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Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes are always available in their core color models in high tops and low cut oxfords. In addition, every year Converse issues many seasonal models and additional colors. Different Converse companies throughout the world are free to order these seasonal models and modify them with variations of their own. This page will focus on announced seasonal models by Converse USA intended for the American market. While many models and colors are announced, not all are made (if there aren’t enough pre-orders) or are made in limited quantities so they might not be available through our affiliate shoe stores. When seasonal models of shoes are actually available for sale depends on the manufacturing and shipping schedule, and how important they are in the overall marketing plan for that year. The ChucksConnection recommends that if you see a seasonal model that you want in your size, buy it. You might not get a second chance!

Converse Seasonal Releases for 2018


“Add color to your rotation with the new Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Collection” is one of the new campaign slogans for this year’s Converse All Star Chuck Taylor seasonal models. Below are the new colors for Winter—Spring, 2018, released in January. They are described as unisex models and come in half sizes in high top and low top models. Two of the colors are re-releases from 2017. The models with fancy names come with another price increase to $65 for high tops and $60 for low tops. Maroon and purple are five and ten dollars less. Converse is not very specific about the shades of their new issues in orange and green. We would describe them as light orange and olive green.


Seasonal Colors for Winter—Spring, 2018

Barely Rose high topBarely rose low

Barely Rose high top and low top oxford.

Olive Green high topOlive Green low

Green high top and low top oxford.

Hyper Magenta high topHyper Magenta low

Hyper Magenta high top and low top oxford.

Hyper royal high topHyper Royal low top

Hyper Royal high top and low top oxford.

Maroon high topMaroon low

Maroon high top and low top oxford.

Orange high topOrange low

Orange high top and low top oxford.

Purple high topPurple low

Purple high top and low top oxford.

Saddle Brown high topSaddle Brown low

Saddle Brown high top and low top oxford.


Click on the links to see what models of chucks are currently available for sale in high top, low cut oxfords, or in kid’s sizes.
We will post more seasonal models as the information becomes available.

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