves for the dreaded bathing suit season.

While you’re frantically doing online research to find that perfect gym to join, take a moment to think about what you’ll be wearing to said gym. Being sweaty and out of breath is miserable as is, especially for you newbies, so you want to make sure you’re dressed as comfortable as possible. Obviously you’ll have your chucks on, but why stop at your feet?

This Converse chevron logo shirt is one of many designs you can get on our t-shirt page.

There’s a wide variety of t-shirts and tank tops that you can get for all your exercising needs ranging from male to female to unisex styles in sizes to fit any body type.  And not only do we have Converse themed tops, but shirts meant especially for you diehard fans of ChucksConnection! Where can you get these fabulous shirts, you may ask? They’re just a few clicks away on the homepage under the “clothing and hats” tab, so get clicking and get active! There are links to our clothing pages on the bottom of every feature page, also. Current sales and discounts like free shipping are posted on the clothing pages.

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Dress Up With Chucks, Men's Edition

We’ve given girls a little fashion advice when it comes to the rapidly approaching prom season, but what about guys? After all, it is their job to look super sleek for their dates, but let’s face it. Guys don’t tend to get as excited about dressing up as girls do. Luckily, chucks are here to make you feel a little more comfortable.

Girls wearing chucks with their dresses is a more recent trend, but guys have been doing it a little longer—with suits, of course. There are plenty of reports of grooms and groomsmen wearing them on the big day, and younger guys sporting them at dances. Which goes back to the main point: it’s perfectly acceptable to wear chucks with a suit. Of course, this may be frowned upon by a date that prefers the traditional prom look, but when in doubt, defend your decision with color.

Classic suits with classic black chucks.

Some girls like to keep their dresses a surprise; others post pictures on their social media accounts the moment they bring home their purchase. But whether the garment is a secret or widely promoted, the guy is always made aware of the color. Once this information has been learned, it is his job to run out to the mall and dig through the sea of ties to find just the right one that will match the dress. But why not take your matching a step further? Chucks come in every color of the rainbow which means it would be pretty easy to find the right pair to match her dress. It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you make the suggestion, her stubborn attitude will change for the better. Your date will be happy and you’ll feel a little more comfortable in your suit—so be sure to thank your chucks for this win-win situation!

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Dress Up With Chucks

Anyone who has ever gone on social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram, has probably seen—along with countless snapshots of food and cats—more than their fair share of artsy pictures of girls wearing dresses. You know the ones, where the photo cuts off right at the neck and there’s (probably) a sunset in the background, giving the image a very “mysterious” look. If you aren’t familiar with this, then it’s only a matter of time before you will be because more and more of the pictures are popping up every day, especially with spring on its way bringing an army of school dances with it. You may be asking yourself why this is important. It is important, because more and more are there chucks accompanied with these dresses. But the strangest part? They actually look really good together!

Maybe it’s not that strange that chucks once again manage to look awesome with something unexpected, but it’s certainly something to pay attention to, especially with all those dances mentioned before, coming up. If you happen to be attending one of these said dances, listen up. If you’re a parent of a child that’d going to be going to one of these dances then you should EXTRA listen up.

Chucks are great shoes for dressing up!

Tickets are expensive.  Limos are expensive. Meals are expensive. God knows that dresses are expensive, so before you toss out another sixty bucks on a new pair of shoes to go with it all, take a second to pull out a pair of chucks. You now have before you, a perfectly trendy, perfectly inexpensive alternative to all the overpriced stuff you’d find in prom stores. Plus, you (or your child) will for sure be the talk of the dance!

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Taking Your First Steps In Style

The early years of our lives hold some of the most important milestones. It’s when you learn to communicate and make choices. You form relationships and bonds, but most importantly, you learn how to step out into the world. Literally!

A baby’s first steps are often seen as one of the most critical parts of the child’s life because it’s paving the road for independence and exploration, and while there will be a lot of wobbling and falling at the start, before no time that clumsy baby will become a fast walking toddler! So that’s why it’s crucial that any good parent makes sure that their little one is comfortable and safe while mastering this wonderful thing known as walking.

Chucks are already one step (get it?) ahead of all you parents out there! They have an immense amount of options to suit the unique style of every toddler out there. Need to leave the house in a snap? Try out the high quality Velcro feature. Is your little one feeling a little on the wild side? Grab a pair of animal print chucks! Overwhelmed by all the adorable options Converse has to offer? ChucksConnection is here to help! Check out our “chucks for kids” tab on the home page where you can see all the latest and greatest models of toddler-sized chucks, and maybe even pick up a pair or two.

Black high top chucks for toddlers.

Learning to walk is both tricky and exciting, so help your toddler do it in comfort and in style!

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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Although we often see advertisements with chucks in them, sometimes the people who make them do strange things. Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture? Check back later for the answer.

Picture from an X-Cel Energy Ad.

Friends From Chucks

It was the first day of college and I sat patiently waiting for my first class thinking “I’m an adult now!” The problem was, I didn’t feel like an adult. I felt like a small, terrified child who really just wanted to run home and watch reruns of Spongebob with my mom. Everyone around me seemed to have already met someone (because isn’t that how it always seems to go when you’re in a new place?) except, of course, for me. So I stared at my feet and shifted around nervously, just wanting the day to be over.

But then I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around to find a girl with a wide smile on her face who was rambling off compliments about the bright orange Thundercats chucks I was wearing. We chatted a little about them for a bit while simultaneously learning that we had a lot in common, and that oh-god-I-have-no-friends feeling immediately started to vanish.

Thundercat print chucks.

Now jump in your time machines and flash forward about three years to present day. A lot of things have changed since then for me; my hair color, my major, my musical tastes—but one thing that has stayed the same is the friendship I found that first day of college. As cliché as it sounds, the two of us have been through thick and thin together. We’ve always been a huge support to each other and honestly, I’m not sure how I could have made it through college without her…and it’s all thanks to my chucks.

-- Mary Ann Meussling
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Chucks: Supporting Team Earth in the Winter Olympics

It’s that time of year again—well, more like it’s that time that comes every four years—the winter Olympics! Before anyone grumbles and groans about how much better their summer counterpart is, take a minute to actually think about some of the cool events they have. Ice skating, snowboarding, and the odd, yet ever so captivating curling, among others, plus, you get to support your country. Naturally, there are endless amounts of ways to root for a team as big as your entire nation. Some people chose to gather around the television and cheer, while others douse themselves in the paint of their native flags and actually attend the games themselves. But if you’re somewhere in between and looking to go a bit above and beyond just watching the games, but aren’t ready to invest in body paint, you could always run out and grab a pair of chucks!

For the 2012 summer Olympics, Converse came out with a limited edition line of chucks each inspired by a different country’s flag. Sadly, it is now 2014 and they are long gone off the regular market. However, though they are a bit more limited, there are still a multitude of chucks inspired by the colors of other nations. Two of the most popular designs include a bold, all over print of the British flag, and the proud red, white, and blue of the USA.

American flag chucks.

If you’re not British or American, fear not. Chucks also has some snazzy shoes inspired by Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, all of which are stylish, unique, and extremely patriotic. Disappointed that you can’t find chucks specifically in the style of your country? Have no fear! Chucks come in all white and sharpies come in every color of the rainbow, so get creative, go nuts, and support your home team!

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New Black Sabbath Chucks

After a collaboration in 2008, Black Sabbath has decided to team up with Converse again to release a brand new line of chucks to help promote their newest album and 2014 tour in which they will be travelling North America one final time. You’ve got four very new, and very stylish designs to choose from, all high top, all high quality, all totally metal (in the musical sense, of course). The price varies with the design, costing anywhere between $60-$70, a pretty good deal compared to the $80 you’d have to pay just for nosebleed seats to see them play live.

Each shoe is inspired by different album art, spanning from their first appearance on the metal scene all the way back in the 70s, to their more current album, “Never Say Die!”. The infamous Ozzy Osbourne himself even graces a pair inspired by the artwork of their fourth studio album, “Vol. 4”. Another album featured is “Paranoid”. A man with a sword is displayed on this style, a nod both to the album artwork, and the album’s original title, “War Pigs”.

Some of the Black Sabbath chucks.

Fan or not, Black Sabbath has made a huge impact on music and pop culture alike. They’ve been involved in controversy after controversy, won countless awards, and had TV shows based around them. Granted, the most well-known program, “The Osbournes” consisted mainly of bleeped out foul language; you have to admit that their career has been an impressive one. It’s for that reason that these chucks would be especially valuable to any Black Sabbath super-fan or just a music enthusiast. So take a break from whatever you’re doing, and grab a pair for yourself!

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The Converse Chuck '70

Converse has just issued a new line of Chuck Taylor All Stars that are made according to the manufacturing standards used for chucks in the 1970s. The exciting news about this new line of chucks is the restoration of many of the features that were taken out of the shoes starting in the late 1980s for the purpose of cutting costs. This means a return to the higher quality canvas uppers and all rubber outer soles, among other features. This issue of chucks includes the classic black and mustard yellow (!) high tops, and low cut oxford models in red, navy blue, and parchment.

There is a complete article and photo gallery about the black high top model of the Chuck '70 line of shoes and how they compare to actual pairs of chucks issued in the 1970s and early 80s. If you are a fan of chucks, and especially if you remember how chucks used to be made, you should definitely check these new shoes out.

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Converse Rubber Tracks

The worst thing about music is that nobody can ever hear all of it. Even that one friend that everyone has—who seems to know every band and every song and every obscure amateur remix that goes with it—will never know all of what music has to offer. The problem is that most people are only exposed to the stuff they hear on the radio, or if they’re lucky, some new gems that may pop up on Pandora every now and then. But there is so much more than the huge pop stars and classic rockers. Local music can be some of the best, but the sad fact is that many bands have a tough time even making it out of the garage. So the good folks at Converse decided that wouldn’t do, and thus “Converse Rubber Tracks” was born.

It’s a very simple process, fill out a short application form online and then wait. If your band is accepted then you are granted access to full recording studios complete with a professional staff and a wide variety of equipment. Any genre of music is welcome, and Converse is willing to work with the song of your choice whether it’s only a few scribbles on a notepad, or you’ve performed it live ten times. The best part? It’s all free.

Is this the studio of your dreams?

Take a minute to sit down and think about that. How many companies do you know will offer a no name musician the chance to record in a state of the art studio for free? Not only that, but after the song is mixed and down with, they’ll help to promote it. One song may not sound like a lot, but for many struggling artists, it could be just the push they need to get their name out.

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Chucks in Art

Throughout the years, The ChucksConnection has run a number of features about chucks being used as a medium for art, usually drawing or painting on a pair of high tops. So it is nice to run a feature about chucks appearing in art. The British painter David Hockney is known for his huge landscape paintings and cubist styled video display art where you can see multiple perspectives at the same time. But he also does a lot of portrait art, multiple self-portraits and paintings of friends and acquaintances. At a recent exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, one of the portraits displayed was entitled Ann and David. As you can see, David is wearing a pair of blue high top chucks. It's very cool to see a pair of chucks make it into mainstream art as part of a painting. The picture is also part of a recently publishe book of his art that shows the collection of Mr. Hockney's work currently on tour. Imagine what a pair of chucks might look like in the work of Pablo Picasso or Salvatore Dali.

Ann and David in Los Angeles

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D’oh! There’s a New Line of Chucks

Fans of The Simpsons know that nine times out of ten you can find Bart either in detention scribbling on the chalk board or on the phone asking for people like “Ivanna Tinkle” and “Hugh Jass”. Only now you can find this troublemaker in a brand new spot: your feet.

Converse has teamed up with the creators of The Simpsons to make a quirky and fun new line of shoes. There are six different styles of chucks to choose from, including a pair made for toddlers and a pair of Converse pro leather. All six pairs are high tops with the classic star logo in its usual place. This is a logical choice; after all Bart is always drawn wearing a blue high top with a round circle ankle patch. Animated chucks? You bet!

These designs are really unique because not only do they capture the essence of each one of the beloved characters, but they also utilize the rubber bottom of the shoes. A pair featuring Bart writing “I will not waste chalk” all over the shoe, works in the colored line that usually runs along the side of the rubber sole to make it look as if that, too, is drawn by chalk. Another design that has the entire Simpson family includes Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Homer (who is busy glaring at Bart as he swings from the upper half of the chucks) all peeking up from the lower sides of the shoes. Their faces are on the canvas part and then make a smooth transition down to the rubber sole.

A Bart Simpson "I Won't Waste Chalk" high top.
Click on the link to see a complete photo gallery of this model.
Click on the circle i in the upper right hand corner of the gallery index page for more information about these sneakers.

While plenty of other shoe brands have collaborated with different pop culture icons like bands and TV shows, their designs tend to be lacking. Chucks, on the other hand, are always coming up with something new, bold, and stylish, so it’s no surprise that The Simpsons line of chucks possess all these qualities.

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Chucks Are Forever

It’s a sad fact, but nothing lasts forever…not even chucks. Dorman Nelson, however, disagrees. Years ago he immortalized a pair of his chucks by bronzing them, and he took the time to share the story.


CC: Tell us a little bit about the chucks you had bronzed.


DN: In 1983 I went on a hiking trip with a class from the U[niversity] of Arizona made up of local Natives of different tribes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. We stayed several days and I wore my chucks down and back. It was wonderful, beautiful and the residents showed us around and even named me one mystical night with the moon and stars shinning down past the mighty walls they came over to me in a group and said we are naming you this night: INJUN JOE!!!!!  They didn't stop laughing the rest of the night and trip. I could hear their hoots echoing off the canyon walls.


CC: What made you decide to get them bronzed?


DN: When I got back to Los Angeles I looked at my slightly torn, but bottomed out shoes and thought, you know, my mom never had bronzed shoes of mine, and I am the oldest child.


CC: How did you go about getting them bronzed?


DM: I had seen an ad from Sears. Shoes for $89.00 bronzed. There were a couple of photos of baby shoes, but I didn't think about it much when I took my Chucks in and asked to have them bronzed.  The man looked at me like I was crazy. I said I was going to send them to my mom for her birthday...  He said that they only did baby shoes. I said the sign says shoes. He looked at it, and said I was right and that they would do them.  I noticed that Sears stopped that service shortly after I had mine done...


I got them home and decided that I would keep them since they were so cool.


CC: Where are they now?


DN: Still have them on a shelf with other items, pictures and knickknacks.


This pair of chucks will last forever!

CC: Why do you think chucks are such a popular and universal shoe?


DN: Chucks are comfortable, and worn in any event. Also the movie biz seems to be using them in commercials, and sitcoms, movies and such. They also go with any wardrobe. I used to wear them when I had horses and the old cowboys called me the Converse Cowboy.


CC: Do you still wear chucks today?


DN: I have worn them most of my life and I will be 62 in May. I have a home repair business and wear them much of the time. The only downside is that they don't last forever. Everyone has their favorite pair.

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A Closet of Converse

It’s a known fact that if you stare directly into the center of the Target logo you’ll be hypnotized to buy a bunch of things you don’t need. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the power of the Target “O” just got way more dangerous because chucks have been added to their inventory. But not just any chucks. An entire line of chucks specifically designed for the stores and exclusive clothing to go with it! We’re not just talking t-shirts here, either. They’ve got dresses, purses, thermals, long-sleeved, short sleeved, sweat pants, normal pants, and everything in between for both men and women. All stylish. All Converse. All wonderfully low-priced.

Converse calls these gems of deals their “One Star” collection. Granted, with the different name, also comes some slight differences in the shoes themselves. Because they are cheaper, they are a little bit lower quality than traditional All Star chucks, but don’t let that sour you on the One Star line. When it comes to chucks, lower quality is still extremely high quality, and while the canvas top may feel a little stiffer and the iconic star on the side altered, after a little breaking in, these shoes will comfortably last you for years to come.

A gray oxford One Star from the Target line.

For once you don’t have to feel guilty running into Target for some shampoo and then leaving with a cart full of everything else in the world because now you can direct all those Target urges right to the One Star collection. After all, there’s nothing better than having a closet full of chucks.

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Trainers, Plimsolls, and Chucks

Believe it or not, the manufacture of Converse All Stars has gone on for nearly 100 years. They’ve been around as the world changed decade after decade while going through a few updates themselves, so, as a reader from the UK pointed out; it would only make sense that over the course of a century All Stars would pick up quite a few different names, the most important being the addition of Chuck Taylor’s name and signature in the early 1930s. 

The most commonly used slang term for the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneaker is, as you probably guessed, chucks! This name came about in the 1970s (see “The Origin of the Word ‘Chucks’” article for more information). Before that the shoes were often called “Cons”. Since then other variations of the term have emerged. “Chuckie T’s” is the most prominent of these variations and most commonly used in Europe. This also brings up another large factor in the development of slang: location. 

This high top chuck has been around for a long time.

It would be impossible to count all the different ways cultures can be made unique, but one big one is dialect. This can mean the difference of German versus Japanese, or simply different words used for the same thing. Shoes in general are a perfect example. While “chucks” is unique specifically to Converse, more universal terms for shoes can be applied as well.

“Trainers”, which is slowly becoming more accepted in the US, is popular in countries like the UK. This can mean essentially any type of athletic casual shoe. The American equivalent to the word “trainers” would be “kicks”—slang that originated in American hip hop culture. There are, however, some names that haven’t quite made their way over the pond. Take “plimsolls”, for example. A term popular in England, if a person from the UK were to walk into an American shoe store and ask for a pair of plimsolls, they would probably receive some very funny looks.

But it doesn’t matter what you call them, whether it be sneakers, plimsolls, or chucks. In the end, the iconic look of the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor athletic shoe is universal in itself.

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High Heel Chucks.

One of the new trends these days is wearing high heels disguised as sneakers. It is a pretty good concept, and one really couldn’t tell that the shoes were heels unless they knew what to look for. Plus, it’s always nice to get a little lift in your step but still stay casual. But what if you want to make things a little dressier? Don’t worry, ladies, chucks are already one step ahead of you because they now come in a variety of different styles of heel.

The heeled chucks keep the same classic design of the shoe, but with just enough adjustment to the appearance that they are much dressier than your average sneaker. Depending on how daring you are, they range from three to six inch heels, along with different widths of heel from chunky to stiletto and even platform.

This is a trend that is already catching on fast, and some of the hottest celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus have already sported a few pairs of their own.  The only downside is that they are a little pricey averaging around $200. But hey, it’s worth the money. After all, not only do these chucks defy the fashion laws that sneakers can’t be dressy and heels can’t be comfortable (maybe that one is stretching it…but women, you get the gist), but they are also chucks! So head out to the mall or get on the web because these are a must have for any fashionista. 

High heeled chucks.

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Chucks For the Winter.

Chill in the air? Chucks have got you covered.

Winter is coming and for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in places like sunny LA or Florida that can mean only one thing: snow. It’s a very bittersweet form of precipitation. On one hand, there’s nothing like waking up to see a sparkling blanket of freshly fallen snow or sledding down hills at light speed (and don’t forget snow days!), but on the other hand, when it’s time to work instead of play, this fluffy precipitation can become quite the inconvenience. The slow traffic is bad alone, but braving the cold temperatures can be even worse.

Though people like to stay bundled up as much as they can, there is still always a need to go outside, whether it is struggling to shovel the driveway or trudging through six inches of snow to get to work or class. Luckily, when it comes to protecting your feet from the cold, chucks have got you covered.

There is a line of winter chucks that come in not only a variety of colors, but many different styles as well. There is everything from a traditional, military style snow boot, to classic looking chucks with extra insulation in them. There is even a calf-high style that has snaps instead of laces for those of you snow enthusiasts who are impatient when it comes to getting outside.

These high tops are winterized with a woolen inner lining.

Winter, though fun, can be hard, too. So whether you’re having a snowball fight or shoveling your driveway, make your life a little warmer and pick up a pair of winter chucks.

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Chucks On Adults.

Chucks are a universal shoe, yet people often associate them with teens and young adults. Derek T. sits down with to show that this is far from the truth.

CC: Could you give us a little introduction of yourself and what you do?

DT: My name is Derek and I currently have my own IT Company. If a person has a problem with their computer, I can fix it!

CC: How long have you been wearing chucks for?

DT: A long time…at least 20 years.

CC:  I bet you’ve made a lot of memories then. Any favorites?

DT: I’d have to say back when I was in the Air Force and I was stationed in Germany. Me and my buddies would walk around town and the locals would get all excited because chucks were really popular there. They’d point and say “Chuckie T’s!”

CC: Now that you’re out of the Air Force and into the business world, do you ever wear chucks to the office?

DT: About half the time. I can wear whatever I want; I am the boss after all! (laughs)

CC: So why do you choose chucks? 

DT: Style, comfort, they go with anything. I can wear them to work, I can wear them when I work out, they’re just so convenient.

CC: As the “spokesman” for all chucks-wearing-adults, is there anything else you’d like to add?

DT: Most adults I know have owned a pair of chucks at least once in their lives, and I think it’s awesome that so many of them still do. That in itself proves that chucks are timeless. 

Derek T. and his family.

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West Coast Hip Hop.

West Coast hip-hop came to the mainstream public in the late 80’s, shocking the world with violent lyrics about the everyday life of South Central L.A. In the 90’s came the G-Funk era in west coast hip-hop. With stars emerging such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Nate Dog you began to see the fashion of these stars effecting the youth and even ‘til this day their fashion sense still captures the youth. Many of their clothing choices were simply neighborhood staples to the everyday wear of the culture. A big part of that was the Converse Chuck-Taylor All-Star. Depending on what gang your neighborhood claimed would depend on what color chuck you might wear. Blue chucks meant you were a crip and red chucks meant you were a blood. Black just meant you were from the neighborhood but did not necessarily claim any type of gang but you still were willing to participate in neighborhood activities.


In many of the classic music videos of these artists you can see them wearing chucks. Either it was with some type of sports apparel or just a short sleeve button up, a hat of some sort, and khakis. The classic west coast look. Although many of the youth today have no idea as to where this look originated they still wear it because it is a cultural thing to represent ones neighborhood. Artists have mentioned these shoes in song lyrics and have even named songs after the iconic sneaker such as Andre Nickatina with “All-Star Chuck-Taylors.”


Chucks will forever be engraved in west-coast hip-hop culture and life simply because these artist made them popular early on in the cultures history. The East Coast may rap about Nikes and Adidas but the West Coast will forever have chucks.

Left to Right: Ice Cube in "Check Yourself", Eazy-E in "Real Compton City G's", Snoop Dogg in "What's My Name?"

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Like Wine, Chucks Get Better With Age.

Marcus Valderrama writes about his experiences wearing high top chucks:

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star has been a staple in popular culture since it’s original release in 1908. “Chucks” are a definite necessity in any person’s wardrobe. My first pair was purchased in the fifth grade, a navy blue high top pair. I broke them in after about one week of school playing basketball, kickball, and any other fifth grader’s activities.


Years later I purchased another pair, black high tops, where I wore them daily for about 6 years. Unlike most sneakers, they started to develop more life and beauty the dirtier they became. With chucks, it’s not about being fresh; it’s about the story. The more wear and tear these shoes saw the more of a story the shoes started to tell without speaking a single word.  As they aged I felt the sneaker form to my foot ultimately become the closest thing to a sock. Every groove and niche of my foot was comfortably placed into the shoe. This is when I knew that chucks were the ultimate shoe for me. In any situation I placed myself in they seemed to fit in like the popular kid in high school. From sneaking into haunted houses to going out to clubs at night, my chucks accompanied me.


It was a sad day when I had to retire my pair and get a new pair but it had to be done. After six years it was time to hang them up for good. They were a part of my life that I will never forget and I gave them a proper send off.  With every ending is a new beginning, with a new pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

The old versus the new.

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