Photo gallery of American singer and songwriter Solána Imani Rowe, known professionally as SZA, wearing various pairs of chucks.
SZA  SZA performing in black chucks on Ctrl The Tour. SZA  SZA performs in a pair of optical white high top chucks. SZA  SZA in a pair of black high top chucks that match her black dress and socks. SZA  SZA performing with schoolboy Q.
SZA  SZA: an aesthetic. SZA  SZA performs in black chucks. SZA  SZA poses in tan high top chucks with Canadian DJ Kaytranada. SZA  SZA in print pattern chucks on "whole nother level of cool."
SZA  SZA pairs black high top chucks with a pink ensemble. SZA  SZA takes a selfie with a pair of red chucks in the background. SZA  SZA poses with a basketball in a pair of white low cut chucks. SZA  SZA shows off her blue chuck 70s on her Instagram story.