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A Very Chuck Christmas


Christmas time is here and that means, a lot of things. Winter is in full swing, fireplaces are lit, trees are going up, ornaments are being unboxed, and malls across the country are absolute warzones. If anything these days symbolizes the Christmas spirit more, it has to be our obsession with Christmas shopping. People love to shop during the holidays and it can be a hectic, if not stressful thing. Shoe shopping is especially difficult. Factors that must be considered include size, what model to get, high top, mid or low style, and color.


With chucks, it’s no exception. Converse’s immense line up of All Stars makes finding the right holiday pair for that special someone both easy and difficult. Current collections from Converse touted as holiday gifts include a line of boots and shearling-lined high tops for winter, the Chuck Taylor All Star line, the Converse Shine line for women, and the new Chuck Taylor II models. If you don’t want to spend the money for a new pair of shoes, you can also purchase clothing like socks or tee shirts, and don’t forget that great stocking stuffer, a new pair of shoelaces. Check out our huge collection of shoelaces available right here at The ChucksConnection. Here are some suggestions for looking for that special pair this holiday season.


chuck taylor boots

Left to right: Chuck Taylor Tekoa boot, boot PC, street hiker, shearling lined high rise boot.


Brave Black Friday, or Cyber Monday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost as big during the holidays as Christmas itself. Thousands upon thousands of brave/crazy souls line up outside of malls across the country during the wee hours after Thanksgiving. These people brave the cold and the mentally unstable for a shot at that 90% marked down big screen or a PS4 for $200. Cyber Monday is a little easy on the physical strains but features deals nonetheless. If you find yourself a gung ho shopper, than by all means seek out your nearest Converse store. Both online and in-stores, chucks and other Converse brand shoes are sure to be available at a great discount. If you’ve got more than a few people to shop for, or just love chucks, give this option a thought.


Get in the holiday spirit


A huge amount of customization options are just one of the many things that make chucks great. You can put anything from fake spikes to a rainbows worth of colors on chucks, and no one says you can’t otherwise. The Converse Shine line includes a number of models with that kind of customization. With that in mind, there are dozens of ways you can get in the spirit with a pair of holiday chucks. If you can find the classic signature Christmas pair, with the heel bell, then consider yourself lucky. If not, go with a pair of holiday colored chucks or search the web for a sweet custom painted pair.


silver lux hardware hi top

Silver Chuck Taylor All Star Lux high top for women.


Give the gift that keeps on giving, gift cards!


If you struggle like most of us do with trying to find that perfect Christmas gift, take the easy way out: get a gift card. When it comes to buying anything clothing related, it can be notoriously difficult finding something that someone is going to love. Gift cards take all the mess out of clothes shopping and give the power of choice back. With chucks, finding that perfect pair is up to the individual. A gift card to one of our affiliate shoe stores gives someone the ability to find their perfect pair on their own, and that itself is a great Christmas gift.


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Chucks Are Rock ‘N’ Roll


Correspondent Jack Hunter writes: Music is one of the oldest, important, and most influential art forms in human history. It has been around nearly as long as humans have, and dominates today’s entertainment landscape. While film and television have reached the pinnacles of pop culture, music has been there well before. What makes music so magical is that it affects each and every one of us in a different way. Where one person might love black metal and swear that the guttural howls of Cannibal Corpse are angelic, another may be moved to tears by the transcendent voice of Beyonce. To me, music has been a capstone in my life.


While I’ve only been going to concerts for a few years, partly due to the fact that I’m older/can drive, I’ve been a music fan for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember my first Mp3 player, a little yellow thing that I only had 10 songs on. Recently, I’ve been to some amazing concerts that I will remember for the rest of my life. The artists have been all over the genre spectrum but one thing has united all these shows for me, a pair of chucks. I only recently started wearing chucks about a year ago. I borrowed a pair of shiny, faux leather black and red high tops for Halloween and never gave them back (it was okay though). Since that time, I’ve seen a good amount of shows and artists I’ve been waiting years to see. As the year went on, my chucks collection expanded and the shows I saw kept getting better.


guitar and black high top chucksrock and roll chucks

Black high top chucks rock at a concert.


One of the first shows I wore chucks to was Odesza, at the tiny McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR. I went to school in Eugene, and had been waiting to see Odesza for months after discovering them on Spotify. The show was nothing short of eye-opening. The majestic visuals and Odesza’s captivating sound were nothing I’d ever seen before. I spent the whole night dancing in those faux leather high tops. Later in the summer, I went Outside Lands in San Francisco, and on the second day rocked those same shiny black chucks. Seeing Kendrick Lamar and G-Eazy, two rappers who I’d been listening to for years was simply awesome. Their ability to ignite a crowd and put on a show with only small backing bands was phenomenal. I saw Van Halen with my dad and was blown away at the shredding skills of the legendary Eddie Van Halen, while wearing traditional black high tops. A few weeks later, I took my dad to one of my favorite bands, the Foo Fighters, and they soon became one of his new favorites as well. In a worn, grey Foo Fighters shirt and those black high tops, me and my father headbanged away as Dave Grohl and company lit up the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Finally, as a big fan of EDM, those black high tops were well worn at the Beyond Wonderland festival which featured some of my favorite DJs including Yellow Claw, Carnage, Calvin Harris and Tiesto. My latest auditory experience came at the hands of the insanely talented DJ/producer Hardwell, to who’s tracks I danced to for nearly three hours in a new pair of grey All-Star II’s.


To some, there first CD is a hallmark of what music means to them. To others, it’s that worn band t-shirt of poster. For me, however, it’s my chucks. For some reason, they’re what I wear to concerts. Whether it’s the look, the feel, or just me picking the first shoe I see in the closet, they’re on my feet when I’m listening to music and will be for years to come.


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Maintaining Chucks Through the Fall and Winter


With the changing of the seasons, comes the inevitable change in weather. In most places across the United States we are expecting the effects of El Nino. It’s going to get colder and a lot wetter. Rain, colder temperatures and maybe even a little snow mean that a change in footwear is in order. But do not despair, you can still rock a pair of chucks with your favorite coat and pants especially in the southern areas of the country. However, you will need to do a little bit more maintenance and be mindful of when/where you wear them.


In snow and/or heavy rain during cold weather, it is not a good time to be wearing canvas upper chucks. In snow this means even with the warmest pair of wool socks, your feet are going to get numb quite fast. Also, the heavy rubber sole means you’re plowing straight down and through tight snow and the traction isn’t the greatest on ice. You can treat them with a waterproofing spray and there are a few rubber models you can wear instead. With torrential rain, expect to be wearing a pair of shallow puddles within a few minutes of a heavy soaking. Converse does seasonally make boots and hikers you could wear outside in this kind of weather. The best way to get the most out of your chucks during spells like this is to leave your canvas chucks at home and grab a pair of waterproof shoes or boots for walking outside. Then when you come home, you have a nice dry pair of regular chucks to wear while your other footwear dries out.


fleece lined chucks

These fleeced-lined leather upper high tops are meant for the cold weather.


Cold and dry weather is still ideal for wearing chucks. Pairing your favorite pair with good, thick socks is a must for chillier climates. Wool socks or high skiing socks are ideal, as they provide solid support for your foot and warmth. Also, Converse makes plenty of winter-oriented options in mind. Leather, fur lined, boot models, and other various takes on the classic chuck design exist. They’re a great option if you cannot bear to part with your favorite high tops.


If you’re wearing a lighter colored pair and want to keep them looking fresh through the winter, you’ll likely need to clean them during the fall. For the best ways to do that, check out our article on how to clean your chucks.

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Thanksgiving and Chucks


Ah, thanksgiving. A holiday of family, tons of food, football, fall weather, and turkey induced naps. Thanksgiving is a great time of year because it’s smack in the middle of fall, the weather (depending on where you live) is nice, and Christmas is just around the corner. With that comes sweater season as well, and anyone with a love for chucks is looking for that perfect pair to wear at the family meal or in the backyard for a little pigskin. Here are a few ideas to get your thanksgiving footwear down.


The New Chuck II Fall Colors


With the release of the All-Star II, Converse’s signature shoe not only has a new look but new colors as well. Two new colors of the II were released a month or so ago, and these colors go great with any fall ensemble. The first color, Deep Bordeaux, is a lovely dark maroon that is ideal for fall. Grey pants or blue jeans are a solid pairing. The other color, oddly named Thunder, is a steel grey, which essentially pairs with anything. The comfort of the All-Star II makes it a great leisure shoe and a nice pair to wear when tossing the football outside.


burgundy chuck taylor ii

A deep bordeaux high top Chuck Taylor II.


Make It Obvious, Go Brown Or Orange


If you really want to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving, you can opt for a pair of orange or brown chucks. You can wear a single pair or wear one of each if you’re feeling bold. Brown chucks are a solid alternative to a pair of fancy brown boots or loafers, and not too heavy on the wallet. Orange is a great color that mixes great with khaki or black pants. Mixing the two is a whole other ballgame, so go ahead and try that one out if you’re feeling like shaking things up. In addition to this idea, check out some of the latest fall colors for the original All-Star. New to fall 2015 are colors such as burgundy, lemon chrome, malt, eggplant peel, roasted carrot, and beach glass. While these names might sound a little off-putting, the colors themselves are pretty nice. The roasted carrot, for example, is a nice burnt orange that reminds one of those crunchy, perfect fall leaves.


carrot orange hi top chuck
A carrot orange high top chuck.


The Die-Hard Football Fan Route


If you’re a football fan, another option is to go with a pair of team custom chucks. Why try to look cool when you can show your love for your favorite team on your feet. These shoes are a little hard to find and will likely cost a little more than a standard pair of chucks. If you’re a little tight in the wallet, go with a pair in your team’s colors. This is a highly recommended option if you’re spending Thanksgiving at the stadium instead of home.

green bay high tops

High top chucks for Green Bay Packers fans.


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A Chuck Halloween


Finding a Halloween costume for some can be like finding a needle in the haystack. To go with something more funny or something on the scary side? Goblin or Goodwill? Less or more? This debate has been going on for weeks now in the heads of thousands, but fear no more. If you have a pair of chucks, or are interested in getting some, there are plenty of ways to utilize them in a great Halloween ensemble. With the upcoming holiday as well, there are plenty of special edition, spooky chucks out there. Here are a few more recognizable costumes with chucks and scary pairs:


The Greaser

If you’ve seen the movie Grease or the classic Rebel Without A Cause, you’ll recognize this one instantly. The Greaser is a solid, yet simple costume that works for all shapes and sizes. All you need is a faux (or real) leather jacket, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a pair of black chucks. Compliment that with a pompadour hair cut, which is probaly going to be a wig seeing as that hairstyle’s a little out of date, and you’re golden.


greaserwayne's world

Greaser outfit, Wayne and Garth in Wayne's World,


Wayne’s World

Love the adventures of Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar? Rejoice because you can look just like them for halloween. Starting with a pair of black chucks, go out and find a pair of cut up blue jeans. From there, you can easily be Wayne or Garth. For Wayne, a black t-shirt, brown long haired wig and Wayne’s World hat will do. For Garth, grab a pair of thick black glasses frames, long blonde wig, flannel and rock band t-shirt.


Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of

For the less creative individual, you can basically pair chucks with any kind of costume. Want to be an apple? Grab an apple suit and a pair of red chucks. Love Flo from those Progressive commercials? If you’ve got a pair of navy blue chucks, the other ingredients aren’t hard to find. I’m not joking about that last one, there’s an entire page on Progressive’s website dedicated to how to dress like Flo. Zombies wear chucks, so can ghosts. Chucks are some of the most versatile shoes out there, so don’t fret if you can’t find a costume right away.


flo costumemike myers chucks costume with chucks

The Flo costume (click to see full size picture), Mike Myers Halloween high tops, space costume worn with chucks.


Halloween Edition Chucks

If you thought these chucks were going to be orange and black things again. These chucks are THAT Halloween edition. Featuring the bone-chilling mug of famed silver screen serial killer Mike Meyers, these chucks are sure to freak more than a few people out.


The Walking Dead Chucks

Another custom pair, but definitely one that needs to be mass produced, these Walking Dead chucks are a must for any favorite of the show. Featuring the blood soaked show logo on one shoe and an outline of zombie slayer and badass Rick Grimes on the other, these chucks make great shoes for Sundays in front of the TV.


walking dead chucks

The Walking Dead high tops


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New Seasonal Colors for Fall


Seven new seasonal colors are now available from Converse for the fall. Clearly someone was thinking about food at the time these colors were developed, as most of them have names that refer to food, like Carrot, Chili Paste, Eggplant, and Malt. The colors run the usual spectrum of what Converse likes to issue in its Fresh Colors seasonal models, featuring bright blues, yellows, oranges, reds, and shades of purple, green, and brown. The sneakers are available in both low cut oxford models and in high top. As with their other fresh colors, Convese only makes these shoes in whole sizes. You can purchase these at our affiliate store Famous Footwear.

seasonal chucks colors

From left to right: Burnt Umber, Carrot, Chili Paste, Cyan Space, Eggplant Peel, Gloom Green, Malt.


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Chuck Taylor All Star II Update


On July 28, 2015, history was made in the shoe industry. For the first time in 98 years, Converse released a new version of their signature shoe, the Chuck Taylor All-Star. Simply called the Chuck Taylor All-Star II, news of the shoe’s release garnered waves in the media. Many die-hard chuck fans questioned the move to change one of the most iconic shoes in history. As the highest selling basketball shoe in history, and one of the most iconic pieces of footwear in fashion, the move was certainly a surprise. Yet, the redesign was meant with good intentions.


Focusing on altering the original All-Star model in favor of comfort and keeping up with modern fashion, the All-Star II boasted help from Converse’s parent company, Nike. Lunarlon cushioning in the sole marked the biggest addition to the shoe, in addition to changes in the upper material and color schemes. Keeping with the original color schemes of the ‘20’s, the new chucks were released in red, black, blue, and white. Recently, a volt (light) green colored version was announced on September 11th.


chuck taylor ii low tops

Chuck Taylor II low tops.


Upon its release, reviews were favorable for the All-Star II. Many publications praised the added comfort of the lunarlon cushioning and the updated design. GQ held great praise for the new chucks, calling them, “a legitimate game changer.” In keeping with their traditional values, Converse priced the new chucks at $75 for the high-tops and $70 for the lows.


If you’re looking to get a pair of these new chucks, good luck though. On, the shoes are still sold out in the range of most normal sizes. The black high and low tops are the hottest sellers, and have been sold out since the shoe’s release. In stores, the new chucks are hard to find as well. This writer spent a solid portion of two days driving around to various malls searching for a pair of black high tops. In order to snag a pair, you will most likely have to wait a few more months or shell out a bit more than the retail price.

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Chucks in Sports


Fashion and sports are as tightly intertwined as they have ever been. While both industries seem to be near polar opposites, the sports world has become more style conscience than ever before. In college football, for example, most teams wear a different uniform every week and sport color schemes that differ far from tradition. Basketball is an extremely fashion oriented sport, with everything from the shoes to what players wear off the court being talked about daily. But what started this trend? Believe it or not, the Chuck Taylor All-Star was the first real athletic shoe. Before Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, there was Converse.


It all began in 1921, sort of. Before chucks got their name, they were simply a pair of shoes. In 1917, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company designed a rubber-soled shoe with a canvas upper. The design was meant to cater to the needs of the elite basketball player. With a sole designed to provide superb grip on the court and a high top, canvas upper for ankle support, the Chuck Taylor All Star was the first shoe designed with an athletic purpose in mind. However, shoes don’t sell themselves and Converse needed a face for its signature product.


1960s basketball game

Basketball game in the 1960s.


Enter Chuck Taylor, a basketball player from small Brown County, Indiana. Looking for a job, Taylor arrived at the Converse office in Chicago. After being hired, Taylor worked as a salesman for the company and traveled the country selling chucks. Taking a few of Taylor’s suggestions to heart, Converse redesigned their signature shoe and added the iconic ankle patch. In 1932, Taylor’s name was added to the patch and the Chuck Taylor All-Star was born.


Chucks shortly became the predominant athletic shoe in the United States. Taylor toured the country promoting the shoe and sport of basketball, which began to slowly gain a foothold in American sports. Chucks were the shoes worn by all of the pioneering teams in American basketball, from the first US Olympic team in 1936 and by Oregon and Ohio State, who played in the first NCAA Basketball National Championship. But it wasn’t until 1949 that chucks truly found their home, in the NBA.


[You can see the complete article in our Articles Section.]


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Converse Rolls Out Two New Chuck II Models For Fall


Yes, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors and falling, the weather is getting a little colder, and Halloween is just around the corner. Fall is here and that means it’s time to change up your shoe game. Summer was great for going crazy with something a little brighter than usual, such as a bold turquoise or an ambitiously bright green. However, fall means the color spectrum is about to get a little darker. With that in mind, Converse has two new colors for the All-Star II, which was released on October 1st. The first is a burgundy wine edition, aptly titled Bordeaux with the second being a light gray model titled Thunder. Not surprisingly though, the high tops are selling quickly, with the Thunder edition being already sold out in most normal men’s and women’s sizes. The low top sizes are still in stock, so hurry if you’d like to add a new pair of chucks to your fall collection.


chuck ii bordeaux models

New burgundy and gray models of the Chuck Taylor II



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The Chuck Taylor All Star II


On July 27, 2015 Converse introduced the Chuck Taylor All Star II, a new design for the classic sneaker. The shoes have these new features: a Lunarlon sock liner for more cushioning and arch support, a padded non-slip tongue for 360 degree comfort around the ankle and instep, a super soft micro-suede lining perforated for maximized comfort, and premium canvas for high quality touch and texture. The shoes come in both high top and low top in four colors, black, salsa red, sodalite blue, and white.


black chuck taylor all star II high top

Inside patch view of a black Chuck Taylor All Star II high top.


There are a number of other differences between the Chuck Taylor All Star II and the standard chucks, that received their last design change for the high top in 1948 and the low top or oxford which appeared in the mid 1950s. The new sneakers have matching shoelaces that appear to be 54 inches for high tops and 45 inches for low. All the stitching is the same color as the canvas, eliminating the contrasting color look of the original chucks. Also absent is the racing stripe around the top of the outer foxing and the edge of the toe cap. The middle racing stripe is white, the same color as the outer foxing, so it appears more like an embossment. This change is the most surprising, since the look of the toe caps and racing stripes is a centerpiece of Converse's lawsuits against other companies producing look-alike sneakers. Ankle patches have single color writing, blue on white for black, black on white for salsa red, blue and white models. The license plate patch on the tongue for low tops are the same color combinations.


white chuck Taylor all star II low

A right white Chuck Taylor All Star II low top.


Converse management explains the reason for the new design as follows. "It all started with a simple idea: obsession. We obsessed creative spirits and realized they wanted more. A sneaker that meets the demands of their on the go lifestyle." It will be interesting to see how successful the new design will be and what kind of acceptance it will gain. The changes are significant, although this design stays truer to the traditional design than some of the recent variations we have seen. The last major attempt at changing the design and appearance of the Chuck Taylor sneaker was in 1996, when the Converse company introduced the The All Star 2000, which was a high-tech leather shoe designed to compete with Air Jordans. They only lasted about a year, as the consumers who wanted to buy chucks overwhelmingly preferred the traditional model. The new Chuck Taylor All Star II line of shoes are priced at $75 for high tops and $70 for low tops.


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Hiking the Cliffs of Moher


New correspondent Patrick O'Neill tells how his black monochrome chucks helped him fight the rain and treacherous terrain at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Here is an excerpt from his article:


The three of us were becoming increasingly nervous, and the rain wasn't helping. Little clumps of mud tumbled off the cliffs inches from my all-black Chuck Taylors—Johnny and Brandon trudged along the edge in heavy construction style boots. We arrived on a bus after hiking the Irish coasts the past week, finding ourselves, now, climbing grass and mud along the beautiful, green Cliffs of Moher with the restricted tourist fence clear-out of view over our wet shoulders. My friends' boots were filling with rain, and too heavy for proper traction. I lent Johnny an out-stretched hand crossing a narrow and dangerous bend, fearing that his boots may not hold up on the mossy rock. My all-black chucks provided some extra confidence, and I was able to move about the rock safely in softer soles.


balck monochrome chucks

High top chucks can give you confidence.


Ahead, was a stone tower standing tall in a glimpse of sunshine through passing clouds, so we kept onward with the objective insight. Exhausted, I looked up and a drop struck my eye—we had only decided to break from the path after a few pieces of toast paired with Guinness for breakfast—yet, we felt determined. Feeling satisfied after reaching the tower, we began slinking back the length of the magnificent cliffs. I was joking with Johnny and Brandon about shouting something funny while plummeting hundreds of meters into the sea. It was still a great distance to the safety of the fence.


The next morning, I crawled from a damp sleeping bag and pulled on my chucks. The sun was rising through the clouds and rain across the bay, above the Cliffs of Moher. I sat there to admire, but thought also of the places my chucks had taken me. With the three rucksacks strapped on our backs, we hiked beside the ocean. I smiled and no longer cared if it rained. Monochrome chucks just feel better in rainy weather.


To read the complete article click here. All of our longer articles and stories can be accessed from the Articles Index.


The ChucksConnections Welcomes Two New Affiliates


Now visitors to this website have two new choices for the purchase of chucks or other clothing. Kicks USA has an excellent selection of core and seasonal chucks, plus they carry a solid line of Converse clothing. You can buy core high tops and low cut chucks in black, monochrome black, red, optical white, navy blue, charcoal, and in pink low cut. Seasonal models include print upper high tops in blue and white stars, crafted text stripe models in vision blue and peacock blue, and red, white, and blue flag designs. Low cut models include oxheart red and print models in white with black stars, red with white stars, or Andy Warhol Campbell soup design. Seasonal models just for women include the Chuck Taylor shoreline series in four colors. In clothing they have over ten different Converse tee shirts, including graphic designs, and Chuck Taylor ankle patch tees, and patch fleece logo shorts. For women there are additionally tencel and core shorts and tee shirts. Kids' models of the core shoes are available in youth, preschool, toddler and infant sizes. Additional color choices include yellow, periwinkle blue, and pink paper.


kicks usa logo fiinish line logo

To check out Kicks USA or Finish Line, go to the links on our shoe and clothing pages.


Finish Line carries core high tops in black, monochrome black, charcoal, and optical white leather along with seasonal flag and graphic prints. Core low cuts come in black, red, charcoal, navy blue, and optical white. Seasonal low cuts come in poolside blue, collard green, pink paper, and citrus yellow, denim and woven uppers in natural, gray, and papyrus. Other low cuts include a couple of Andy Warhol prints, a black, pink and purple multi tongue and a black and white double upper. There is a good selection for boys and girls in toddler, preschool, and grade school models. Finish Line carries a very large selection of sports, fan gear, and athletic apparel. You can shop by league team, or sport. Go to the links on any of our feature pages to get started.


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Update on the Converse Lawsuits


It has now been six months since Converse filed lawsuits against 31 other companies to stop trade infringement on their patents for Chuck Taylor sneakers. While much of this seemed to be a publicity ploy when it first was announced, there have been a series of out of court settlements and a few other companies, including one non-defendant, are planning to fight back in court. Converse has already dismissed its lawsuits against H&M, Zulily, and Tory Burch. Fila and Iconix have recently settled with Converse. A consent order stipulation was filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC). In the consert-order, Iconix has agreed "Not to import, sell for importation, or sell in the United States after importation any footwear products that infringe the trademarks asserted against Iconix, except under consent or license from [Converse].” It is expected that more of the original 31 companies will settle with Converse in the future.


However, Walmart has announced that it will fight the accusations in court. In March Walmart filed documents with the ITC in opposition to Converse's complaint. In its filing, Walmart disputed Converse’s ability to claim infringement on what it calls a “functional” aspect of a product and further accused Converse of using the suit to “extort monetary settlements.” Recently New Balance, who now owns the old PF Flyers line of sneakers, filed a lawsuit “seeking to teach Nike-owned Converse some lessons – a history lesson as well as a legal one.” It looks like the old rivalry between the two brands is getting a revival, although these days PF Flyters have very little market share in comparison to the Chuck Taylor.


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Hunter & Holmes Comics Are Now Online


We have been following the adventures of Jason Hunter and Daniel Holmes, two chucks-wearing high school students living in the Silicon Valley who became detectives after a terrible crime was commited against Jason. Through eight full length mysteries the two have fought against all kinds of criminals, traffickers, and predators while helping their friends and other crime victims through their actions and Jason's Whatever Foundation. The latest installment in the Hunter & Holmes series is a new comic strip written by Aiden Vaughan and illustrated by Ricardo Carmona. Now you can follow them as they start their senior year in high school with a new series of comic strips that will be posted on a monthly basis. Right now they are available free of charge on the Hunter & Holmes website.


hunter & holmes comic page

The first page of episode 1, Senior Year.


Although Jason and Daniel want to just enjoy their senior year and their favorite activities of playing basketball and making music, it's not long before they get embroiled in a new mystery when a student at Merriam High School goes missing. To check out the new comics, go to the Hunter & Holmes website and click on the "View the Latest Hunter & Holmes Comic" link. You can also view comic teasers for each of the eight mysteries in the Hunter & Holmes series of ebooks.


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Chucks on the Ground: A New Chuck Talk Series


This summer we are pleased to present a short series of vignettes written by ChucksConnection correspondent Patrick O'Neill about his service in Afghanistan as a Reconnaissance Marine in the United States Marine Corps from 2007-2011. He was deployed twice as a member of six-man reconnaissance team with 2D Recon Battalion, Alpha Company in support of combat operations in Helmand Province Afghanistan. This series provides an inside look at the rigors of living in a combat zone, participating in military operations, and dealing with the consequences of daily life and death situations.


One of the most difficult things about serving in the military thousands of miles from home is missing the many things we take for granted here in America. Often a simple object or item of clothing helps that solider cope. In Mr. O'Neill's case, it was his pair of chucks.


On this website we have often stated that wearing a pair of chucks represents freedom. The Chucks on the Ground series points that out quite vididly. Part 1 of the series, The Walk Back, is posted below.


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Chucks on the Ground: The Walk Back


I was kneeling in mud, pressing my cheek against my thigh as the medevac helicopter disappeared into the night sky, taking another Marine from that place. The echoing blades subsided as we stood, continuing our trek across an unfriendly desert back to the patrol base (PB). Without a doubt the Taliban knew our location now. The night was growing colder as we approached the river, and ahead the gasping from desperate men sliding into water was unmistakable.


Instantly, everything below my neck was submerged and frozen including my ammunition pouches as I instinctively thrust the gun over my Kevlar helmet. The fields on the opposite bank were mudded from irrigation, and pulling my suctioned boot from the muck, the weight of my gear sent me right into it. I rolled to my back and then couldn't move. Shadows from the Afghan village became their faces in my helpless eyes. The platoon stopped. I hated the whole platoon slowing for me. I grabbed Lee's glove in front of my face and we continued. Soon the sun would rise. I thought of the others, tried to think of the mission, the numbness in my boots, anything, but only thought of my two brothers who would not see the sun.


combat boots and chucks

Combat boots and a pair of high top chucks.


At the PB the rest of the company greeted us with water. It had been three days. My mudded machine gun, dripping ruck, vest, bullets, grenades and boots I set along the wall of that abandoned Afghan compound. In the corner beside my sleeping bag lay my pair of beautiful, dry, Chuck Taylors. I quickly traded them for my damp boots. My feet instantly regained sensation inside of those glorious chucks. Outside the dark room as the sun came up I sat, wrapping my arm around Lee who was shaking and attempting to build a fire with cardboard, while still clinching his rifle tightly.


--By Patrick O'Neill, USMC 2007-11


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A Chuck Filled Summer!


Summer is officially among us! Schools are closed and kids will be relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. And what better way to enjoy these summer months as a family than with a little bit of chucks. And after a whole school year of running around you or your kids might need a new pair of shoes to get through the summer.


Since kids like to run around and get dirty they need a pair of shoes that can put up with all of their needs. They need to be comfortable, durable and of course a stylish pair that is going to keep them on their feet and active all day long. They also need to be perfect for any type of kid and any type of activity. Chucks are the shoes versatile enough for any kids interest. A few type of chucks that fit hand-in-hand with certain hobbies include the high top chucks fit for kids into going to the skate park, the classic black and white chucks seen worn by a lot of musicians and great for any future rock star, the colorful chucks for the artists challenging all the colors around them or the unique chucks full of different styles and colors for the kid who wants to stand out at camp and show off some style. Just to name a few.

white high tops on grass

Start the summer off right with a new pair of chucks.


Whatever activities you or your kids are into chucks are the ideal type of shoe for any new adventure your family might decide to take this summer. Whether it’s walks on the beach, picnics in the park or maybe starting a new hobby like singing in a band or trying new sports at camp. Chucks go wherever you go and chucks aren’t just for kids parents too can rock a pair. They are the perfect shoes for dropping your kids off at activities or taking a nice stroll through the town to get some ice cream. A shoe that's fun just like the summer should be. Not to mention they are so comfortable that you may even forget you’re wearing them. Whatever you do this summer chucks can be apart of it. Adventure is waiting and don’t forget to bring your chucks with you! Check out our “High Tops” and “Low Tops” tabs on the top of the home page or the bottom of any feature page to get more chucks for the summer!


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Rocks and Dry Trails, Chucks and Comfort


An article from correspondent Patrick O'Neill about rock climbing in chucks.


My feet were wrapped tightly in chucks, Monochrome High Tops like always, when my best lady and I hopped out of the Wrangler. It was the Northern California heat that hit me first, but then I looked out into the valley, the many tiny little towns all nestled together and instantly she took off down the trail. I chased after her, both of us knowing that the parking lot was not what we came to see.

rock climbing 1

Reaching the peak of Mount Diablo.


We were on a trail wrapping around the top of Mount Diablo when we found a rock formation that jutted above the trail. I saw the opportunity for a better view so I got my footing and placed my hands on the formation. I looked down at my feet and began to climb. I nudged the toe of the Chuck Taylor into a groove and lifted my other foot slowly, clinging onto a sharper rock shaped like a dagger pointed straight up between my fingers, and then I jumped backwards. I got up to the rock again, with more confidence and leaped at it so that both of my black soles contacted the rock at the same time. Having the extra grip and flexibility from my chucks, actually made them a superb climbing shoe. I crouched after the third attempt got me to the top, balanced myself slowly, and stepped nimbly across it.

rock climbing n chucks

Chucks are perfect and versatile for hiking.


There was a gorgeous valley below, an even better view. I jumped across to another stone feature that climbed even higher. There is an endless amount of things to see in Northern California for a boy who grew up in America's flatlands. If it's a day hike you're planning, chucks are perfect and versatile. They don't mind a challenge or a climb, and are still the most adaptable companions for any adventure.


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These Chucks Are to Dye For


There’s nothing greater than a pair of solid colored chucks, right? Wrong! Solid colored chucks are wonderfully bright and versatile, however, with the ever growing focus on uniqueness and self-expression within the fashion world, it seems the crazier you get the better. Spurred by the Pinterest supported world of DIY (do it yourself) projects, people have been taking creative liberties when it comes to taking their trusted chucks to the next level. One such DIY undertaking is the self-embellished tie-dye chuck, which comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns as every pair is uniquely made by none other than you, our devoted readers and chuck-fanatics.

tie dye high top chucks

Tie dye high top chucks.


There are many different versions of the DIY project online. The most important thing to consider is the base color of your chucks, be it white, beige, or black. Colored chucks work as well, but the outcome is not as crisp and does not pop as much as a simple base. When dyeing black chucks, pick bright, neon paint, and the result will be astoundingly explosive to the eye. Fabric paint or fabric dye are ideal, as they are neither harmful to the skin nor the fabric of the chucks. Wrap thin or thick rubber bands in various patterns around the chucks; this will make the white breaks in the color. Over a sink, splash paint or dye onto your shoes, using as many colors as you see fit, and then place them out in a sunny or warm space to dry completely.


low cut tie dye chucks

Low cut tie dye chucks.


This is essentially the bare process. Though the procedure is simple, the outcome is anything but. Tie-dye chucks are distinct, vivid and eye-catching. DIY projects like this are fun and inclusive, and the final product is a pair of colorful, unique chucks that are the perfect enhancement to any outfit.


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Red Chucks


Walking through the streets of any big city, it is easy to spot red chucks against the dark grey pavement. They jump out at you from the bottom of subtle and edgy outfits, the perfect final touch to a modern style that is cool, clean, and created from a palette that is soft on the eyes. Red chucks are commonly worn by people with a sense of humor, an appreciation of the small miracles of life, a love of the little things that make everyday worthwhile. With a nod to the classic red chucks of older times, these red sneaks allows for a pop of color to accentuate even the most introverted and secretive young men and women who are kids at heart.


guy wearing red high top chucks girl wearing red high top chucks

Red chucks stand out no matter where you are...


High top or low top, red chucks seem to work best with simple outfits, such as a casual shirt and jeans, or simple articles of clothing within a cool color palette of grays, blacks, and whites. These chucks are perfect any time of year, working well under summer dresses and simple shorts, as well as being the perfect complement to sleek and stylish winter coats. There’s nothing quite like a person who accessorizes themselves to underscore their less recognizable qualities of creativity, humor, and such. Red chucks frequently indicate a quirky, easygoing temperament just bellow a professional or composed surface. Furthermore, people who favor red chucks seem approachable and welcoming. There is something admirable about calm, introverted people who dare to stand out in their own subtle way through a bright, noticeable burst of expression: bright red chucks.


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Those Who Walk in White Chucks


Of all the colored chucks, white and off-white chucks are arguably the most versatile, and are worn by people of a variety of different ages, backgrounds, professions, and styles. On the streets of New York City, one can see people—mostly young folk—sporting white chucks during all seasons, pairing these flexible, subtle shoes with anything from skirts and dresses to jeans and shorts to rompers and jumpsuits. These chucks are generally easy to associate with a younger, hipper, more experimental style, but also serve the more conservative and simple dressers. That’s what makes them so popular; they simply can do no wrong!


White chucks are often worn by people with a softer style. For example young women will pair white and off-white chucks flowing skirts and dresses, as the light colored shoes compliment the lighter, billowy material of dresses like sundresses and floral patterned summer dresses. Both low top and high top chucks work well with bared legs, as well as tights and leggings. White chucks are also often paired with light or faded jeans, including jeans made of colored denim, especially pastel colors. Middle-aged women tend to favor white chucks when paired with clothes that give them a subtler, more sophisticated look that is both stylish and casual. White chucks are common in the causal workplace setting, as they are easily paired with nice pants and skirts that balance professionalism and comfort. Unlike other colors, white chucks are subtler and more refined.


guy wearing white chucks schoolgirls wearing white chucks

Young people putting their best feet forward in pairs of optical white high top chucks.


Men who prefer white chucks to other colors tend to be younger and more creative, inhabiting the ever-growing sphere of professions in artisanship and collaborative, entrepreneurial creation. In college and beyond, young men don their white chucks faithfully, pairing them with everything from tight jeans to colorful board shorts. White chucks are a common staple of those described as “hipsters,” as well as all young members of the professional world who choose a more down to earth, experimental and expressive style that allows them to engage in all their day-to-day activities. White and off-white chucks are the perfect shoes for young and ambitious men and women who see no need to forgo comfort at the expense of style. They dress for themselves first and foremost.


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Seasonal Issues for 2015

Every year Converse issues seasonal models of chucks. Sometimes these are various on the basic look, like double tongue, double upper, or multiple eyelets on the canvas. Zippers and studs have also been part of these style variations. But the most consistent seasonal issues are chucks with single color uppers, issued in both high top and low cut oxfords, something Converse now labels as Fresh Colors. This year's colors have now been announced. The colors include some returning favorites, Beach Glass, a light blue, Jungle Green, and Burgundy, which was formerly a core color called Maroon. The new list of Fresh Colors includes Collard (green), Dophin (grey), Larkspur (a royal blue variation), Light Sapphire (another blue), Periwinkle (a medium purple), Pink Paper, and Poolside (a light blue but slightly darker than Beach Glass). Citrus and Vibrant Orange are only available in low cut models right now, but high top versions could be added later in the year.


collard green high top 2015 seasonal low cut chucks

This collard green high top is one of the new Fresh Colors issues. Here are all the low cut issues.


Canvas print chucks are another seasonal issue. This year the Stars 'n' Bars print returns along with some other faded flag varieties. Andy Warhol chucks are new (see the feature below) and two of the models are available in Chuck 70 issues. The Chuck 70 line is being expanded to include new issues in natural white, monochrome black and floral prints: a high top called Turtledove and a low cut called Iceberg Green.


iceberg green print ox

This floral print called Iceberg Green is issued in a Chuck 70 model.


To see more photos of the new seasonal issues, go to our Outlook page, which lists many of the new issues planned for 2015.



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New Life For Old Chucks

A new product has become available that allows you to restore a pair of chucks to like new condition. Star Cleaner for Chucks is a new cleaning product especially designed to take care of your chucks. Its restorative powers are most notable on the toe caps. Unlike soap and water or other household cleaners, the cleaner is able to remove dirt scuffs and mottled in dirt on the toe caps, toe guards, and outer foxing of any pair of chucks. At The ChucksConnection, we have tested this product and like what it does. A complete article about the test and its results has been posted in our Articles area of the website. Click here to read the article.

Star Cleaner for Chucks was developed by Alex Nicolazzi. He tells us, “I came up with Star Cleaner after trying to keep a pair of new chucks spotless. At first I was just using my formula at home with no intentions of selling it, or making it a brand. Realizing how effective, quick and convenient it was pushed me to make it an available product. It wasn't until I was having lunch with a friend when the idea was born. We are always talking about business concepts so I brought up the cleaner I was using. The name Star Cleaner was coined within seconds of the convocation. As soon as I returned home I created the logo on Photoshop. I have been molding the brand ever since that day. My company was founded in April, 2014.”

Left to right: Star Cleaner for Chucks, a toecap before treatment, the same toecap after being treated with Star Cleaner

If you like keeping your toe caps, toe guards, and outer foxing clean on your pairs of chucks, this product is for you. You can purchase a vial of it right here at The ChucksConnection online store at a special introductory price. Click here to order.

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The Chucks Smartphone App

It’s unfortunate, but times are tough right now. For a lot of people, money is tight. Budgets have to be followed, more time has to be spent at work, and sacrifices have to be made when it comes to things like…well…chucks. Though they’re all great, sometimes a certain style of chucks just doesn’t quite fit with your personality, and sometimes you don’t realize it until after you’ve bought them. Sure you could head back to the store or send them back, but that’s only if you have the time. Luckily, Converse totally gets it and thus their “Sampler” app was born.

You’re probably eagerly wondering what it is! Basically, it’s a free (yes free!) application for smartphones that lets you browse different styles of chucks—complete with 360 degree views. But that’s not all…you also get to try them on before you make your purchase. That’s right, folks, the future is here and it brought a store into the palm of your hand. With a few taps of your finger, the app transfers your shoe of choice into a camera feature. You then hold it up over your foot and strut your stuff to get a feel for how it’ll look!

chucks app

This app is a free download from Converse.

While there are plenty of upsides, there are a few negatives, too. It’s relatively new so there are still a few glitches that need to be worked out (mainly the camera that tends to freeze up). In addition to the occasional hiccups with the camera, there’s also the selection…it’s not as wide as one may hope. It covers the basics: high tops, low cut, black, white, red, etc. but aside from that, patterns and the ability to customize haven’t been made available…yet. But hey, the only way to improve is to hear from YOU the consumers, so give it a try. It’s free. It’s chucks. It’s awesome.


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Chucks on the Ground: Getting By


It was called "Alcatraz," our sanctuary for a seven month trip. It was really only two mud squares on a hill in a desert. But it had walls big enough to house the whole company, three platoons. The valley was below. If we were not patrolling the valley we were above at Alcatraz, and had trucks on all corners manned and armed. We got by the best we could.


My poncho was hanging diagonally by empty cartridges hammered into the clay wall, and I was asleep beneath the poncho on the ground, until my Team Leader's boot woke me. The time had come again to follow my platoon down the wadi to the road, where a pack of Afghan elders were waiting to talk. My Lieutenant was standing there with the interpreters, while I readied the machine-gun on its bipods and TJ did the same with his scoped rifle. The bullets came in snapping against the rock. My neck muscles clinched closely to the butt-stock of my weapon. The cowardly attack by the Taliban was another routine message, probably threatening the elders for meeting with Marines. Before I could send a burst in reply, it was over. It was too early for this shit again, I thought hiking back up to Alcatraz.

chucks on the ground 2

These chucks adapted well to rigorous exercise and desert temperatures.


The temperature had risen above a hundred by noon, but I needed to work off some frustration. I stripped off my gear, laid the weapon on the wall and slipped into my chucks. I borrowed my buddy's heavy lead kettle bell, and carried it to some open sand to sweat it all out in peace. Swinging the weight above my head, squatting, pressing it over my shoulders or just throwing it, my Chuck Taylors adapted well to rigorous exercise and desert temperatures. Already soaking in sweat, I set off to run around the perimeter of mud walls, past the gun trucks and sharp wire, and around the sand berms that protect us from incoming fire. In those days, my chucks kept me on my feet, and cleared my head. I got by the best I could.

--By Patrick O'Neill, USMC 2007-11

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You Can Never Have Too Many Chucks!


You know the saying you can never have too many shoes…. well that saying couldn't be more accurate. For any shoe lover a new pair of shoes feels like waking up on Christmas morning as a kid excited to see what Santa had brought you. Collecting becomes more than just a hobby for them; it becomes a way of life. They even have a name for these types of collections they are called sneakerheads. A sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead can also be defined as someone who is well experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers. Sneaker collecting is a hobby often manifested by the use and collection of shoes made for particular sports, particularly but not limited to basketball and skateboarding. The best thing about collecting is that anyone can do it. One person who stands out in the Converse world is sneakerhead Penny Gold.


chucks collection 2

Penny Gold admiring her collection.


Penny Gold is a retired teacher who owns over 700 pairs of converse sneakers. She is now 66 years old and currently living in Lake Mary, Florida. She claims to have the largest collection of converse in the world! She started collecting chucks because they reminded her of childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Gold has bought every single pair of her collection in person and has never bought any of them online. She has spent around $15,000 over the years in shoe costs.


chucks collection 1chucks collection3

Penny’s whole collection of chucks.


In 2012 Gold had a showing of all her shoes to get recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records where they counted 733 pairs! She has chucks with all different colors, patterns, materials etc. You can name any type of chuck and most likely Penny Gold has it in her collection. Sneakerhead’s can come from anywhere and anyone can become one. All you have to do is purchase that first pair. Who knows maybe you will have a collection like Penny’s some day…or an even bigger one!

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Comfortable In Your Own Shoes


Feeling comfortable about who you are and where your life is headed is something we all struggle with. From the challenges that life throws at us to not being accepted by others are just a few things that can make life difficult. Although life may not always be as easy as we want it to be we must try and find happiness in our own skin and not be afraid to standout or be different. One way to achieve this is through expression.


customized chuck

High top from the Converse Pride Collection


Expression of any kind is a great outlet for showing off who you are. Whether it’s through art, writing, sports, photography, hobbies, or fashion expression can be everywhere. One way to express yourself is through fashion...especially with shoes. Shoes are what tie your whole outfit together. They are what gets you in the door of the interview or what allow you to take the necessary steps through life. Your shoes can be whatever you want them to be. Whether it’s bright and bold or simple and classy. There is no limit to how you wear your shoes or how you choose to style them.


customized chucks

Wedding party full of customized chucks.


Customizing shoes is a great way to stand out in a crowd and there are many different ways to go about customizing shoes. Some include drawing on them with markers, paint, spray paint, certain pencils etc. The possibilities are endless with what you are able to create. Some people who don't necessarily have the artistic abilities to draw on their own shoes may rather cover them with glitter, patches, or jewels. For those who are not as adventurous and don’t feel like putting too much into their shoes like to just change up their laces to give their pair a touch of uniqueness.

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Chucks at the Gym

Having a flat-soled shoe, something that can hold you up under pressure, a shoe that keeps your feet close to the ground is an asset and a necessary first step before jumping under the bar. Chuck Taylors seem to fit into that category in a lot of ways. They are built from the ground up on a sturdy and flat rubber sole, which is also not overly tall meaning your feet will remain snug to the floor during Olympic weight lifting maneuvers; such as the squat, deadlift, power clean, overhead snatch, overhead squat or all of the above at once—not for the faint of heart.


weightlifting 1

Chucks are a great shoe for weightlifting.


Chucks high-tops or lows are both reliable for stability and support in Olympic lifting, and personal preference is the only determining factor. The minimal weight of the shoe makes it useful when shifting quickly from one workout to the next; for example in Crossfit, the goal is constant movement and progression through different actions, resulting in full body fitness. Many Crossfit workouts will require the participant to run, jump, climb and lift, and these efforts will also call for footwear ready for that challenge.


weightlifting 2 weightlifting 3

Lifting some heavy weights.


I was set on doing as many power cleans—a full body lift from the ground to the squat position with the bar at shoulder height—as I could bear in the heat. At Ironhorse Fitness, I put my Chuck Taylors to the test in the hot California sun. Like they always have, my chucks felt right under the weight of the bar in the front squat position, in both low-cut and hi-top chucks. Anyone attempting to try out a new workout routine who might be in need of some support and comforting, turn to Chuck Taylors in your time of need.

Submitted by Patrick O'Neill

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The Shoreline Slip: Slip Into The Perfect Pair Of Converse

Have you ever gone through the struggle of trying to get on a pair of shoes before running out of the house? Well Converse has changed the game making a new pair of shoes for their line of women’s sneakers called The Shoreline Slip! The reason these new editions to the Converse collection are called “shoreline” is due to the feminine slip-on, slip-off design. This design is perfect for the summer. And what better way to spend summer than at the beach?


shoreline slip

Black and white shoreline slip on chucks for women.


The Shoreline Slip is a canvas upper in a slip-on style with a lace up design. It has an elastic collar, which help makes an easy on and off fit for the wearer. This shoe also has a stripped rubber midsole with a textured toe bumper and a traction rubber outsole. To complete the shoe Converse added laces that are short and tight making it unnecessary to tie them. These shoes were made to make jumping into any outdoor activity fast, easy and fashionable. This new feminine design can be paired with any look and goes hand and hand or foot and foot as some might say with summertime adventures. Some of these outfit pairings could include a dress for a nice day out shopping, jeans by the beach for dinner or even a date in the park. Even at the beach these shoes make any walk on the hot sand a breeze.


shoreline slip views

Front, rear, side, and top views of a navy blue shoreline slip.


The hardest decision you’re going to make with the shoreline slip is which color to buy them in. These shoes come in so many colors it’s hard to decide on the perfect one. Converse has even made it so that customers have the ability to customize their own pair. These comfortable slip-on sneakers are in stores now and are selling fast. So ladies what are you waiting for? Go out and buy a pair of shoreline slips today. Purchase a pair for yourself and since they also come in youth sizes get a pair for your daughter to match while you’re at it.

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Chucks on the Ground: Awaiting the Afghan Sun in Chucks


It was night once more, and out here in Afghanistan the night is for work. On the edge of my olive-drab cot, stained in white lines of sweat, I sat hunched over my ruck filling it to the brim with bottled water, ammunition, socks, food, mission essential equipment and lastly my Chuck Taylors. The patrol would be leaving for three days in 40 mikes. [NATO term for minutes]


We entered the city in a clandestine movement searching out the target building amongst the backdrop of farmed plots, blind walls and canals. We always hoped to enter quietly without firing shots, take control of it, establish it as a defensive position and brace the inevitable Taliban attack at sunrise. I walked slowly, sniffing the air, an important sense that would often remind me of our position in that unfriendly place.


Afghan village

Afghan village.


We encircled the objective compound in preparation—it had become routine though rou-tines in Helmand Province can be compromised abruptly. In a swift wave of pointed rifles we took it, detained its suspected Taliban inhabitants, positioned security on corners and investigat-ed the scene. Hours passed as we finished fortifying firing spots with sand bags. Then, Lee and I climbed up on the hardened dirt rooftop, and got comfortable for our two hours anxiously, nerv-ously, awaiting sunrise when the enemy would discover the presence of a Marine Recon platoon in their backyard. I couldn’t keep my boots dry on a single damn patrol, because of the irrigation; which made the rooftop seem less comfortable by the minute. Lee reminded me, quietly, that we’d be here for another two nights. He was wise setting his boots to dry by his ruck overnight in exchange for those cheap USMC flip-flops.


"Don't tell me you forgot to pack those Chuck Taylors, Paddy?" Lee whispered, tilting his night vision to look at me.


"Of course I have my chucks, the problem is they're not on my feet."


He laughed condescendingly. "Climb down and grab ‘em, then get your ass back up here."


Lee had his forearms on the sand bags and was staring into the thermo-imaging things when I returned. "All good?" I asked, lying next to him behind the sand bags, while I pulled off a wet sock.


"Yeah, just a loose dog."


Under the stars, the boots sat with my gross socks spread across the laces, and the chucks were finally on my feet purposefully untied. The attack would come at sunrise, of that we were sure. The objective compound for which we now held was in the Northwest sector by the river, known to be held by Taliban, and they would want it back. My feet had dried, just prior to sun-rise, and we were wide-awake and ready. A foremost important thing any young Marine will be told, is to take care of his feet and change-out socks whenever possible, so that's what I did that night and for many more. Enduring a long morning of combat is more bearable when your feet are comfortable and dry. At sunrise, immediately after the prayer speakers cut-off, the attack came.

--By Patrick O'Neill, USMC 2007-11

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Back to School Fashion for Girls: If The Shoe Fits


Like all fairytales the princess wants to end up with prince charming in the end. A guy who can sweep her off her feet…. literally! Could be at the bus stop, in class or even after school sports But even if you're a long way from finding prince charming I’m sure when that moment comes you’ll want to be in a great pair of shoes. Girls want something nice, fun and comfortable. Chucks are the perfect shoe even Cinderella would agree, more fitting than any plain glass slipper.

girls back to school

Cinderella in pink chucks, school outfit with black print high top chucks, girl with red low cut chucks and black shoelaces.


Middle school and high school students are getting ready to go back to school and girls know style better than boys. When it comes to back to school shopping they want to make sure to look their best and make a statement when they walk through those doors on the first day. Chucks come in new styles such as The Shoreline Slip, new high tops and a bunch of new fresh colors to add to your collection.


They’re perfect shoes for running the mile, starring in the school play or walking from class to class. And ladies you never know where you’re going to meet your prince charming. So no matter what you do this school, year chucks are the perfect shoe for any outfit. There are so many models to choose from your style will be anything but boring and get you noticed. Your girl friends will want to copy your style, boys will notice it, and your parents will love the great prices! Make chucks apart of your new schedule and rock the halls in a new pair this school year. To see more photos or find out where to purchase chucks and shoelaces for this upcoming school year, click on the ChucksConnection home page link, below right. Then choose Core Chucks, High Tops, Low Cut or Shoelaces.

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Back to School Fashion for Boys: Fresh Kicks For The School Year


School is right around the corner; that means new teachers, new schedules and new styles. Everyone wants to look and feel their best when starting off the new school year. What better way to start it off than with a pair of chucks? The new chucks for boys out this year are awesome! One new model that just came out and has every Converse lover going crazy is the Chuck Taylor All Star II. It’s the same shoe just with a new look. The shoes come in both high top and low cuts and come in four colors. And don't forget the core models in eight basic colors.


teen in black high tops boys ready for class

Teen rocking in his new black high top chucks, boys ready for class.


Soon you’ll be walking down the halls in style with all of these choices. From the multitude of different colors and styles to the cool t-shirts you can pair with them, the possibilities are endless. Chucks also can be paired with different laces. There are laces with different designs and colors as well as different ways you can tie them. Change up your laces and rock your own style while standing out from the crowd.


core high top chucks with neon yellow laces

Core high top chucks with neon yellow laces.


Chucks are the perfect addition to any outfit when thinking back to school style. They are great shoes for any school activity so you never have to change them when switching activities. You can wear them to gym class, at stage crew, in the fashion show or after school skateboarding with your friends. So when it comes time to head to the store for school shopping make sure you pick up a pair of chucks. Walk in your first day with confidence and show everyone what you’re made of. To see more photos or find out where to purchase chucks and shoelaces for this upcoming school year, click on the ChucksConnection home page link, below right. Then choose Core Chucks, High Tops, Low Cut or Shoelaces.

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Road Trippin' With Chucks

Summer is the perfect time for many activities. Kids want to be outdoors and doing things that they wouldn’t normally do throughout the school year. It’s nice to take time to relax after a busy year and make memories that will last a lifetime. A great way to do that is to take a road trip. Vacations with the family are ones that end up being the most crazy, fun and memorable times of our lives.


family at park back seat of car

On the road again with chucks


Planning a road trip can be a little tricky. Whether it’s your first road trip or your fiftieth packing always seems to be the most stressful part. How much do you pack? What if you forget something? What if the weather is really bad? These are all questions that make the packing process difficult. However packing doesn't have to take that long. First you should expect the unexpected and plan for everything. Whether it be the car breaking down, a torrential downpour, or long adventures in the woods, you never really know what you are in for when taking a road trip with your family.


chucks in the woods

Enjoying nature with chucks.


Since you're going to be on the road for quite some time you should plan for comfort. Plan for long walks and cold nights. The best and most versatile shoes to choose when going on a road trip are chucks. Chucks make it easy to plan outfits since they fit well with every style combination you can think of. They are light and comfy on your feet and appropriate for sitting for hours in the car or walking a few miles to a waterfall view. They even are good when it rains or if you have to change a flat tire. Chucks come in all different colors and sizes. It’s a shoe fit for the whole family.


splashing in a pudlle wearing chucks

Puddles of chuck fun.


No matter where you go or what you do this summer, think about taking a road trip, whether it’s a few hours to grandma's house or to that lake you go to every year. Maybe even try to go cross-country and sightsee or find adventures of your own along the way. Make memories and have fun doing so. And don’t forget to pack your chucks when heading on the road. You’ll be happy you did!

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Back To College: Campus Chucks


As the summer starts winding down college students are planning what they need to add to their list of items to bring back to school with them. Since most students go to college away from home they have to plan what to pack ahead of time. They must put into consideration the changing seasons, the parties, the walks across campus and the constant busy schedule. When they plan their wardrobe they are going to want things that are stylish, comfortable and that they will enjoy wearing. Shoes especially are items that get beaten up after a year at school plus all the walking around campus sure will put them through the ringer. That is why chucks are the best choice for shoes to bring to college.


coeds wearing chucks

Coeds posing in black, pink and red chucks.


Chucks are great. Their wide variety of colors and styles can fit anyone’s needs. A cool thing about chucks is that they are very versatile. They are comfortable for those runs or walks across campus when you’re about to be late for that morning class and for late nights in the library giving your feet support while you camp out there for hours on end. Chucks are also perfect for parties. Whether you must deal with spilled drinks or food, or just hanging out in those messy dorms, chucks can withstand it all and are easy to clean. Another cool thing about chucks are that you can customize them to look however you want. Add your school name or colored shoelaces to show some spirit or just get a pair that match your school colors. You’ll be the best-dressed person at the game guaranteed!


guy wearing rolled down black high top chucks

Student wearing rolled down black high top chucks.


Chucks are also great in any weather. Whether you attend a campus full of rain, right by the beach or in a snowstorm chucks will bring you ease when packing this semester and help you every step of the way towards your degree. So don’t forget to pack a pair of chucks with you when heading back to school this year you’re going to need them! To see more photos or find out where to purchase chucks and shoelaces for this upcoming school year, click on the ChucksConnection home page link, below right. Then choose Core Chucks, High Tops, Low Cut or Shoelaces.

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Chucks on the Ground: The Usual Moments in War

I opened my eyelids reluctantly to the first color being, as usual, the white and sanded inside of the tent ceiling, which was glowing from the powerful desert sun. And after a stretch, I sat up and reached below the cot for my pair of monochrome high top chucks. Others in the platoon passed by carrying machine gun ammo—I slipped into my chucks quickly to catch up with them, as usual. I climbed up the back of the Humvee wearing nothing other than my chucks and shorts and fixed up the gun for the convoy that night. The ammo was loaded, gun readied and cleaned, and all before breakfast. As usual, again, I knew my place would be behind that gun for the night's convoy far-off into the desert, which was exactly where I wanted to be.


It was dusk, the best time of day in the Afghan summer when the merciless sun subsides, and as usual, before departing, my brothers and I sat atop Humvees, some with cigarettes between fingers, while others were sipping the weird Middle Eastern orange pop, the name written in characters on the can which none could read, listening to the sounds of Iron Maiden, CCR, Zeppelin and the rest of the "pre-war" playlist as we called it. This usual routine acted as both relaxation and motivation to keep our minds away from the hazards we all had witnessed on previous missions.


chucks and boots

Monochrome black high top chucks and combat boots on the ground.


There in our T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops or in my case, Chuck Taylors, we would joke and then at times we spoke more seriously about everything on our minds—things that needed to be said. It was those times that I cherished the most out of necessity in sharing the experience with each other. Ah yes, we paced back-and-forth many nights like that always in flip-flops, chucks or whatever was more comfortable than the boots we lived in, we paced along the line of armored trucks and guns with music playing softly in the background, comforted with the knowledge that we were all there together. It was the seemingly mundane, usual times, with those brothers pacing back-and-forth in flip-flops and my chucks that remain with me about the war as vividly as the moments when bullets flew by or explosions rained dirt and dust in our faces that I remember most.

--By Patrick O'Neill, USMC 2007-11



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