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This page lists short films and videos where a main character wears chucks, or chucks are featured somehow in the video. This listing does not include music videos or feature films with chucks which have separate pages on this site.





C shorts

Cootie Contagion. Made by Joshua Smooha at Florida State University. Comedy about the interactions of pre-teen boys and girls. Matt likes Becca, but Cootieologist Connor has warned Matt about the dangers of girls and will quarantine Matt if necessary.

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F shorts graphic

Flyboy. A short film by Paul Stalter about Leo, a precocious 9-year-old who, more than anything, wants to fly.

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French Converse Commercial. What is the best pair of high top chucks to wear on a first date? Or should you go mismatched?.

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Friends. A shy fourth grader struggles to find his place until his one simple act of kindness earns him a friend. Film by Bunee Tomlinson. Screenplay by Patrick Freeman.

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G shorts graphic

A Great Man. A short film from Australia by Scott Cripps and Josh Dawson about a groups of kids and a daring challenge.

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Grill Dog. An ethnocentric, misogynist 12 year old confronts death and learns empathy in this screwball-turns-dark comedy short.

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H shorts graphic

Heat on Your Feet. The journey of a pair of flame chucks from brand new to soul’d out. Short film by Greg Darrels.

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Tom Holland sporting brand new optical white high top chucks on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in April, 2018. Clips from YouTube.

Tom Holland 1. Tom Holland 2. Tom Holland 3.

I shorts

I Killer. Italy, summer of 1987. The infamous "Killer" gang is initiating two new members, and it's going to be messy.

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L Shorts

The Launch by Dylan Welter. After watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon, two young brothers decide to build their own rocket in hopes of one day becoming astronauts themselves.

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S shorts graphic

The Six Dollar Fifty Man. A short film from New Zealand by Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland about an unconventional young boy wearing black high top chucks who despite being bullied and made fun of by other kids turns out to have some surprising abilities.

View on Vimeo.


Studio C is a comedy sketch group that broadcasts on YouTube from Brigham Young University. Each of these sketches features an actor wearing chucks.

Two Guys on a Scooter, A Royal Swing and a Miss, Werewolf, Love Fairy Training, The Absent-Minded Robber.

T shorts graphic

To Catch a Falling Knife. A father, mother, and son at the edge of life in this apocalyptic flm by William Price III.

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Trout. An early morning fishing trip turns into an exciting, terrifying, and emotional adventure when three 13 year old boys must escape from an abusive/alcoholic parent.

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Y Short Films

You're Tying Your Shoes Wrong. The case for the Ian Knot method of tying the laces on your chucks.

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