Chuck Taylor Core Colors

Canvas Converse All Star “Chuck Taylors” in High Top or Low Cut Oxford

The current core colors for the Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” canvas basketball shoe are:

black high tops
black low cut
black monochrome high tops
black monochrome low cut
charcoal high tops
charcoal low cut
Black High Top
Black Low Cut
Monochrome Black High Top
Monochrome Black Low Cut
Charcoal High Top
Charcoal Low Cut
Maroon high tops
Maroon low cut
navy blue high tops
navy blue low cut
natural white high tops
natural white low cut
Maroon High Top
Maroon Low Cut
Navy Blue High Top
Navy Blue Low Cut
Natural White High Top
Natural White Low Cut
Optical White High Top
Optical White Low Cut
Pink High Top
Pink Low Cut
Red High Top
Red Low Cut

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Core models of chucks are always available for sale and are in continuous manufacture. They are always available in half sizes as well as whole. In the past, Converse designated other colors — chocolate brown, flint khaki, and pine green — as core colors. But these are not being manufactured any more on a regular basis, and so no longer have the core designation. Maroon was given core status before the Converse bankruptcy in 2000, then was a seasonal color at the start of this century. Now over the past several years maroon has gone back to core status. The seven base core colors shown above along with the newest core colors, charcoal grey and maroon, are the shoe models most commonly available in stores and online. High top and low cut core models are available in men’s sizes 3-18 except for pink which is available in sizes 3-13 and maroon which is available in sizes 3-17.

Core models of chucks are different from seasonal models because they are made with both white and model color stitching on the canvas uppers, as you see on the backs of core models but not on seasonal models.

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