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ChuckTalk articles from previous years.
ChuckTalk articles from previous years.
ChuckTalk articles from previous years.
ChuckTalk articles from previous years.

Personal Stories and Opinions

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Chucks Fashion and Lifestyles

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The Chucks Smartphone App

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Do you wear a men’s size 10, 10.5 or 11 (12, 12.5 or 13 women’s)? The ChucksConnection is selling off over sixty pairs of high tops used for our photo shoots. Click here for details.

Chucks in the Media

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New Hunter & Holmes Comics Now Online Videos About the History of Converse
Converse Litigates to Protect Chucks! New Hunter & Holmes Mystery Released ChucksConnection on Instagram
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Music Video Reviews:

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Summer Reading Special!


It's getting close to summer time. Certainly you want to spend some time kicking back and enjoy a good book or two. The ChucksConnection wants to encourage you to do that this summer by offering a special deal on books about your favorite sneakers and the man who helped create them, Chuck Taylor. Chucks! The Phenomenon of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (Skyhorse Publishing, New York) is a full color book all about the Converse All Star 'Chuck' Taylor basketball shoe, the world’s most popular athletic shoe, and a shoe that has influenced the lives of generations of people since it was first manufactured over 80 years ago. In the intersecting worlds of fashion, sports, and popular culture, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has become a beloved icon. Filled with pictures, stories, and information about chucks, this book is a must read for any fan of chucks.

chucks books

Get these two books for some great summertime reading.


Chuck Taylor, All Star (Indiana University Press) is the true story of the man behind the most famous athletic shoe in history. For this first ever biography, Abraham Aamidor went on a three-year quest to learn the true story of Chuck Taylor. The search took him across the country, tracking down numerous leads, and separating truth from legend as he chronicles Taylor's true place in the history of basketball and his work in making the shoes that bear his name an American icon. Now for a limited time you can purchase both of the these harcover books for only $16.95, more than half off their retail price. Best of all, you get free shipping with your purchase. To find out more about the books and to get your copies, go to our Purchase Books About Chucks page.


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Hiking the Cliffs of Moher


New correspondent Patrick O'Neill tells how his black monochrome chucks helped him fight the rain and treacherous terrain at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Here is an excerpt from his article:


The three of us were becoming increasingly nervous, and the rain wasn't helping. Little clumps of mud tumbled off the cliffs inches from my all-black Chuck Taylors—Johnny and Brandon trudged along the edge in heavy construction style boots. We arrived on a bus after hiking the Irish coasts the past week, finding ourselves, now, climbing grass and mud along the beautiful, green Cliffs of Moher with the restricted tourist fence clear-out of view over our wet shoulders. My friends' boots were filling with rain, and too heavy for proper traction. I lent Johnny an out-stretched hand crossing a narrow and dangerous bend, fearing that his boots may not hold up on the mossy rock. My all-black chucks provided some extra confidence, and I was able to move about the rock safely in softer soles.


balck monochrome chucks

High top chucks can give you confidence.


Ahead, was a stone tower standing tall in a glimpse of sunshine through passing clouds, so we kept onward with the objective insight. Exhausted, I looked up and a drop struck my eye—we had only decided to break from the path after a few pieces of toast paired with Guinness for breakfast—yet, we felt determined. Feeling satisfied after reaching the tower, we began slinking back the length of the magnificent cliffs. I was joking with Johnny and Brandon about shouting something funny while plummeting hundreds of meters into the sea. It was still a great distance to the safety of the fence.


The next morning, I crawled from a damp sleeping bag and pulled on my chucks. The sun was rising through the clouds and rain across the bay, above the Cliffs of Moher. I sat there to admire, but thought also of the places my chucks had taken me. With the three rucksacks strapped on our backs, we hiked beside the ocean. I smiled and no longer cared if it rained. Monochrome chucks just feel better in rainy weather.


To read the complete article click here. All of our longer articles and stories can be accessed from the Articles Index.


The ChucksConnections Welcomes Two New Affiliates


Now visitors to this website have two new choices for the purchase of chucks or other clothing. Kicks USA has an excellent selection of core and seasonal chucks, plus they carry a solid line of Converse clothing. You can buy core high tops and low cut chucks in black, monochrome black, red, optical white, navy blue, charcoal, and in pink low cut. Seasonal models include print upper high tops in blue and white stars, crafted text stripe models in vision blue and peacock blue, and red, white, and blue flag designs. Low cut models include oxheart red and print models in white with black stars, red with white stars, or Andy Warhol Campbell soup design. Seasonal models just for women include the Chuck Taylor shoreline series in four colors. In clothing they have over ten different Converse tee shirts, including graphic designs, and Chuck Taylor ankle patch tees, and patch fleece logo shorts. For women there are additionally tencel and core shorts and tee shirts. Kids' models of the core shoes are available in youth, preschool, toddler and infant sizes. Additional color choices include yellow, periwinkle blue, and pink paper.


kicks usa logo fiinish line logo

To check out Kicks USA or Finish Line, go to the links on our shoe and clothing pages.


Finish Line carries core high tops in black, monochrome black, charcoal, and optical white leather along with seasonal flag and graphic prints. Core low cuts come in black, red, charcoal, navy blue, and optical white. Seasonal low cuts come in poolside blue, collard green, pink paper, and citrus yellow, denim and woven uppers in natural, gray, and papyrus. Other low cuts include a couple of Andy Warhol prints, a black, pink and purple multi tongue and a black and white double upper. There is a good selection for boys and girls in toddler, preschool, and grade school models. Finish Line carries a very large selection of sports, fan gear, and athletic apparel. You can shop by league team, or sport. Go to the links on any of our feature pages to get started.


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Update on the Converse Lawsuits


It has now been six months since Converse filed lawsuits against 31 other companies to stop trade infringement on their patents for Chuck Taylor sneakers. While much of this seemed to be a publicity ploy when it first was announced, there have been a series of out of court settlements and a few other companies, including one non-defendant, are planning to fight back in court. Converse has already dismissed its lawsuits against H&M, Zulily, and Tory Burch. Fila and Iconix have recently settled with Converse. A consent order stipulation was filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC). In the consert-order, Iconix has agreed "Not to import, sell for importation, or sell in the United States after importation any footwear products that infringe the trademarks asserted against Iconix, except under consent or license from [Converse].” It is expected that more of the original 31 companies will settle with Converse in the future.


However, Walmart has announced that it will fight the accusations in court. In March Walmart filed documents with the ITC in opposition to Converse's complaint. In its filing, Walmart disputed Converse’s ability to claim infringement on what it calls a “functional” aspect of a product and further accused Converse of using the suit to “extort monetary settlements.” Recently New Balance, who now owns the old PF Flyers line of sneakers, filed a lawsuit “seeking to teach Nike-owned Converse some lessons – a history lesson as well as a legal one.” It looks like the old rivalry between the two brands is getting a revival, although these days PF Flyters have very little market share in comparison to the Chuck Taylor.


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Hunter & Holmes Comics Are Now Online


We have been following the adventures of Jason Hunter and Daniel Holmes, two chucks-wearing high school students living in the Silicon Valley who became detectives after a terrible crime was commited against Jason. Through eight full length mysteries the two have fought against all kinds of criminals, traffickers, and predators while helping their friends and other crime victims through their actions and Jason's Whatever Foundation. The latest installment in the Hunter & Holmes series is a new comic strip written by Aiden Vaughan and illustrated by Ricardo Carmona. Now you can follow them as they start their senior year in high school with a new series of comic strips that will be posted on a monthly basis. Right now they are available free of charge on the Hunter & Holmes website.


hunter & holmes comic page

The first page of episode 1, Senior Year.


Although Jason and Daniel want to just enjoy their senior year and their favorite activities of playing basketball and making music, it's not long before they get embroiled in a new mystery when a student at Merriam High School goes missing. To check out the new comics, go to the Hunter & Holmes website and click on the "View the Latest Hunter & Holmes Comic" link. You can also view comic teasers for each of the eight mysteries in the Hunter & Holmes series of ebooks.


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Spring Is Here, Full of “Fresh Colors”


Spring is no longer in the air; it’s officially here! While some people welcome the warmth of this time of year by doing some spring-cleaning, others look to new fashion trends and staples. This year, in the always-fabulous world of chucks, spring arrives with a wave of new exciting colors and patterns, from solid, popping colors like Citrus and Vibrant Orange, to subtle pastel gems like Pink Paper and Poolside, to unique patterns like Andy Warhol soup cans and Floral prints. These new styles, which are available for both high top and low top chucks, are exciting spins on classic colors, and offer a variety of opportunities for style pairing and matching.


2015 seasonal low cut chucks

Fresh colors low cut chucks. To see more for 2015, go to our Outlook Page.


This spring, these chucks take to the streets and make any outfit, no matter how subtle, eye-catching. These new colors go with all kinds of bottoms; blue jeans, white jeans, summer dresses and skirts, even patterned leggings. Even better, the seasonal nature of these new styles gives each different color and pattern a uniqueness that is fresh and really pops. This year spring is all about standing out and letting your personality shine. What better way to make a bold, colorful statement than with a pair or two of this spring’s newest chuck styles? Regardless of the intensity of the color, be it the warm, sunny splash of yellow with Citrus chucks, or the cool, funky tone of the subtler Collard Green chucks, these new “Fresh Colors” are the perfect way to leave the dark, dreary days of winter behind and bound into summer.


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Chucks, Rain or Shine


With every passing day it seems that spring is revealing her true, muddy colors. Rain falls at night, and mornings welcome commuters with puddles, wet concrete, and muddy walkways. Though this might seem disastrous for all the chuck lovers out there, never fear, because now even your favorite pair of chucks can withstand the unforgiving, unpredictable and harsh weather of spring. More and more do it yourself waterproofing methods are rising in popularity, and we have a simple and convenient process for you to make your trusty pair of chucks water and weather resistant.


rain or shine 1

Optical white high tops in the grass.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that chucks are the most comfortable and casual shoe option, regardless of the season. Making your chucks spring-proof allows you to wear them in any weather, rain or shine. All you need is a fluoropolymer-based spray, which is most ideal and effective when applied to fabric such as the canvas of chucks. This can be purchased at most pharmacies, grocery stores, and hard ware stores.


rain or shine 2

Waterproofing a right high top.


Before you begin to waterproof your shoes, make sure they are clean and dirt free, so the water resisting spray can be properly absorbed into the canvas. Make sure to set up an open area outside to spray, and even apply a coat of the fluoropolymer-based spray onto the chucks, making sure to keep a distance of 6 to 8 inches. Allow your shoes to air dry before applying a second coat for extra protection. Once this second coat has dried, you should be all set to don your beloved chucks and fearlessly take on the world, regardless of rain, snow, or avalanche; the world is your stomping ground and with water-resistant chucks you are unstoppable.


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High or Low: Which Way Do Your Chucks Go?


There are many great debates in this world that indicate something about a person based on what side they take part in. Are you a cat or dog person? Are you a chocolate or vanilla person? Are you, and this one is quite important, a high top chucks or a low top chucks person? What about a person makes them partial to either the high top or the low top chuck. Though most come in the same design, color, and pattern, these two different styles give the shoes a very different feel, regardless of what outfit they are paired with.


High top chucks give an outfit an instant, though subtle, vintage feel, as well as a youthful edge. They are more noticeable and demand their own acknowledgement in an overall outfit, due to their greater mass. Low top chucks, on the other hand, are subtler and sleeker. They compliment an outfit without taking too much attention away from the overall compositions, and are therefore more versatile. Low tops are sporty and chic, and are an almost lighter shoe, even if they make less of a bold, noticeable statement than their high top counterparts.


high vs low

Core color high top and low cut chucks.


Anyone who wears chucks religiously has a great sense and understanding of style and personality. However, it is interesting to consider the different tastes in high top versus low top chucks and those who favor one over the other. People who tend to slide into a pair of high top chucks often have a more experimental, outgoing style that is unapologetic and very noticeable. Outfits with big statement pieces or funky, eye catching patterns are in their repertoire, and therefore high top chucks fit right in. Their personalities might be more extroverted and energetic, their style matching their big, youthful and confident temperament. Conversely, those who favor their low top chucks prefer accessories that compliment their style, rather than take attention away from the overall composition. Their sense of style and self is often sleeker, modern and sporty, with outfits that favor one color palette. These chuck wearers might have a more introverted and calm exterior, with a personality that is self-aware and conscientious, reserved and understanding of the world around them. Of course, anyone who wears chucks has an edge of fun and uniqueness; high top or low top, youthful or mature, every pair of chucks lets a person’s specialness shine.


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A Spring In Your Step


Correspondent Katharina Harling writes: “Though it might not seem so in some parts of the country, spring is finally here. After a long and cold winter that demanded the thickest of jackets and the heaviest of winter boots, it’s finally time again to trade in heavy-duty shoes for lighter, flatter footwear that allows for a spring in your step. As pants grow shorter and dresses make more and more appearances, our beloved chucks are returning to the streets, finally ready to be worn day after day without the fear of becoming repetitive or dull.


“Nothing says spring and warm weather like a fun colored, worn in pair of chucks. Walking around campus, as the snow piles melt and buds begin to appear on trees, I see more and more people sporting brightly colored chucks. Light colors such as pastels, and vivid colors such as deep reds, blues, and purples, seem especially popular this time of year. It seems everyone is interested in letting their excitement shine after having been cooped up inside for the winter, and of course what better way to express one’s feelings of happiness and contentment than through chucks?


spring chucks

Spring into a new pair of chucks.


“I spoke to some avid wearers of chucks this past week, curious about why people were so strongly attached to their pair. Regarding springtime and chucks, one fan said, “they are like the perfect spring shoe. Warmer than sandals but lighter than sneakers or boots. And they go with everything!” I cannot help but agree. I pair my chucks with pants, leggings, skirts, and dresses. Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, I know I can depend of my chucks to be there every warm, sunny outfit of the way.”


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These Chucks Are to Dye For


There’s nothing greater than a pair of solid colored chucks, right? Wrong! Solid colored chucks are wonderfully bright and versatile, however, with the ever growing focus on uniqueness and self-expression within the fashion world, it seems the crazier you get the better. Spurred by the Pinterest supported world of DIY (do it yourself) projects, people have been taking creative liberties when it comes to taking their trusted chucks to the next level. One such DIY undertaking is the self-embellished tie-dye chuck, which comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns as every pair is uniquely made by none other than you, our devoted readers and chuck-fanatics.

tie dye high top chucks

Tie dye high top chucks.


There are many different versions of the DIY project online. The most important thing to consider is the base color of your chucks, be it white, beige, or black. Colored chucks work as well, but the outcome is not as crisp and does not pop as much as a simple base. When dyeing black chucks, pick bright, neon paint, and the result will be astoundingly explosive to the eye. Fabric paint or fabric dye are ideal, as they are neither harmful to the skin nor the fabric of the chucks. Wrap thin or thick rubber bands in various patterns around the chucks; this will make the white breaks in the color. Over a sink, splash paint or dye onto your shoes, using as many colors as you see fit, and then place them out in a sunny or warm space to dry completely.


low cut tie dye chucks

Low cut tie dye chucks.


This is essentially the bare process. Though the procedure is simple, the outcome is anything but. Tie-dye chucks are distinct, vivid and eye-catching. DIY projects like this are fun and inclusive, and the final product is a pair of colorful, unique chucks that are the perfect enhancement to any outfit.


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Walking on Sunshine: Those Who Wear Metallic Chucks


Bronze. Silver. Gold. Some people wear jewelry, some people wear fine clothes, and some people wear their dazzle and shine on their feet. Metallic chucks are truly a perfect way for those with spirit to add a touch of brilliance and splendor to any outfit, no matter how conservative and subtle. Those who wear metallic chucks are generally experimental and eccentric in personality, and these tendencies mesh into their choice of clothing. A shoe for a more youthful, edgy soul, gold, silver and bronze chucks are a strong embellishment for those with a desire to stay one step ahead of the fashion curve.


With brighter, paler clothing compilations, these shining shoes give outfits a touch of lightness and gaiety. With darker ones, metallic chucks add a modern edge with a touch of punk inspired avant-garde. With a fancy dress or dapper suit they give an evening outfit a flare of spirit, like the accessory equivalent of a twinkling wink. And with any outfit, they look undeniably fantastic.


girl wearing metallic chucks

Woman wearing metallic chucks.


On any city street these shoes pop out as a visual signifier of one who has a chic style and a modern, youthful inclination. They are worn by those who don’t play by the rules, who possess a rebellious streak, who live life to the fullest. These lustrous shoes invite conversation and inquiry, as they spark curiosity and intrigue about their wearers. Those who bravely and confidently don these chucks are truly daredevils of the brightest kind.


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Red Chucks


Walking through the streets of any big city, it is easy to spot red chucks against the dark grey pavement. They jump out at you from the bottom of subtle and edgy outfits, the perfect final touch to a modern style that is cool, clean, and created from a palette that is soft on the eyes. Red chucks are commonly worn by people with a sense of humor, an appreciation of the small miracles of life, a love of the little things that make everyday worthwhile. With a nod to the classic red chucks of older times, these red sneaks allows for a pop of color to accentuate even the most introverted and secretive young men and women who are kids at heart.


guy wearing red high top chucks girl wearing red high top chucks

Red chucks stand out no matter where you are...


High top or low top, red chucks seem to work best with simple outfits, such as a casual shirt and jeans, or simple articles of clothing within a cool color palette of grays, blacks, and whites. These chucks are perfect any time of year, working well under summer dresses and simple shorts, as well as being the perfect complement to sleek and stylish winter coats. There’s nothing quite like a person who accessorizes themselves to underscore their less recognizable qualities of creativity, humor, and such. Red chucks frequently indicate a quirky, easygoing temperament just bellow a professional or composed surface. Furthermore, people who favor red chucks seem approachable and welcoming. There is something admirable about calm, introverted people who dare to stand out in their own subtle way through a bright, noticeable burst of expression: bright red chucks.


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Those Who Walk in White Chucks


Of all the colored chucks, white and off-white chucks are arguably the most versatile, and are worn by people of a variety of different ages, backgrounds, professions, and styles. On the streets of New York City, one can see people—mostly young folk—sporting white chucks during all seasons, pairing these flexible, subtle shoes with anything from skirts and dresses to jeans and shorts to rompers and jumpsuits. These chucks are generally easy to associate with a younger, hipper, more experimental style, but also serve the more conservative and simple dressers. That’s what makes them so popular; they simply can do no wrong!


White chucks are often worn by people with a softer style. For example young women will pair white and off-white chucks flowing skirts and dresses, as the light colored shoes compliment the lighter, billowy material of dresses like sundresses and floral patterned summer dresses. Both low top and high top chucks work well with bared legs, as well as tights and leggings. White chucks are also often paired with light or faded jeans, including jeans made of colored denim, especially pastel colors. Middle-aged women tend to favor white chucks when paired with clothes that give them a subtler, more sophisticated look that is both stylish and casual. White chucks are common in the causal workplace setting, as they are easily paired with nice pants and skirts that balance professionalism and comfort. Unlike other colors, white chucks are subtler and more refined.


guy wearing white chucks schoolgirls wearing white chucks

Young people putting their best feet forward in pairs of optical white high top chucks.


Men who prefer white chucks to other colors tend to be younger and more creative, inhabiting the ever-growing sphere of professions in artisanship and collaborative, entrepreneurial creation. In college and beyond, young men don their white chucks faithfully, pairing them with everything from tight jeans to colorful board shorts. White chucks are a common staple of those described as “hipsters,” as well as all young members of the professional world who choose a more down to earth, experimental and expressive style that allows them to engage in all their day-to-day activities. White and off-white chucks are the perfect shoes for young and ambitious men and women who see no need to forgo comfort at the expense of style. They dress for themselves first and foremost.


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Seasonal Issues for 2015

Every year Converse issues seasonal models of chucks. Sometimes these are various on the basic look, like double tongue, double upper, or multiple eyelets on the canvas. Zippers and studs have also been part of these style variations. But the most consistent seasonal issues are chucks with single color uppers, issued in both high top and low cut oxfords, something Converse now labels as Fresh Colors. This year's colors have now been announced. The colors include some returning favorites, Beach Glass, a light blue, Jungle Green, and Burgundy, which was formerly a core color called Maroon. The new list of Fresh Colors includes Collard (green), Dophin (grey), Larkspur (a royal blue variation), Light Sapphire (another blue), Periwinkle (a medium purple), Pink Paper, and Poolside (a light blue but slightly darker than Beach Glass). Citrus and Vibrant Orange are only available in low cut models right now, but high top versions could be added later in the year.


collard green high top

This collard green high top is one of the new Fresh Colors issues.


Canvas print chucks are another seasonal issue. This year the Stars 'n' Bars print returns along with some other faded flag varieties. Andy Warhol chucks are new (see the feature below) and two of the models are available in Chuck 70 issues. The Chuck 70 line is being expanded to include new issues in natural white, monochrome black and floral prints: a high top called Turtledove and a low cut called Iceberg Green.


iceberg green print ox

This floral print called Iceberg Green is issued in a Chuck 70 model.


To see more photos of the new seasonal issues, go to our Outlook page, which lists many of the new issues planned for 2015.


Walking With Andy Warhol


In classic vintage style, chucks once again blends history with trendy modernism in the Andy Warhol inspired chucks. These are a nod to a culturally, artistically influential character in American history, and they look great. With the creative spirit of Andy Warhol, these shoes feature images and icons of his work, most specifically his iconic Campbell soup can, in big, chunky, pop-art style.


Andy Warhol red high top

Andy Warhol red, white and gold high top.


These chucks are a subtle way to indicate appreciation and knowledge of one of America’s most influential artist, creator, designer, and thought provoker. Some of the shoes in this collection are colorful and bright, covered in images printed in primary colors. Others are in black and white, more of a jumble of overlapping images that give the shoes a certain movement and flair. Some of the shoes make up one, giant soup can, others are a repeated patchwork of the cans, making a sort of tiling of Warhol’s most recognizable, iconic image.


Andy Warhol black high top

Andy Warhol black and white high top.


For all chuck lovers and wearers, these shoes are a must have. With colorful outfits, with dark and simple outfits, these shoes go with any style. High-top or low-top, these shoes inspire their wearers to explore, push past their boundaries, get creative and run out of their comfort zones. Furthermore, a portion of all proceeds made from the sales of these chucks will go to the non-profit Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. So go ahead and spends some bucks on these stylish, artsy chucks. You’ll look great, feel great, and inspire creativity with every step.


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Videos About the History of Converse


Recently one of our readers told us about a YouTube video called A Brief History of Converse that he thought was worth a look. The video was produced by a group called aBriefHistory, who has produced a number of these videos on various subjects. The video itself is basically a moving slide show. The best part of the video are all the great shots of Chuck Taylor high tops, although historically they often don’t match the content being displayed. There are some significant omissions in their brief history, the most notable being the creation of the white Olympic high top in 1936, with its red, white, and blue features, designed for and worn by America’s basketball team and made for sale to the public after the Olympics. This model became Chuck Taylor’s favorite shoe to wear at his clinics. Today we see it as the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor optical white high top. Another miss was the introduction of the low cut model chuck in 1957. They talk about the Converse chevron design but with no mention of Dr. J (Julius Erving — those first chevron models were designed and endorsed by him). The video talks about multiple bankruptcies, but the company didn’t default until 2000. Most of their problems in the 1980s and 1990s had to do with bad management, missed opportunities, or ownership changes and acquisitions that hurt the company.


A Brief History link

View A Brief History of Converse.


While checking out the first video, we also checked out another pair of YouTube videos posted by Scott Losinger entitled Converse History Part One and Part Two. These videos were done with the cooperation of Converse, a rare accomplishment for Mr. Losinger, as the company is notably uncooperative and secretive about their operations. This history focuses on the company’s basketball history, starting of course with Chuck Taylor and going through some of the more recent basketball shoe models. The video contains a lot of good interviews from professional basketball endorsers, clips from past advertisements, and commentary from Dave Maddocks, their Director of Marketing at the time. (This history was posted in 1908, a few years after Nike purchased Converse). One gaffe in the video is Mr. Maddocks stating that the Chuck Taylor signature was placed on the ankle of the All Star in 1923 when he should have said 1932 (No sign of the signature in Converse’s 1931 advertising.) Again the significance of the 1936 Olympic All Stars is missing from the history.


Converse History link

View Converse History Part One.


A one hundred year history is always hard to encapsulate in just a few minutes of video, but it is interesting that several important points besides the Olympic shoe were left out of both videos. One of these points was the importance of Chuck Taylor in the development of the American game, amateur, college, and professional. For nearly forty years he was “the man” when it came to basketball in this country at all levels. Chuck Taylor was also a visionary for sports marketing. He tinkered with the design and manufacturing of the All Star so that the product would have “everything you could want in a basketball shoe” then drove around the country personally introducing the product to coaches and basketball players during free clinics. One of his most important ideas was the designation of the All Star as a unisex shoe, something still very significant today. Certainly this is reflected in the current popularity and sales of the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneaker among women. And not coincidentally, it was after his death in 1969 that the company began to go astray and lose its market share. Finally, neither video mentioned the importance of the Footwear Acquisition Company in turning things around after the 2001 bankruptcy. They were responsible for getting production back on track, making sure that the main focus for Converse was again about producing lot of models and styles of their premiere product, Chuck Taylor All Stars, and marketing them to the mainstream of consumers world wide, not just athletes or the counterculture. The success of their efforts in turning things around after the bankruptcy is why Converse was acquired by Nike: the return of the Chuck Taylor sneaker was very successful and it represented a market share that Nike products could never occupy.


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Lace Up, Ace Up


In a day and age when personalized articles of clothing are admired and when uniqueness is valued above much else, it is difficult to find ways to make one’s style one’s own. A way to catch the eyes of the fashion forward in the shoe world is changing up laces, making fun patterns, cool designs, and essentially using laces as a form of abstract expression. Consider how versatile chucks are.


Firstly, you can choose any color laces to pair with any color or patterned chucks. Simple black chucks could become fancier with gold or silver laces, or glittered and sparkly ones. Colorful high tops could be taken to the next level with laces of contrasting color making the shoes really pop. Secondly, laces don’t have to be made of their standard material; ribbons, yarn twisted together, even chord, all these could be used to keep your favorite chucks on your feet.


laces 1 lace up image 3

Alternate styles of lacing for chucks using two different pairs and colors of shoelaces.


Once the color and material of your laces are all picked out, consider the world of opportunity when actually designing the pattern of laces. There are cool lacing tips on the chucksconnection website, including tips for dealing with shoe problems such as slipping tongues or improper fitting. The page also offers new and innovative ways to lace up your chucks, from the “straight across method” to the “triangle method” and many in between. There are also multiple resources on the Internet that offer tips and guides to lace up in your own style, such as Buzzfeed and Pinterest.


lace image 2

Fabric shoelaces on pink low cuts.


If you are constantly looking for new ways to redefine your style and show your individual style to the world, what better way to make a subtle yet distinct statement that through the laces of your trusted chucks? Go experiment; go share your originality. Lace up and go!


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Chucks Doing Yoga


Kathina Harling writes: The practice of a yogi never stops, not even for the bitter winter. On campus, amidst the leafless trees and frozen puddles of muddy water, college students can be seen on yoga mats and blankets, diligently assuming warrior pose. Ignoring the wind and biting cold, they wear spandex shirts and leggings, have donned mittens and hats, and many of them opt for chucks as footwear. Recently I decided to join a friend of mine in one of these classes, making sure to go on a day with no forecast of snow or rain. The sky was blue and cloudless, though the thermometer read 27˚ Fahrenheit. Upon my friend’s suggestion I wore thin athletic clothing and my low-top chucks with a pair of wool socks.


As I rolled out my borrowed mat I noted the numerous pairs of chucks around me—high tops and low tops alike—adorned and made unique by different colors, patterns, and laces. Many of the yoga-lovers I talked to spoke enthusiastically about their choice of footwear, I could not help but agree with them. My chucks offered a protection from the cold, stability on the uneven ground, and were lighter than the sneakers I had initially planned to wear. Molding comfortably to my foot, they supported me through downward facing dog, child’s pose, and my version of a pose called Natarajasana. Amazingly, chucks were the perfect yoga shoe, balancing freedom and warmth, lightness and support.

chucks doing yoga 1   chucks doing yoga 2

Facing down and Natarajasana yoga positions.


“I don’t want to stop doing yoga in nature just because it’s cold,” one yogi told me. “Ideally I wouldn’t wear any shoes, but I’m not going barefoot in 30 degree weather.” She gestured fondly to her light purple chucks. “These are the next best thing.”


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The Chuck Taylor Washed Canvas Sneaker: This Style Doesn’t Fade

It seems as though, despite the rise and fall of many fads and trends, vintage will always be in style. The heavy duty, washed Chuck Taylor All Star line of sneakers, with its faded fabric and rounded laces, is a hip nod to the past. This shoe subtly balances the sporty modern style of chucks with an older, antique touch made evident by the washed out quality of the material and the classic All Star patch on the side. All the color options achieve a worn-in and well-used look, giving the shoe a comfortable quality. Their toe caps and outer foxing also come with a worn in look.

The washed converse can easily complement a variety of outfits and stylistic choices. It pairs nicely with a pair of jeans, and flannel shirt or cozy sweater, or dark leggings and casual, soft t-shirt. The shoe is perfect for just playing around with style, as its design renders it versatile yet unique. Around New York City, this shoe sometimes complements more sophisticated and trendy outfits, such as hip, black dresses with a flare of modernity. The black washed model fits seamlessly with the casual yet edgy city style, as its gray and black palate are a favorite of the young, city dwellers.

Inside patch view of a beluga grey washed canvas high top; front view of a drizzle grey washed canvas low cut.


Chuck Taylor All Star washed sneakers are popular people of all ages, from hip youngsters to stylish, middle aged fashionistas. There are three current high top models: beluga grey, oxheart red, and red acid wash. Low cut models come in off white, drizzle grey, Poseiden blue, charcoal, and black.

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Staying Cool in the Winter

Our correspondent Katharina Harling writes: “The Converse Chuck Taylor shoe—practical, comfortable, trendy for all occasions—does not falter in the face of its greatest threat: the winter. With all the wetness, sludge, and cold that comes with the unpleasant winter months, fashion trends fall forgotten as people make room in their closets for bulky boots, chunky sweaters, and jackets that hide any sense of style. However, there is hope for Converse lovers; the Chuck Taylor sneaker boot strikes a fun balance between sturdy and stylish.

 “I have seen quite a number of these boots, sneakily disguised as sneakers, parading over the snowy ground of my college campus. The Maine weather, brutal and utterly unforgiving in the winter, does not stop the fashion-conscious college students, who forgo unflattering winter boots for the equally warm and effective Chuck Taylor sneaker boot. Unlike those who opts for other cold weather boots, which indicate a submission to the outdoor forces—a trading of style for comfort—young men and women who pair their warm pants and parkas with the slim, smart looking converse boots reject the weather and reap the benefits of remaining effortlessly stylish and warm, no matter the temperature.


The all black model of the Chuck Taylor sneaker boot. It also is available in black and white.

“I asked some of my fellow students what they thought of their sneaker boots and received overwhelmingly positive responses. ‘They’re warm but cool,’ came the answers. ‘They’re just better looking than snow boots.’ One boy accompanied me to the dining hall, walking along a path, ankle-deep in snow. He glanced at my tall, heavy boots and then at his own high-top sneaker boots. The dark gray leather stood out against the snowy ground. ‘They’re insulated. They’re waterproof. All I need.’ Then he laughed and shrugged, ‘Why let the winter cramp my style?’”

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Black is the New Black

2015; a new year calls for a new look! It seems after all the variations of the definition of black—White is the new black, Orange is the New Black—that have arisen in the past years, we are finally back to the reliable, never dull mantra: Black is the New Black. Dependable and easy to work with, yet edgy and versatile enough to offer a myriad of style possibilities, black is a palate favored by both the fashion forward and the fashion inept. The same notion holds true when it comes to shoes; simple, familiar and ever unpredictable, the black Converse shoe is due for a return to the streets this year.


Put your best foot forward in a new pair of black chucks.

In the early hours of the morning, whether you are preparing for work, school, or other ventures, the task of dressing stylishly and comfortably can seem daunting. This year, dread the morning routine no more! Focus on your chic, business attires, or your casual, classy school outfit, and top it all off with a pair of black, white laced chucks. These shoes are perfect for accentuating any outfit, from the more colorful to all black attire. To fully embrace the approaching wave, try dressing in all dark tones, such as black and dark gray, mimicking the favored trend of high fashion and adding your own twist: black chucks. Cool and edgy, subtle and sophisticated, with a touch of casual and sporty, this style is the perfect way to walk into the new year, confident and poised, with a pair of black chucks on your feet.

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New Life For Old Chucks

A new product has become available that allows you to restore a pair of chucks to like new condition. Star Cleaner for Chucks is a new cleaning product especially designed to take care of your chucks. Its restorative powers are most notable on the toe caps. Unlike soap and water or other household cleaners, the cleaner is able to remove dirt scuffs and mottled in dirt on the toe caps, toe guards, and outer foxing of any pair of chucks. At The ChucksConnection, we have tested this product and like what it does. A complete article about the test and its results has been posted in our Articles area of the website. Click here to read the article.

Star Cleaner for Chucks was developed by Alex Nicolazzi. He tells us, “I came up with Star Cleaner after trying to keep a pair of new chucks spotless. At first I was just using my formula at home with no intentions of selling it, or making it a brand. Realizing how effective, quick and convenient it was pushed me to make it an available product. It wasn't until I was having lunch with a friend when the idea was born. We are always talking about business concepts so I brought up the cleaner I was using. The name Star Cleaner was coined within seconds of the convocation. As soon as I returned home I created the logo on Photoshop. I have been molding the brand ever since that day. My company was founded in April, 2014.”

Left to right: Star Cleaner for Chucks, a toecap before treatment, the same toecap after being treated with Star Cleaner

If you like keeping your toe caps, toe guards, and outer foxing clean on your pairs of chucks, this product is for you. You can purchase a vial of it right here at The ChucksConnection online store at a special introductory price. Click here to order.

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'Twas the Night Before...

If you are a dedicated chucks lover and still believe in Santa Claus here is the perfect stocking for you to hang on your mantle. Made of a soft white fleece-like material with red, green, and black print, this sneaker sock is the perfect thing to hang up before Christmas Eve for a chucks person of any age. Who knows, maybe its presence will inspire Santa or one of his helpers to leave a brand new pair of chucks under the tree. For sure it will hold new pairs of shoelaces, socks or even small keyring sized chucks in different colors.

Two views of the sneaker stocking made by St. Nick's Choice

This sneaker stocking was made under the label St. Nick's Choice by a company called Dyno Seasonal Solutions in Pompano Beach, Florida. That's the good news. However, when you go to their website to look for this product there is no sign of it. We found this one in, of all places, a local grocery store display of holiday decorations. Maybe you will be able to do the same. At any rate, if you see one of these sneaker stockings, buy it right away. They might be in very short supply!

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Turkey, Shopping and Chucks

The holidays are here, and what better shoe to wear during this time than Converse All Star Chuck Taylor's. Chuck Taylor's are shoes you can dress up or down. If you like dressing up for a holiday dinner, you can pair these shoes with a dress or skirt fir the ladies. The gentlemen can wear a classic pair of chucks with slacks and a button-up. It will be classy, but comfortable. You know how important comfort is after eating a holiday feast. 

After eating that pumpkin pie for dessert and washing dishes, it is time to hit the malls for shopping. Chucks are ideal to wear for hours of looking for deals through the malls and shopping. They are light, and will keep your feet from hurting after hours of standing in lines. Chuck Taylors will make the transition from partying to shopping easy and fast.

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Chuck Taylor All Star Combat Boots

This season Converse has released Chuck Taylor All Star Combat Boots. Throughout the last couple of years, military combat boots have gained popularity with both men and women. These new releases are inspired by this recent trend. These new boots have a punk and grunge feel to them.

Chuck Taylor All Star combat boot sneakers are extra high top and go way past the ankle. They are made of canvas fabric just like classic Chuck Taylors. But there is also a choice of suede or leather in some of the styles. There is a stylish zipper placed on the tongue, for easy removal. And they are equipped with long laces to tie up. But, unlike the classic chucks, there is a rubberized toe and rubber heel for extra protection from rain, snow and sleet.

Chuck Taylor All Star Combat Boots. Left, X-Hi Black Leather; Right, X-Hi Suede Camouflage

The available color palette for these new boots is a mix of black, greens and browns. The color scheme is obviously inspired by military gear, there is even a camouflage pair. These sneaker combat boots are a combination of the style of boots and the comfort of the Chuck Taylor sneaker. They are perfect for someone looking for a twist in their sneakers.  

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Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber High Tops

It is the beginning of fall and that means Thanksgiving dinner, black Friday and endless Christmas music on the radio. Although fall means holiday spirit, it also means rainy, cold and even the start of snowy weather. Traditional Chuck Taylors are not the best shoe for very cold weather because the uppers are made of lightweight canvas. Even if you wear two or three socks, your feet will still be chilly when walking in the snow. But, that does not mean you cannot rock these sneakers, because Converse has recently released the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber collection.

Chuck Taylor All Star rubber high tops in red, black, yellow, white and blue.


The Chuck Taylor Rubber collection is the perfect shoe to protect your feet during the rainy and snowy weather. This high top, monochromatic shoe is lined with fleece.  The rubber is water resistant, protecting your feet from getting soaked. The fleece inside is perfect for keeping your feet warm through all weather. These chucks come in a wide range of colors, from blue to red to classic black. This unisex shoe is great not only for adults but will also be available in children sizes. With the release of the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection this fall there will be no excuse not to wear your chucks all year long.

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Pink Chucks

October is breast cancer awareness month; pink ribbons are used as a symbol. One in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. 40,000 of these women will not win the fight this year. This cancer affects mothers, grandmothers, sisters, nieces, etc. Because it affects so many loved ones, there are events made to raise money for research and awareness.  As a sign of unity, pink is worn at these events. You can show your support by wearing pink chucks.


There are many different models and styles of Chuck Taylor pink sneakers. The shades of pinks on their upper canvas vary from hot, to neon, to pastel pinks. Shoe styles include high tops, low cut oxfords, platform, and slip ons. There are also more out of the box styles like plaid prints or you can have Converse make a custom pair for you. You can see some of the different models in the picture below.

Clockwise from the upper left: Neon pink high top, neon pink platform ox, core pink high top, monochrome pink platform low cut, multi-tongue high with pink print shoelaces.

Another thing you can do to show your support is to dress up your current pair of sneakers with neon pink or pink shoelaces. You can buy pink or neon pink classic shoelaces right here on this website in various lengths. Other options we carry include neon pink or pink fat shoelaces and neon pink and black checkered print laces.

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Chuck Taylor Back Zip High Tops

Converse has released a new line of zippered high tops called the Chuck Taylor Back Zip. The main feature of this line of high top chucks is the placement of a zipper on the back spine of each shoe. The main advantage of a zipper is that you can leave the front of the shoe completely laced up and still get in and out of the shoe. If you are using an unusual type of lacing on your chucks, this could be particularly useful.

The back zip line of high top chucks comes in six models, classic black, monochrome black, vintage black which uses off white rubber foxing and black shoelaces, navy blue, and red. There is also a black and red model that does not have a racing stripe, has a black toe cap and front toe guard, a red heel patch and red interior, a couple of red eyelets, and all black shoelaces. One other major different from the standard high top chuck is the ankle patches, which are sewn on threaded patches rather than the usual glued on thin rubber patches.

Left: Classic Black, Vintage Black, Navy Blue, and Red Back Zip high top chucks. Center: Black/Red model. Right: Rear view of zipper and ankle patch.

Go to our Buy High Top Chucks page to order a pair.

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Converse Litigates to Protect Chucks!

Converse is suing 31 different companies over what they describe as infringement of their trademarked look of the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. In a series of 22 different lawsuits filed on October 14, 2014, Converse is alleging that some of the core elements of of the Chuck Taylor design, specifically the racing stripes on the sides and the rubber toe cap, are part of the infringement. It is describing shoes made by or for Walmart, Skechers, Kmart and other retailers as counterfeit imposters and is petitioning the International Trade Commission to block their import into the United States. We became aware of these lawsuits when we were contacted by the New York Times for commentary and background. Reporter Rachel Abrams has written a very good article on the lawsuits. Here is the link to her story:

It's ironic how things can come full circle in the shoe business. For a good fifty years of its life, the Chuck Taylor All Start was our premier basketball shoe, and the sneaker of choice for athletes in many sports. Then the shoe industry turned around with the advent of Nike, adidas, Reebok, and other companies moving in to sell high end, very expensive sneakers for athletes. The Chuck Taylor All Star became the shoe of the counterculture, still an effective athletic shoe, but marketed now as a leisure shoe meant for casual daily wear. In the 1990s chucks were especially noteworthy as one of the few remaining made in USA athletic shoes, and classic and cool looking shoes sold at very affordable prices. Bad company management led to a bankruptcy and sale of the company in the early 2000s. Converse was too storied of a brand to just disappear, and the Chuck Taylor line has always had a very passionate fan base. With the sale of Converse to the Footwear Acquisition Company and later Nike, the company went through a complete resurrection, and sales went through the roof, often driving the profit margin for Nike. Now the shoes are priced again toward the high end, with the retail price hovering on or above $50 for a standard pair.

Do you have the real thing or a copy on your feet?

These days the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor is back on the high side of casual sneaker pricing. Converse itself has even acknowledged this by developing the One Star line for Target Stores. But those shoes are not sold as Chuck Taylors; they only say Converse All Star on their labels. It used to be that no one wanted to wear "buddies", as sneaker wannabes for Chuck Taylors were called back in earlier decades. With the sneaker an essential piece of footwear in everyone's wardrobe around the world these days, everyone in the shoe industry wants to get a piece of the action. The Chuck Taylor sneaker is a hot fashion item for teenagers, young adults, musicians, actors and other celebrities. They continue to grow in populatrity among the older generations who don't wish to give up wearing their beloved chucks. As a result, it is not surprising at all to see similar types of canvas footwear manufactured by other companies. The issue for Converse is whether they can convince a court that what the other companies are doing constitutes enough copying to be designated as trademark infringement. This may be hard to prove as there have always been other versions of their iconic black high top sneaker, think PF Flyers and Keds for example, and it is often difficult to tell the difference between the brands from a distance. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. At The ChucksConnection we will do our best to keep you informed of the latest developments.

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College Comfort and Style

Being a college student is all about time management. Most college students are balancing work schedules and full course college classes, which means late nights of homework and early mornings, rushing to class. In the mist of all the madness, sometimes style is forgotten. But, as some students have mentioned, you can never go wrong with a pair of All Star Chuck Taylors.

Ana is in her second year of college and it has been a rough two years. She is working full time and is also a full time student. By taking early morning classes she is able to work late afternoon shifts.  After an eight hour shift, she makes it home to do some homework and goes to bed. Attending early morning classes, she sometimes barely wakes up to make it in on time. “90% of the time I leave the house without even putting on make-up,” said Ana after being asked how she makes it on time.  Style for a college student must be easy and fast, which Chuck Taylor All Stars are. 

“One thing I always gravitate to in the morning are my chucks.”  said Ana. Being a college student, sometimes you have to run to make it on time, and walking around campus can be a workout. Chuck Taylors are comfortable for the average day on a college campus.  There are plenty of shoes that are comfortable, but the advantage chucks have is that they are also stylish. These sneakers can match with anything. For a busy college student, chucks are easy to just throw on without any worry.

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New Hunter & Holmes Mystery Released

Since 2009, we have been following the adventures of Jason Hunter and Daniel Holmes, the two chucks wearing detectives from the Silicon Valley. Troubled Waters, the eighth Hunter & Holmes mystery has just been released, available in all the standard ebook formats for your computer, tablet, or other devices and is available from a wide variety of online sources. For complete information about this book and any others in the series, go to the Hunter & Holmes website.

Much of the story is set in southern California. Beautiful summer weather and time off from school should mean a relaxed vacation for Jason Hunter. Instead he finds his future filled with uncertainty. Jason has been told by nearly everyone he knows, including Daniel, his best friend and detective partner, that he needs to take time off from any detective work after the brutal attack he and his steady girlfriend Laura experienced a few months earlier. Jason has recovered physically from his injuries, but finds himself completely isolated from Laura. Laura’s parents have taken her on an extended European vacation. Jason’s friend Cody has taken it upon himself to help Jason out. He has invited Jason to spend the month of July with him in Malibu. Part of his therapy for Jason is to get Jason away from his Silicon Valley scene and teach him how to surf. Cody is a good teacher and his plan for Jason begins to work. One day while touring in nearby Oxnard, Cody and Jason discover that a local beach has been closed due to toxic pollution discovered in the water and meet a fellow surfer burned by the pollution. Infuriated, Cody joins a local stream team to monitor the nearby Calleguas Creek, the source of the pollution, and to help search for the polluters. Soon he talks Jason into acting as an armchair detective to help him figure out how the polluting was accomplished.

The cover for the eighth Hunter & Holmes mystery.

Back in the Silicon Valley, Daniel and his band have taken some well deserved time off after their tour, but soon are wanting to get back into the studio to create new tracks for their second CD. Although the band is unified in the direction that they want to take, their record company has other ideas about what they should be doing. Their summer is further complicated when a large amount of their band equipment is stolen after a performance at a private party. Without Jason around, Daniel must take the lead in trying to discover who was responsible for the theft. At the end of July, Daniel, Eric, and Diana drive down to Malibu to visit Jason and Cody, but when they arrive, they discover that both of their friends have gone missing that morning! Now the pressure is on Daniel to figure out what happened to Jason and Cody before it is too late.The lazy days of summer suddenly turn into an action filled adventure for Jason, Daniel, and Cody.

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Animals on Your Feet

Correspondent Vanessa Perez reports: “There have been many different twists done to the classic Chuck Taylor sneaker. This twist recently caught my attention. I had seen a little boy about four or five at the park. He was wearing a green striped shirt and some cargo shorts, but what caught my eye were his green alligator shoes. Once I got a closer look, I noticed that the bottom of the shoe looked like Chuck Taylor sneakers. I was not quite sure if these were chucks, because I had never seen these before.  Then I saw the back, which had the classic ALL STAR tag on the back of the shoe.


“The alligator is not the only animal you can find; there are zebras, giraffes and some mystical fantasy animals. They are perfect for babies, toddler or preschoolers. These sneakers do not have laces, so the child can slip them on themselves or mommy can put them on their wiggly toddler real quick. No hassle for parent or child, and they can quickly be on the go. There is a wide range of animal choices, zebras with little pink accents for little girls, or green alligators for little boys.  There is even a giraffe, which is an option for both boys and girls.

These are slip on animal chuck for little kids.

“This little twist to the sneaker gives a little touch of fun to any child’s outfit. The sneakers being slip on make life easier for both parent and children. And what child doesn’t want cute little animals on their feet!”

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Street Cred

Giuseppe Santamaria, a Sydney-based photographer and commentator on men's fashion, has just released a new book on the subject. Men in This Town discusses a variety of fashionable looks for men these days. “New York is the most fun when it comes to fashion,” he says. “You have everything from big-box to luxury stores. This is where fashion is most accessible, and there’s so much opportunity to do things with your clothes.”


Today we are very much aware that men wearing chucks is not only more accepted in all kinds of fashion situations, but more often seen on the feet of men of all ages. As the Converse slogan goes, “Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers.”


Chucks have great street cred.

Mr. Santamaria describes one example of what he calls Gotham style, a white Michael Bastien fisherman’s knit sweater worn with coat and slacks or jeans in matching navy blue or black. “The final touch is footwear that earned its street cred decades ago, a pair of optical white high top chucks.”

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Celebrities Wearing Chucks

At the ChucksConnection we have been documenting which celebrities like wearing chucks, something you can see in our many photo galleries and in our reviews of films and television series. This week we received some new photos from site visitor Russell Hays.

Did you know that Elvis wore chucks? That George Harrison wore Jack Purcells? Or that John Lennon wore white chucks?

Elvis and the Colonel.

It's always great to get new photos to share. So if you have some good ones of people wearing chucks send them to us at

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Record Setting Chucks

In the world of chucks, one of the most important parts of their history is their relationship with the NBA. They were the standard shoes worn by all the players until the mid-70s and every pair saw their share of victories and losses. There was one set, however, that was especially important as they played a role in one of the most incredible moments in basketball history: Wilt Chamberlain’s famed 100 point game.

The year was 1962 and the Pennsylvania Warriors were taking on the New York Knicks. The Warriors won with a score of 169 against the Knicks’ 147, but while there was certainly a team effort on both sides, Pennsylvania owed their victory to Chamberlain’s 100 point streak. But how did he do it? Obviously there was quite a bit of talent involved, and his status as a seven foot tall man certainly helped, but chucks fans all know that his shoes probably factored in as well. How could they not, what with their ideal traction for a basketball court and the fact that his feet were probably super comfortable!

Wilt lacing up a pair of optical white high top chucks.

Chamberlain and his chucks went on to set several other records including most free throws, but none managed to be quite as impressive as his 100 point game. It was a feat that rocked the world of sports and will forever go down both in NBA and chucks history.

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You and Your Chucks Can Save the Day

With the recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy, all eyes have been put on Marvel Comics, but soon that attention may very well be focused on DC…the comics, not the city! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most highly anticipated superhero movies set for release in 2016. It’ll be the first time Ben Affleck puts on his cape to be Batman, and mark Wonder Woman’s return to the big screen in a major motion picture. Needless to say, in the worlds of comic book fans and movie buffs alike, this is a pretty big deal. To mark the occasion, Converse has decided to set the tone by introducing new designs into their fall 2014 line of “DC Illustration Chucks”.  

There have been a lot of cool shoes to come from the minds of the chucks designers, but these are extra special, as famous comic artists like Jim Lee and Andy Kubert have teamed up with Converse to make something especially unique. There are five new styles—all of them high top—featuring some of the most memorable characters from the DC universe.

Some of the new high top chucks with super hero print pattern uppers.

You have your choice between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to help you save the day, or, if you absolutely can’t choose, there’s also a “Justice League” option featuring the previous three alongside the Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Then again...we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes, and there’s an option for you guys, too. The Joker has his very own shoe for those of you who are feeling like causing a little mischief. These shoes go for around $60 and have not yet determined whether or not they will be limited edition.

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Chucks on Display

Museums, over the years, have gained the bad reputation of being stuffy, boring, and just overall unappealing to those who aren’t stuffy college professors or nerdy high school kids. But that’s not the case! These days, many of them are all about “making learning fun”, and many of them succeed. After all, they’re establishments that need money to stay open and that’s not going to happen with narrow demographics. But why does this even matter? You’re here to read about chucks, not museums! Believe it or not, though, there’s a pair of chucks that have landed themselves in one of the United States’ most prestigious museum.

Either you’ve been there, you’ve heard about it, or you’ve seen the Ben Stiller’s sequel to “Night at the Museum”, Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian is a pretty big deal. It’s an even bigger deal to snag a spot among the many display cases. Of course, gaining entrance was no problem for Converse. After all, with a shoe that has so much history to it—from training soldiers during World War II to helping basketball legends win their games—museums should practically be begging to get a pair of their own. In 1992 the Smithsonian got just that.

Chucks tend to celebrate special events in style (AKA releasing new styles), and their 75th birthday called for something especially spectacular. And thus the “Stars and Bars” chucks were born! Coming in both high tops and low cuts, these shoes essentially looked like an American flag was slapped onto the canvas. Now before you get disappointed because these sound very much like one of the many dreaded “limited edition” chucks that have already run their course, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they were made a permanent edition to the Converse family. So what are you waiting for? Make a trip to the Smithsonian and support the chucks that are rightfully considered to be history!

Stars and Bars high top chucks

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The Chucks Smartphone App

It’s unfortunate, but times are tough right now. For a lot of people, money is tight. Budgets have to be followed, more time has to be spent at work, and sacrifices have to be made when it comes to things like…well…chucks. Though they’re all great, sometimes a certain style of chucks just doesn’t quite fit with your personality, and sometimes you don’t realize it until after you’ve bought them. Sure you could head back to the store or send them back, but that’s only if you have the time. Luckily, Converse totally gets it and thus their “Sampler” app was born.

You’re probably eagerly wondering what it is! Basically, it’s a free (yes free!) application for smartphones that lets you browse different styles of chucks—complete with 360 degree views. But that’s not all…you also get to try them on before you make your purchase. That’s right, folks, the future is here and it brought a store into the palm of your hand. With a few taps of your finger, the app transfers your shoe of choice into a camera feature. You then hold it up over your foot and strut your stuff to get a feel for how it’ll look!

This app is a free download from Converse.

While there are plenty of upsides, there are a few negatives, too. It’s relatively new so there are still a few glitches that need to be worked out (mainly the camera that tends to freeze up). In addition to the occasional hiccups with the camera, there’s also the selection…it’s not as wide as one may hope. It covers the basics: high tops, low cut, black, white, red, etc. but aside from that, patterns and the ability to customize haven’t been made available…yet. But hey, the only way to improve is to hear from YOU the consumers, so give it a try. It’s free. It’s chucks. It’s awesome.

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Chucks in Color

If you’re a chucks fan, chances are you’re likely to have an extensive collection of them. High tops, low cut, platform, leather, red, neon pink, tie dye, and studded are just a few of the literally hundreds of possibilities of chucks you may own. That’s not even including the customizations that chucks fans around the world make themselves. But did you know until 1971 you had only the choice of black or white chucks? Super wide variety, right? With all the options that we’re given today, we may not think twice about the fact that though they, for the most part, have kept their classic form, chucks have been evolving stylistically at the same pace as fashion trends (only they do a better job of sticking around).

Coincidentally, color began seeping into the world of chucks around the same time that athletic shoes were becoming popular as everyday footwear…okay so maybe it’s not that coincidental. What exactly were the first colors, you may ask? They were about as standard as you can get: Green, orange, red, gold, and two shades of blue. That’s right, folks. There were no Batman chucks or chucks covered in glitter. Just black, white, and a mere six other colors. However, the start of colored chucks was more of a “boom” then a “trickle”.

How many models and colors of chucks are in your closet?

Booming and trickling? Yep, that’s right. Instead of new colors and styles being slowly added over time to finally end up where we are today, it only took a few years for colored chucks to really start making themselves known. Soon there were patterns and pop culture logos showing up in addition to the growing rainbow of Converse, all leading up to present day. Now there are new styles of chucks introduced almost monthly, and luckily, they show no signs of running out of ideas any time soon.

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ChucksConnection on Instagram

Today is a momentous day in chucks history because (drumroll) Chucks Connection is now on Instagram! That’s right, you can now get fast access to music, movies, celebrities, and everything else chucks right in the palm of your hand! Keep track of when new galleries, articles, and chuck talks are posted, see other Instagram-ers sporting their converse, and much, much more!

You’re already pulling out your smart phone, aren’t you? (Those of you who aren’t better get to it ASAP!) Well now it’s time to put those fingers to work.

Step 1: Find username: chucksconnection

Step 2: Follow username: chucksconnection

Step 3: Tell all your friends/family/teachers/pets about username: chucksconnection

By the way, can any of you guess what our username is?

But wait, there’s more! All of us at Chucks Connection are very excited to be further expanding into the world of social media but we’re also looking for suggestions from you wonderful readers as to what you want to see! Feel free to comment on photos, shoot us a direct message, or even send in pictures of your very own chucks to be featured on the page!

Chucks Connection is exactly what it sounds like—to connect with fellow lovers of chucks—and we want to do so in every way possible. So help us take the next step forward to getting the word out about how awesome chucks are!

Oh right. And just in case you missed it, the username is: chucksconnection.

See you on Instagram!

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So You Want To Write A Term Paper About Chucks

If you are a student, it's getting to be that time of year when term papers are due. Stymied for a topic? Then you look down at your feet and think, "Why not a term paper about chucks?" It's a good topic, and there is a lot to write about. At The ChucksConnection we often get requests for information about chucks for student projects or term papers. We put together an article to help you out with your topic selection, research, and how to go about creating a successful paper. You can check it out in our articles section.

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Chucks Tote Bags For All Your Traveling Needs

Heading to the gym? Need to pack an overnight bag? Hopping on a plane? Chucks are glad to help you out! But not just as footwear to get you from point A to point B, but instead, to help you carry your belongings to said destination. The Converse tote bag has plenty of space for all your travel needs measuring 18.75” X 10.5” X 9.5”; in other words, room enough to fit two pairs of chucks with room to spare.

Coming in black with two different styles of trimming, the totes have a casual and sleek look, complete with the iconic Chuck Taylor logo on the side. It does more than look good, though. It will also keep your belongings safe and secure. The tote is constructed from a hefty nylon, and has a strong, U-shaped zipper to access the inside. There is also a special mesh side that is especially useful to those using it as a bag for the gym, as it ventilates any body odor left over after your workout and keeps everything smelling fresh. The tote also features both a strap and handles to make transportation comfortable and easy.

Here is one type of totebag you can get.

The best part, however, is that you don’t have to spend time rushing out to the mall or scouring the internet for these useful bags, because we have them right here at The ChucksConnection! With just a few clicks on the “Clothing and hats” tab found on the homepage or on the bottom of any feature pages, in a matter of minutes you can have your very own official chucks tote! If you need a larger size, there is plenty of selection from our Eastbay affiliate store.

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Dress Up With Chucks, Men's Edition

We’ve given girls a little fashion advice when it comes to the rapidly approaching prom season, but what about guys? After all, it is their job to look super sleek for their dates, but let’s face it. Guys don’t tend to get as excited about dressing up as girls do. Luckily, chucks are here to make you feel a little more comfortable.

Girls wearing chucks with their dresses is a more recent trend, but guys have been doing it a little longer—with suits, of course. There are plenty of reports of grooms and groomsmen wearing them on the big day, and younger guys sporting them at dances. Which goes back to the main point: it’s perfectly acceptable to wear chucks with a suit. Of course, this may be frowned upon by a date that prefers the traditional prom look, but when in doubt, defend your decision with color.

Classic suits with classic black chucks.

Some girls like to keep their dresses a surprise; others post pictures on their social media accounts the moment they bring home their purchase. But whether the garment is a secret or widely promoted, the guy is always made aware of the color. Once this information has been learned, it is his job to run out to the mall and dig through the sea of ties to find just the right one that will match the dress. But why not take your matching a step further? Chucks come in every color of the rainbow which means it would be pretty easy to find the right pair to match her dress. It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you make the suggestion, her stubborn attitude will change for the better. Your date will be happy and you’ll feel a little more comfortable in your suit—so be sure to thank your chucks for this win-win situation!

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Dress Up With Chucks

Anyone who has ever gone on social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram, has probably seen—along with countless snapshots of food and cats—more than their fair share of artsy pictures of girls wearing dresses. You know the ones, where the photo cuts off right at the neck and there’s (probably) a sunset in the background, giving the image a very “mysterious” look. If you aren’t familiar with this, then it’s only a matter of time before you will be because more and more of the pictures are popping up every day, especially with spring on its way bringing an army of school dances with it. You may be asking yourself why this is important. It is important, because more and more are there chucks accompanied with these dresses. But the strangest part? They actually look really good together!

Maybe it’s not that strange that chucks once again manage to look awesome with something unexpected, but it’s certainly something to pay attention to, especially with all those dances mentioned before, coming up. If you happen to be attending one of these said dances, listen up. If you’re a parent of a child that’d going to be going to one of these dances then you should EXTRA listen up.

Chucks are great shoes for dressing up!

Tickets are expensive.  Limos are expensive. Meals are expensive. God knows that dresses are expensive, so before you toss out another sixty bucks on a new pair of shoes to go with it all, take a second to pull out a pair of chucks. You now have before you, a perfectly trendy, perfectly inexpensive alternative to all the overpriced stuff you’d find in prom stores. Plus, you (or your child) will for sure be the talk of the dance!

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Taking Your First Steps In Style

The early years of our lives hold some of the most important milestones. It’s when you learn to communicate and make choices. You form relationships and bonds, but most importantly, you learn how to step out into the world. Literally!

A baby’s first steps are often seen as one of the most critical parts of the child’s life because it’s paving the road for independence and exploration, and while there will be a lot of wobbling and falling at the start, before no time that clumsy baby will become a fast walking toddler! So that’s why it’s crucial that any good parent makes sure that their little one is comfortable and safe while mastering this wonderful thing known as walking.

Chucks are already one step (get it?) ahead of all you parents out there! They have an immense amount of options to suit the unique style of every toddler out there. Need to leave the house in a snap? Try out the high quality Velcro feature. Is your little one feeling a little on the wild side? Grab a pair of animal print chucks! Overwhelmed by all the adorable options Converse has to offer? ChucksConnection is here to help! Check out our “chucks for kids” tab on the home page where you can see all the latest and greatest models of toddler-sized chucks, and maybe even pick up a pair or two.

Black high top chucks for toddlers.

Learning to walk is both tricky and exciting, so help your toddler do it in comfort and in style!

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The Converse Chuck '70

Converse has just issued a new line of Chuck Taylor All Stars that are made according to the manufacturing standards used for chucks in the 1970s. The exciting news about this new line of chucks is the restoration of many of the features that were taken out of the shoes starting in the late 1980s for the purpose of cutting costs. This means a return to the higher quality canvas uppers and all rubber outer soles, among other features. This issue of chucks includes the classic black and mustard yellow (!) high tops, and low cut oxford models in red, navy blue, and parchment.

There is a complete article and photo gallery about the black high top model of the Chuck '70 line of shoes and how they compare to actual pairs of chucks issued in the 1970s and early 80s. If you are a fan of chucks, and especially if you remember how chucks used to be made, you should definitely check these new shoes out.

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How to Participate in Chuck Talk

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