Close ups and other shots of Basile Grunberger (Jim) wearing blue high top chucks in the 2021 film SpaceBoy.
SpaceBoy  Jim inside the living room of a new flat where he and his father are just moving in. SpaceBoy  Jim talks to his father on a walkie-talkie. SpaceBoy  Jim is in a shed with Emma holding a balloon filled with helium. SpaceBoy  Jim shows the balloon to Emma. SpaceBoy  After the balloon catches fire, Jim goes to stamp it out with his chucks.
SpaceBoy  Another close up of Jim's chucks stamping out the fire. SpaceBoy  Emma looks on concerned as Jim continues to put out the fire. SpaceBoy  The fire is almost extinguished. SpaceBoy  Another shot of Jim's chucks. SpaceBoy  The fire appears to be completely out.
SpaceBoy  Jim and Emma seated on the front steps of their school looking at photos. SpaceBoy  Jim has fallen down on the ground. SpaceBoy  Jim leads the way into an underground passage. SpaceBoy  Jim makes a flying leap on his bicycle. SpaceBoy  Dazed from his crash, Jim imagines himself floating through space.
SpaceBoy  Jim and Emma with the materials to make their air balloon. SpaceBoy  Jim lays on the ground after another crash. SpaceBoy  The camera focuses on Jim's high top chucks as he begins to get up off the ground. SpaceBoy  Getting up shot 2. SpaceBoy  Getting up shot 3.
SpaceBoy  Getting up shot 4. SpaceBoy  A groggy Emma and Jim start to run away from the crash site. SpaceBoy  The camera shows the soles of their chucks as they run away. SpaceBoy  Another closeup shot of their chucks as they are running away. SpaceBoy  More of the same.
SpaceBoy  Front view of them running. SpaceBoy  Jim talks with his father. SpaceBoy  Jim goes to hand over his designs to his father. SpaceBoy  Jim seated with Emma's father. SpaceBoy  Jim stands up to assert himself.
SpaceBoy  Jim helps Emma to escape from the hospital. SpaceBoy  Jim and Emma leap off of the roof. SpaceBoy  Top view of Jim and Emma riding in their air balloon. SpaceBoy  Emma turns to Jim as they fly over some trees. SpaceBoy  Close up of Jim's high tops while seated in the chair of the air balloon.
SpaceBoy  Jim turns on the walkie-talkie in preparation for his sky dive. SpaceBoy  Jim free falling during his sky dive. SpaceBoy  When Jim's parachute lands on some tree branches, the camera pans in on his blue high top chucks.