Coolest Films with Chucks

Gallery of collages from some of the best films where the main actors wear chucks.
Amazing Spider-Man 2  At last black high top chucks make it into a franchise film series. Peter Parker never looked cooler. Anaconda  You can wear your chucks anywhere, even the Amazon River rain forest! Ice Cube as Danny brings his urban cool to Anaconda, taking on huge snakes and bad guys in a pair of black high top chucks. Ashby  Loner high-school student Ed Wallis enters into an unlikely friendship with his neighbor, Ashby, a retired CIA assassin who only has a few months left to live. Strangely, the relationship has a very positive effect on Ed’s life and he becomes cool just like his black high top chucks. The Babysitters Club  Young teenager Kristy is quite content to spend the summer wearing her white high top chucks and running The Babysitters Club with her other friends. But adults, including her natural father Patrick, begin to complicate her life. Back to the Future  When Marty McFly travels Back to the Future to make sure his present life isn’t messed up, he laces up a pair of black high top chucks, creates a skateboard out of a soapbox car, and gives us one of the classic skateboard action sequences in film. Balloon Farm  Young Willow Johnson becomes enamored with a balloon she got from town newcomer Harvey Potter that seems to have magical powers. It’s very cool to see her running through a field in her red high top chucks and be suddenly lifted into the air by her balloon.
The Basketball Diaries  Jim Carroll and his buddies are talented members of a Catholic high school basketball team in New York City. But their lives spiral out of control as they become addicted to drugs and raising hell. Soon the only cool thing in their lives is their black high top chucks. Before Sunrise  A love story about two strangers — a chucks-wearing young American writer on the rebound from a broken romance and a beautiful French graduate student — who meet on a train to Vienna, hit it off, and embark on a romantic adventure for one night, knowing that they may never see each other again. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure  Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a hilarious send up of southern California valley culture. Keanu Reeves and Alec Winter make a real statement in their outfits that feature high top chucks worn with baggy shorts, jeans, and colored shoelaces. The Black Stallion Returns  Alec Ramsay pursues the thoroughbred horse he bonded with in the first film that was forcibly taken back by its original Berber tribe owners. To find the stallion Alec must stow away on an airplane to Casablanca, and then cross the Sahara Desert on foot when the vehicle he was riding in breaks down. Luckily Alec has on his trusty pair of black high top chucks. Blind Dating  Blind Dating is the real thing for Danny. He refuses to be kept down by his handicap, something he has fought his entire life while always wearing a pair of black high top chucks. At last he meets the girl of his dreams, but their romance is complicated by his blindness and her family’s arranged marriage for her. Blue Lagoon: The Awakening  Emma and Dean, two high school students with opposite personalities become stranded on a tropical island and must rely on each other for survival. Luckily Dean has his trusty black high top chucks to help master the terrain.
Call Me By Your Name  Elio, a seventeen-year-old music student who likes wearing optical white high top chucks, comes of age while spending the summer at his parents’ villa in northern Italy. Charlie Bartlett  The late Anton Yelchin was another actor who wore chucks on and off the screen. As Charlie Bartlett he is the scion of a wealthy family who wears chucks to show his coolness and renegade personality. Charlotte’s Web  E. B. White’s classic children’s story is faithfully retold in this 2006 film adaption. The cool icing on the cake: Dakota Fanning wearing black high top chucks. Chucks  Red high top chucks are an important symbol in this Austrian film. Mae, alienated from her mother after the death of her brother, roams the streets of Vienna as a punk in his red high top chucks. Her life changes for the better when she meets and falls in love with Paul, a patient at the AIDS center. The Climb  Twelve-year-old Danny Hines wants to prove his courage by being the first kid to get to the top of a 200 foot high metal tower before it is torn down. He gets to the top with a clever pulley system designed by a grumpy, elderly neighbor he befriends. Getting down from the tower is another story, however. Luckily Danny has guts and his black high top chucks to help him make the descent. Considering Love and Other Magic  Seventeen-year-old Jessie takes on a tutoring assignment with a younger teen living in a mansion who says he hasn’t left his home since the 1950s. Luckily his pair of black high top chucks are still fashionable today.
The Cure  The coolest moment in The Cure is when Erik (Brad Renfro) hands his black high top chuck over to his friend Dexter (Joseph Mazello) who is fearful of dying from the AIDS virus and worries about being stuck floating alone through the universe light years away from Earth. Eric describes his “smelly old basketball shoe” as an anchor to reality — “if you were out in the middle of nowhere would you be hanging on to this?” Teufels Kicker (Devil’s Kickers)  When Moritz’ parents split up, he and his rather eccentric, “no idea about soccer” mother have to move in with his grumpy grandpa Rudi, far away from his home, friends and his beloved football club. Despite rejection by the local club in his new town, Moritz succeeds in setting up a new team and signs them up for the upcoming championship. Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  This film reminds you about what middle school was like and, despite all of his clumsiness and miscues, how cool Greg (Zachary Gordon) looks wearing black high top chucks. Thank goodness chucks are cool to wear at any age. All the films in this series are filled with great chucks cinemaphotography. A Dog Named Christmas  Todd is a developmentally challenged twenty-year-old who loves caring for animals and wearing red high top chucks. Despite his disability, he is able to get his community involved in an adopt-a-dog program for the holidays. How cool is that? Don Quixote  Young Moritz, distressed after the death of his mother and neglect from his father, runs away to hook up with a seemingly delusional man who believes he is Don Quixote and teaches Moritz important lessons about life and honor. Imagine Sancho Panza wearing black high top chucks. Duma  Young Xan is on his own as he brings a young cheetah he rescued back to the wilderness area in South Africa where it belongs. The condition of Xan's white high-top chucks shows us how taxing and difficult the journey becomes. But even after the canvas has become completely brown and torn, his chucks are still functional.  How cool is that?
Earth to Echo  A group of kids assist an alien trapped on earth and pursued by government agents. Definite shades of E.T., but in this film Teo Halm, the leader of these kids, wears black low cut chucks. The Fast and the Furious  Spectacular racing scenes highlight this story about a chucks-wearing Los Angeles police detective who infiltrates a street racing gang to apprehend the drivers who have been hijacking cargo trucks. Fire With Fire  Chucks abound in this love story about two teenagers from very different worlds — an honor prison camp and a Catholic boarding school — who fall in love at first sight and risk everything to be together. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  How cool was it to see Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) sporting black low cut chucks in this film and the subsequent Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as he takes on Lord Voldemort and the forces of evil. The Haunting in Connecticut  After a family is forced to relocate for their son Matt’s health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, which turns out to be a former mortuary and the site of unspeakable crimes. Although suffering from cancer and the effects of radiation treatments, Matt laces up his pair of black high top chucks, bravely leading the fight against the evil spirits. Hellphone  Loser teen Sid acquires a cellphone with special powers to influence events and attract girls in this satirical film that is part comedy, horror, coming of age, and romance. Best of all Sid and his buddy Pierre skateboard through the streets of Paris wearing mismatched pairs of red and blue high top chucks. How cool is that?
Hoosiers  Hoosiers is the classic sports film about a small town high school basketball team from Hickory, Indiana that incredibly manages to go from an undisciplined, infighting group of boys to the state championship, due to the efforts of coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman). Wearing a pair of black high top chucks was an honor in that town! Il ragazzo invisibile (Invisible Boy)  After wearing a costume for a Halloween party, Miki finds out that he’s invisible and that there is a lot about his life he doesn’t understand or know about. Eventually Miki and his girlfriend Stella must face evil forces in their high top chucks. I, Robot  It’s great to see chucks being worn in the future, especially the scene at the beginning of the film where Will Smith laces up a brand new pair of “vintage” black leather high tops from 2004. It  A great ensemble cast of  kids wearing black high top chucks. Plus this 1990 TV mini-series continues to be one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King horror novel. Jeepers Creepers  The chucks in the culvert sequence grabs right at you if you wear well-worn chucks like Justin Long’s black high tops. A horror classic! De Boskampi’s (The Little Gangster)  Lacing up a brand new pair of black high top chucks is the crowning moment as young Rikki completes his transformation as the supposed son of a gangster.
Lost Christmas  A young boy’s happy life is drastically changed for the worse when he is suddenly orphaned on Christmas Eve. Even his dog Mutt disappears. All he has left are his black high top chucks as he searches for Mutt while selling stolen objects to survive. Luckily he meets Anthony, an enigmatic man with apparent psychic powers who begins to turn his life around. A Monster Calls  Young chucks-wearing Conor struggles at school with bullies, a lack of friends, and at home with his mother’s terminal sickness, his grandmother, and the absence of his father until a huge yew tree monster helps him face his anger and the truth about life. Mystery Kids  Two sophisticated 12-year olds living in an upscale California suburb look for ways to make the summer more interesting and profitable by becoming detectives. Their witty and well-delivered dialogue and commentary about the people they meet along the way is quite unusual for a family film. Very cool. No Place Like Home  When teenagers Mac and Mel discover a disoriented man wandering near their desert community, they decide to help him and are amazed to discover that he has special powers including a wand that allows Mac to fly over the desert in his red high top chucks. How cool is that? Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief  When Percy Jackson is presented with a pair of flying black high top chucks to battle the hydra and other enemies, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief takes off. Flying black high top chucks: the sneakers of the gods. Very cool. The Pistol  Basketball great Pete Maravich always wore Chuck Taylor high tops. It’s so cool to see a basketball movie full of shots of classic high top black and white high top chucks.
The Protector  Tony Jaa gives an amazing martial arts performance while wearing a pair of black high top chucks in this story of a young “protector of royal elephants” who goes to Australia to retrieve two stolen elephants from an evil gang of poachers. How cool are these kicks! Push  All of his life, Nick has been fighting against The Division, a secret government agency that uses and manipulates psychics with telekinetic mental abilities. When he was a kid, The Division killed his father but they couldn’t take away the one constant in his life, the pair of black low cut chucks he always wears. Ready Player One  In Steven Spielberg’s fabulous tribute to gaming and the 1980s, Wade Watt proudly wears his black high top chucks in both the real world and the virtual world of OASIS as he searches for the keys to the golden egg. The Red Sneakers  Although they were careful to white out the star ankle patches we all got the message that red high top chucks were a magical basketball shoe. Rocky  This film has that classic scene after boxer Sylvester Stallone has gotten himself into shape and runs around Philadelphia like a conquering hero. Who says you can’t train in black high top chucks? Run Lola Run  Manni and Lola are running around the streets of Berlin desperately trying to get money for the mob in this cult film with multiple endings. Luckily Manni has on his well worn black high top chucks.
Running on Empty  River Phoenix was another actor who liked to wear chucks on and off the movie set. In Running on Empty it is so cool to see him audition at the Julliard School of Music in Manhattan wearing black high top chucks. The Sandlot  Baseball and summer in the late 1950s. The Sandlot celebrates a lifestyle for kids when all that was needed for a good time was a baseball glove and ball to throw, a pair of chucks to run around in, some friends to hang out with, and a sandlot where they could play the game. How cool is that? Saving Shiloh  Saving Shiloh is a film about a chucks-wearing boy and his dog living in a simpler world revolving around his family and his attempts to solve some mysteries in his small town community. Watching it you are reminded you how black high top chucks have been the sneaker of choice for so many generations of American kids, and how cool they look. Sin City  It was very cool to see the red high top chucks worn by Dwight (Clive Owen) as a spot color in one of the four sequences. Also the black high tops worn by Kevin (Elijah Wood) looked very eye catching in black and white. The Skateboard Kid  This teenager, played by Trevor Lissaur, always had two things going for him, his skateboard and his black high top chucks. How cool was that in a throwaway kid’s movie! Sky High  Young Will, the chucks-wearing son of Commanders Stronghold and Josie Jetstream is a freshman at Sky High, a school for the offspring of superheroes like his parents. His only problem: he doesn’t know what his actual power is.
Thrashin’  Thrashin’ is the skateboarders’ West Side Story, although not nearly as tragic. Tons of fabulous chucks close up shots throughout. What were you thinking, Converse, by not doing more to market high top chucks to the skateboard crowd when you had the chance? Threesome  An unusual romantic triangle develops at a college campus when a bureaucratic snafu places female Alex into the dorm suite of Eddy and Stuart, heightened by cool shots of the guys wearing black and optical white high top chucks. Three Wishes  A return to suburbia in the 1950s. Is it paradise? All the kids seem to be wearing black high top chucks. Timemaster  Too bad the story was so confusing in this family affair film by Jesse and James Cameron-Glickenhouse. Red and black high top chucks designate what dimension that Jesse currently is in, and the floating through space scene wearing black high top chucks is a classic. Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler  This classic Canadian children’s film has lots of good chucks shots, including postage stamps with Tommy and Ralph wearing their high top chucks. True Friends  True Friends Joey, Louie, and J.J. look fantastic in their outfits of tank tops, Levis, and black or navy blue high top chucks.
Wayne’s World  Everyone remembers the set of Wayne’s World in Wayne’s (Michael Myers) basement. You see Wayne and his sidekick Garth (Dana Carvey) very much into the heavy metal scene defined by their torn Levis and black high top chucks. White Wolves: A Cry In The Wild II  An inner city kid successfully traverses through the wilderness areas of the Cascade Mountains, rides the rapids, scales mountain peaks, and helps rescue his guide wearing black high top chucks. How cool is that? Wild America  Jonathan Taylor Thomas takes on wild beasts, his older brothers, and reptiles in his black high top chucks. Devon Sava has some tricks of his own in his white high top chucks. You’ll Be a Man  A reclusive ten-year-old boy and a twenty-year-old out of work college student discover that they have more in common than their high top chucks, and develop a friendship that changes both their lives and that of those around them. You’ve Got a Friend  Chucks-wearing Bobby Graham, a recent orphan, teams up with the town recluse, Vietnam veteran Jim Klecan, a former soap box champion, to build a soap box racing car and compete in the derby.