A Taylor-Made Relationship

Charles and Nancy Haddon

A few days after I started my new job at the Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community in August of 1995, I noticed an attractive woman walking down one of the hallways. I found out that she was single, but do to my own shyness regarding women, I decided to wait awhile before I approached her. After about two years I could not put off talking to her any longer, so I asked one of her good friends if see was seeing anyone. Her friend told me that she wasn’t so after another week or so I finally approached Nancy and asked if she would like to go out. She suggested that we should get to know one another over the phone first. I agreed and that was the beginning of our relationship.


When we finally began going out in public I would always be wearing sneakers and told her I had about 75 pair of Converse sneakers (Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Softball) with 30 of them being Chuck Taylors. Needless to say she gave me a look like something was wrong with me. I wore a pair of yellow chucks out one time with her and she later told me she wondered what she was getting into. Every birthday and Christmas I would give her a pair of chucks along with different Converse apparel. When we finally visited friends and they saw her wearing chucks, they knew she was a keeper. As our relationship began to mature, I told her that I had purchased a pair of patent leather chucks years ago in hope that I would wear them at my wedding if that were to ever happen. She immediately nixed that idea and said that she would never be involved in a wedding with sneakers as part of this solemn occasion.

the bride

After a period of time and thought she told me that if it would make me happy to wear chucks at our wedding, I could. Upon hearing this great news, I began my search for a pair of chucks for her to wear. I finally found a pair of jewel leather chucks over the internet. When I presented them to her and told her that it would make me happy if she would wear these so we could be a matching pair, she agreed. On December 29, 2000 we were wed and the wearing of our chucks proved to be a great idea. Both family and friends commented about them and wanted an up close look at them. Thanks Nancy, for marrying me and for allowing us to wear our chucks. What memories we have!

By Charles Haddon

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