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Isn’t it great when the video or film you watch has an All Star cast?

The Chuck Taylor in Films is about recent and classic films where chucks (Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneakers) have a role. . . .

What do Michael Angarano, Sean Astin, Kevin Bacon, Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey, Jim Caviezel, Josh Charles, Kieran Culkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cusack, Miley Cyrus, Jeff Daniels, Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Dillon, Mel Gibson, Robert Duvall, Zac Efron, Dakota Fanning, Michael J. Fox, Brendan Frasier, Edward Furlong, Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hanks, Ethan Hawke, Jon Heder, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emile Hirsch, Josh Hutcherson, Ice Cube, Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Knoxville, Logan Lerman, Justin Long, Rob Lowe, Melissa McCarthy, Matthew McConaughey, Trevor Morgan, Mike Myers, Luke Perry, Chris Pine, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds, Tim Robbins, Craig Sheffer, Christian Slater, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Kristen Stewart, Christopher Walken, Kate Winslet, Elijah Wood, Shailene Woodley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common?
They have all starred in films wearing black Chuck Taylor high tops.

Coolest Chucks Moments In Film

stills banner from the film

White Wolves: A Cry In The Wild II. An inner city kid successfully traverses through the wilderness areas of the Cascade Mountains, rides the rapids, scales mountain peaks, and helps rescue his guide wearing black high top chucks. How cool is that?

See a photo gallery of the coolest chucks moments in film.

See a second photo gallery of the coolest chucks moments in film.

Click on the individual film title links for a cast listing, description, film categories, MPAA rating and The ChucksConnection rating or to access a complete review with plot description, photos, commentary, and discussion of the best scenes where chucks appear. (These links are in bold type.) The latest film reviews are always listed in the What’s New section on the ChuckTalk page. To qualify for a listing, one or more of the lead or main supporting characters in the film is seen wearing chucks. Actors who wear chucks in the films are highlighted in the credits list.

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The golden chuck

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Videos and Short Films with Chucks link

This page lists and provides links to short films and videos where a main character wears chucks, or chucks are featured somehow in the video. The Videos and Short Films with Chucks page does not include films from this page or videos from the Music Videos with Chucks page.

Films are listed alphabetically: Number sign  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X   Y  Z 

Statistics by chucks color: Actors in 77% of the 1093 films identified so far wear black high or low top chucks, actors in 19% of the films wear white high or low top chucks, and actors in 17% of the films wear red or maroon high or low top chucks.

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2 Fast 2 Furious. (2003)

2nd Chances. (2021)

3 Ninjas. (1992)

3 Ninjas Kick Back. (1994)

13: The Musical. (2022)

17 Again. (2009)

18 Again! (1988)

25 Hill. (2011)

100 Girls. (2000)

2012. (2009)

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A Click on the icon to see the A Films Page.


A Christmas Tail. (see under C)

A Dog Named Christmas. (see under D)

A Doggone Adventure. (see under D)

A Fairy’s Game. (see under F)

A Monster Calls. (see under M)

A No-Hit No-Run Summer. (see Un éte sans point ni coup sûr)

A Place Called Home. (see under P)

A World Away. (see under W)

A Very Serious Person. (see under V)

Abe & Bruno. (2006)

The Absent Minded Professor. (1961).

Across the Sea of Time. (1996)

Across the Tracks. (1991)

The Adam Project. (2022)

Adventure Force 5. (2019)

Adventures in Dinosaur City. (1992).

Adventure in Greece. (2014) (see The Island of Secrets)

Adventures in Spying. (1992).

The Adventures of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend. (2020)

The Adventures of Jurassic Pet. (2019)

The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure. (2013)

Age of Summer. (2018)

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. (2004)

Air Buddies. (2006)

Airline Disaster. (2010)

Akrovates tou kipou. (2001) (see The Cistern)

Alabama Moon. (2009)

Alien from L.A. (1988)

Alien Raiders. (2008)

Aliens Abducted My Parents (and Now I Feel Left Out). (2023)

Aliens in the Attic. (2009)

Aliens for Breakfast. (1994)

Almost Famous. (2000)

All I Want. (2002)

All Summers End. (2017)

All the Bright Places. (2020)

All These Small Moments. (2018)

Always Be My Maybe. (2019)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (2014)

Ambushed. (1998).

Amelie. (2001)

American Exit. (2019)

American Hero. (2015)

American Pie. (1999)

American Ultra. (2015)

The Amityville Horror. (2005)

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time. (1992)

The Amy Fisher Story. (1993)

An American Crime. (2007)

Anaconda. (1997).

The Anderssons Hit the Road. (See Sune på bilsemester)

And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird! (1991)

Andy and the Airwave Rangers. (1988) aka Andy Colby’s Incredible Adventure.

Angels in the Attic. (see The Robin Hood Gang)

Angels in the Outfield. (1994)

Animal House. (1978).

Anne B. Real. (2003)

Another Gay Movie. (2006)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. (2023)

Anya’s Bell. (1999)

The Applegates. (see Meet the Applegates)

Are You Scared? (2006)

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. (2023)

Ashby. (2015)

Assimilate. (2019)

Atmen. (see Breathing)

The Atoning. (2017)

Attack the Block. (2011)

Aunt Mary. (1979)

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Cody Banks still

Agent Cody Banks climbing a London building.

B Click on the icon to see the B Films Page.


Baby Huey’s Great Easter Adventure. (1999)

The Babysitter: Killer Queen. (2020)

The Babysitters Club. (1995)

Bachelor Party. (1984)

The Bachelors. (2017)

Back to the Future. (1985)

Bad Moms. (2016)

Bad News Bears. (2005)

Bad Ronald. (1974)

A Bag Of Hammers. (2011)

Bandslam. (2009)

Balloon Farm. (1998)

Barbie. (2023)

Barely Lethal. (2015)

Bark Ranger. (2015)

The Basketball Diaries. (1995)

Battlefield America. (2012)

Baywatch. (2017)

Beanstalk. (1994)

Beautiful Boy. (2018)

Beautiful Creatures. (2013)

Beauty and the Bestie. (2015)

Before Midnight. (2013)

Before Sunrise. (1995)

The Believers. (1987)

The Between. (2013) (see Don’t Let Me Go)

Bella. (2006)

Bellflower. (2011)

Benji. (2018)

Benji: Off the Leash. (2004)

Better Nate Than Ever. (2022)

Big. (1988)

Big Girls Don’t Cry. . . They Get Even. (1991)

The Big Lebowski. (1998)

Bike Squad, The. (2002)

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. (1989)

Bill & Ted Face the Music. (2020)

Billions for Boris. (1984)

Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes. (2010)

A Birder’s Guide To Everything. (2013)

Birdy. (1984)

Black Beauty. (2021)

Black Sheep. (2006)

The Black Mill. (2020) (See Czarny mlyn)

The Black Stallion Returns. (1983)

Black Widow. (2021)

Blank Check. (1994)

Blind Dating. (2006)

Blind Fury. (1990)

Blinded by the Light. (2019)

Blinker en de Blixvaten (Blinker and the Blix Barrels) (2008)

Blöde Mutzel. (2007)

Blood In, Blood Out. (1993)

Blood of Man. (2013)

Blood Simple. (1984)

Blood Work. (2002).

Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out. aka Trained To Kill (1996)

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening. (2012)

Blue River. (1995)

Blue Sky. (1994)

Blue Steel. (1990)

Blues Brothers 2000. (1997)

Blurred Lines aka Räuberhände. (2021)

Boarding School. (2018)

The Body Snatchers. (1993)

Boltneck. (1998)

Boogeyman. (2012)

The Book of Love. (1990)

Bored Silly. (2000)

Bottle Shock. (2008)

Boy Genius. (2019)

The Boy With the Golden Pants. (see Pojken med GuldBroxorna)

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. (2010)

Boy Wonder. (2010)

Boyhood. (2014)

The Boys Club. (1996)

The Boys from Brazil. (1978)

Brainscan. (1994)

The Breakfast Club. (1985)

Breakin’. (1984)

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. (1984)

Breaking Away. (1979)

Breaking Brooklyn. (2018)

Breakout. (1998)

Breathing. (2014)

Bridge to Terabithia. (2007)

Brightburn. (2019)

Bringing Up Bobby. (2012)

Brittany Runs a Marathon. (2019)

Broken Down. (2020)

Bull Durham. (1988)

Burglar. (1987)

Bushwhacked. (1995)

But I’m Letting Go. (2022)

The Bye Bye Man. (2017)

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Call Me By Your Name. (2017)

A Call To Remember. (1997)

Cameron’s Closet. (1987)

Camp. (2013)

Camp Cool Kids. (2017)

Camp Cucamonga. (1990)

Camp Manna. (2018)

Camp Rock. (2008)

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. (2010)

Candyman. (2021)

Can’t Hardly Wait. (1998)

Captain Ron. (1992)

Casper Meets Wendy. (1998)

The Cellar. (1990)

Chain of Fools. (2000)

Change of Habit. (1969)

Changing Habits. (1997)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (2005)

Charlie Bartlett. (2007)

Charlie St. Cloud. (2010)

Charlotte’s Web. (2006)

Chasing 3000. (2010)

Chasing Ghosts. (2015)

Chasing Liberty. (2003)

Cheaper by the Dozen. (2003)

Cheaper by the Dozen. (2022)

The Child and the Dead. (2015)

Child Eater. (2016)

Child’s Play 2. (1990)

Children on their Birthdays. (2002)

The Christmas Chronicles. (2018)

A Christmas Prince. (2017)

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. (2018)

The Christmas Project. (2016)

The Christmas Project Reunion. (2020)

Christmas Ransom. (2022)

A Christmas Tail. (2014)

Christmas Trade. (2015)a

Christmas Wonderland. (2018)

Chucks. (2015)

The Chumscrubber. (2005)

The Church. (1989)

A Cinderella Story. (2004)

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. (2009)

The Cistern. (2001)

Clara and the Secret of the Bears. (2013)

Clerks II. (2006)

Click. (2006)

The Client. (1994)

The Climb. (1997)

The Club. (1994)

Cody the Robosapien. (see Robosapien: Rebooted)

Come Along. (2016)

Comeback Season. (2006)

Commando. (1985)

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. (1995) (remake for television)

Concrete Night. (2013)

Conni & Co. (2016)

The Conrad Boys. (2006)

Considering Love and Other Magic. (2016)

Contest. (2013)

Cool Dog. (2010)

Cool Runnings. (1993)

Cooley High. (1975)

Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang. (2011)

Cornbread, Earl, and Me. (1975)

The Corsican Bishop. (1994) (see Den korsikanske biskopen)

Corvette Summer. (1978)

The Couch Trip. (1988)

Crash Landing. (2005)

The Crawl Space (2003) (see Gacy)

Creed. (2015)

Creed II. (2018)

Critters 3. (1991)

Crooklyn. (1994)

Cupid’s Proxy. (2017)

The Cure. (1995)

The Current. (2014)

The Curse of the Un-Kissable Kid. (2013)

Cursed. (2005)

Czarny mlyn. (2020) 

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D Click on the icon to see the D Films Page.


D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)

Dagon. (2001)

Dance of the Dead. (2008)

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. (200

Danny Doom. (2021)

The Dare. (2019)

Dark Skies. (2013)

Darker Than Midnight. (2014)

Das Haus der Krokodile. (2012) (see Victor and the Secret of the Crocodile Mansion)

Das schaurige Haus. (2020) (see The Scary House)

Dazed and Confused. (1993)

De Boskampi’s. (2015)

De griezelbus. (2005) (See Gruesome School Trip)

Dead Calm. (1989)

Dead in 3 Days. (2006)

Dead Man On Campus. (1998)

Dead Poet’s Society. (1989)

Deadly Friend. (1986)

The Deadly Room: A Garage Sale Mystery. (2015)

Dear Eleanor. (2016)

Death and Cremation. (2010)

Death of a Superhero. (2012)

Death Race. (2008)

Deep Rising. (1998)

Den korsikanske biskopen. (1993)

Dennis the Menace Strikes Again. (1998)

Der Alte und die Nervensäge. (2020)

Der Schatz der weißen Falken (2005) (see The Treasure of the White Falcons)

Deranged Granny. (2019)

Desert Bloom. (1986)

Desperate Measures. (1997)

Desperate Souls. (2005)

Detention. (2011)

Detroit Rock City. (1999)

Deuces Wild. (2002)

Devil’s Kickers. (2010) (see Teufels Kicker)

Diamond’s Edge. (1988)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (2010)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. (2011)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. (2012)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. (2017)

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. (2003)

Die Wilden Kerle 6 - Die Legende lebt. (2016) (see The Wild Soccer Bunch 6)

Different Drummers. (2013)

Digger. (1993)

Dinosaur Island. (2014)

The Dirt. (2019)

Dirty Work. (1998)

Disconnect. (2012)

Dishdogz. (2006)

Dr. Alien. (1988)

Dr. Sleep. (2019)

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. (2004)

A Dog Named Christmas. (2009)

A Doggone Adventure. (2018)

Dolomite Is My Name. (2019)

Don Quixote. (2008)

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. (2010)

Don’t Forget To Breathe. (2019)

Don’t Let Me Go. (2013)

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. (1991)

Downfalls High. (2021)

Dopamine. (2003)

Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. (2006)

The Dream Catcher. (1999)

The Dream Team. (1989)

Dream to Believe. (see Teenage Dream)

Dreamcatcher. (2003)

Dreamscape. (1983)

Drought. (2019)

Drowning Mona. (2000)

Duma. (2005)

Dummie the Mummy and the Golden Scarabee. (2014)

Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba. (2015)

Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetut. (2017)

Dummy. (2008)

The Dunning Man. (2017)

The Dust Factory. (2004)

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E Click on the icon to see the E Films Page.


Earth To Echo. (2014)

Ed. (1996)

Ed’s Next Move. (1996)

EDtv. (1999)

The Education of Charlie Banks. (2007)

18 Again! (1988) is in the # list.

The Empty Iris. (2017)

Encino Man. (1992)

Enter the Dangerous Mind. (2013)

Ernest Goes To Camp. (1987)

Ernest Scared Stupid. (1991)

Escape 2120. (2020)

Escape Room. (2019)

Escape to Witch Island. (2017) (see The Watchman’s Canoe)

Un éte sans point ni coup sûr. (2008)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (2004)

Everybody Wants Some. (2016)

Explorers. (1985)

Extraction II. 2023.

Extreme Movie. (2007)

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Matthew Goode finds himself Chasing Liberty in his chucks

Matthew Goode finds himself Chasing Liberty in his chucks.


Encino Man is a big hit at Encino High

Encino Man is a big hit at Encino High.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid still

Stay connected in your chucks.


Garbage Pail Kids still

Wearing chucks can turn your life upside down.


Joshua Jackson shows Digger his treasure map

Joshua Jackson shows Digger his treasure map.

F Click on the icon to see the F Films Page.


The Fabulous Baker Boys. (1989)

Faintheart. (2008)

A Fairy’s Game. (2018)

The Faithful. (2007)

The Fakir, aka Fakiren fra Bilbao. (2004)

Family Sins. (1987)

The Family Tree. (2011)

Fandango. (1985)

The Fast and the Furious. (2001)

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) is in the # list.

Fast Forward. (1985)

Fast Times At Ridgemont High. (1982)

Fast X. (2023)

Father of Four: Never Gives Up! (2005)

Father of Four: Living Large. (2006)

Father of Four: Home Field Advantage. (2008)

Father of Four: In Japanese Mode. (2010)

Father of Four: Back to Nature. (2011)

The Fault In Our Stars. (2014)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. (1998)

Feast of the Seven Fishes. (2019)

Fetching Cody. (2005)

Fierce People. (2005)

The Final. (2010)

The Final Season. (2007)

Finding Kelly. (1999) (see Mystery Kids.)

Finding ’Ohana. (2021)

Finn On The Fly. (2008)

Fire with Fire. (1986)

Fire with Fire. (2012)

Firefly. (2023)

First Born. (1984)

The First Time. aka Love at First Hiccup. (2009)

The First Time. (2012)

The Five. (2010)

Flight 192. (2016) (see Turbulence)

Flight of the Innocent. (1992)

Flipped. (2010)

Flora & Ulysses. (2021)

The Florida Project. (2017)

Flubber. (1997)

Fly Boy. (1999)

Flying. (1986) (see Teenage Dream)

Footloose. (1984)

For My Brother (For Min Brors Skyld). (2014)

The Forger. (2012)

Forsvundet til Halloween. (2021)

Found. (2013)

Four Kids and It. (2020)

Frailty. (2001)

Frankenstein and Me. (1997)

Frankie Go Boom. (2012) (aka 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom)

Freaky Friday. (2018)

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. (1991)

F.R.E.D.I. (2018)

Freedom Writers. (2008)

Frequency. (2000)

The Freshman. (1990)

Friday. (1995)

Friday the 13th Part V, A New Beginning. (1985)

Fried Green Tomatoes. (1991)

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G Click on the icon to see the G Films Page.


Gacy. (2003) (aka The Crawl Space)

Garage Days. (2002)

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. (1987)

Garden State. (2004)

Geek Charming. (2011)

George's Island. (1989)

Getting Even. (2009)

Getting to Know You. (1999)

Ghost Dog. (see My Magic Dog)

Ghost Graduation. (2012)

Ghost in the Machine. (1993)

Ghost of Lake Opeongo. (2019)

Ghost Squad. (2015)

Ghostbusters. (2016)

Ghoulies II. (1987)

Giant Little Ones. (2018)

The Girl. (2016)

The Girl Next Door. (2007)

Glasskår. (2002)

Gleaming the Cube. (1989)

Glory Road. (2006)

Going to the Mat. (2004)

God’s Not Dead. (2014)

Godsend. (2004)

Going to the Mat. (2004)

The Goldfinch. (2019)

Gooby. (2009)

Good Boys. (2019)

Goodbye Berlin. (see Tschick)

Goonie-Boys: Curse of the Mayan Coin. (see Los Scavengers)

The Goonies. (1985)

Goosebumps. (2015)

Goosebumps 2. (2018)

Graduation. (2007)

Gran Torino. (2009)

Grandmother’s House. (1988)

Grantham & Rose. (2014)

Grease. (1978)

Grease 2. (1982)

The Great Gilly Hopkins. (2015)

The Great Santini. (1979)

Grim Reapers. (2014)

Grow Up, Tony Phillips. (2013)

Growing Up Smith. (2015)

Gruesome School Trip. (2005)

Gulliver’s Travels. (2010)

Gunpowder Milkshake. (2021)

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air buddies still

Cool pups and black high top chucks. What more could a boy want?


Hoosiers video cover

You know by the cover that this film is worth a look!


Ice Cream Man still

Swingers wear red high tops.


Great Gilly Hopkins still

A pair of chucks will help you get back up again.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter’s chucks have a bit of magic in them.

H Click on the icon to see the H Films Page.


Habitat. (1997)

Hair. (1988)

HairBrained. (2013)

Hairspray. (1988)

Hairspray. (2007)

Half Baked. (1998)

The Half of It. (2020)

Halloween. (2007 remake)

Halloween 4. (1988)

Halloween Heroes. (2021)

Ham on Rye. (2018)

The Hamiltons. (2006)

The Happening. (2008)

Happy Birthday. (2016)

Happy Campers. (2001)

Happy Gilmore. (1996)

Happy Log. (2016)

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. (2010)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (2009)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (2007)

The Harvesting. (2018) (see Soul Harvest)

Hari Ng Sablay. (2005) see King of Mischief

A Haunted House 2. (2014)

The Haunting in Connecticut. (2009)

The Haunting of Seacliff Inn. (1994)

Heart of the Beholder. (2005)

Hearts in Atlantis. (2001)

Heaven Sent. (1994)

The Heavenly Kid. (1985)

The Heirs. (2015). (see Los Herederos)

Hell High. (1986)

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II. (1987)

Hellphone. (2007)

Hide and Go Shriek. (1967)

High School Musical 3: Senior Year. (2008)

High School U.S.A. (1983)

Hijacking Hollywood. (1997)

The History of Love. (2016)

A History of Violence. (2005)

The Hitman. (1991)

Home for Christmas. (see Little Miss Millions)

Home Invasion. (2016)

A Home of Our Own. (1993)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. (1989)

Hoosiers. (1986)

Horrible Bosses. (2011)

The Horror Show (1989)

Hostage. (2005)

Hotel for Dogs. (2009)

House II The Second Story. (1987)

House Arrest. (1996)

House of D. (2004)

The House of Tomorrow. (2017)

House of Wax. (2005)

The House With A Clock In Its Walls. (2018)

How to Be. (2009)

How To Be a Man. (2018)

How To Beat A Bully. (2015)

How to Deal. (2003)

Humboldt County. (2008)

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I Click on the icon to see the I Films Page.


I Could Never Be Your Woman. (2007)

I Heart Shakey. (2012)

I, Robot. (2004)

I.Q. (1994)

I Still Believe. (2020)

I Think My Babysitter’s an Alien. (2015)

Ice Cream Man. (1995)

If There Be Thorns. (2015)

Igby Goes Down. (2002)

Il ragazzo invisibile (The Invisible Boy). (2014)

The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie. (2003)

In 3 Tagen bist du tot. (see Dead in 3 Days)

In the Dog House. (2014)

In the Land of Women. (2006)

The Indian in the Cupboard. (1995)

Infestation. (2009)

Insidious (2010)

Inspiration Point. (2009)

Instrument. Ten Years With the Band Fugazi. (1999)

Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud. (2020)

The Invasion. (2007)

The Invisible Boy (2014) (see Il ragazzo invisibile)

Invisible Mom. (1995)

The Island. (1980)

Island of Lost Souls. (2007)

The Island of Secrets. (2013)

It. (1990)

It. (2017)

It Chapter Two. (2019)

It Could Happen To You. (1994)

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Will Smith in I, Robot

Will Smith stars in I, Robot.


The Liar's Club still

Don’t join The Liar’s Club — wear genuine chucks.



You won’t lose your footing in a pair of chucks.

J Click on the icon to see the J Films Page.


Jack. (2004)

Jackass: The Movie. (2003)

Jackass Number Two. (2006)

Jackass 3D. (2010)

Jackass 3.5. (2011)

Jackass Forever. (2022)

Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang. (1999)

Jeepers Creepers. (2001)

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. (2011)

Jet Boy. (2002)

Jimmy. (2013)

Jinxed. (2013)

Joe Dirt. (2001)

Joe the King. (1999)

Joe’s Apartment. (1999)

John John In the Sky. (2001)

Journey. (1996)

Journey of the Heart. (1997)

Journey to Spirit Island. (1992)

Jump In! (2007)

Juno. (2007)

Jurassic World. (2015)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. (2018)

Jurassic World: Dominion. (2022)

Just Ask for Diamond (2011) see Diamond's Edge

Just for Kicks. (2003)

Just Looking. (1999)

Just One of the Guys. (1985)

Just Peck. (2009)

Just the Ticket. (1998)

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Just the Ticket still

Movies with chucks are Just the Ticket.


K Click on the icon to see the K Films Page.


Karla & Katrina (Karla og Katrine). (2009)

The Keeper. (1976)

Kenny and Company. (1976)

Kickboxing Academy. (1997)

The Kid. (2000)

The Kid Detective. (2020)

Kid West. (2017)

Kids. (1995)

The Kids from 62-F. (2016)

Killer Bud. (2001)

Kin. (2018)

King of California. (2008)

King of Mischief. (2005)

The Kings of Summer. (2013)

The Kissing Booth 3. (2021)

The Knickerbocker Kids. (see Snoopers)

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A Monster Calls still

Don’t let A Monster Call.

L Click on the icon to see the L Films Page.


Labyrinthus. (2014)

Lady in White. (1988)

Ladybugs. (1992)

Lassie. (1994)

Last Chance Detectives: Escape From Fire Lake. (1996)

Last Chance Detectives: Legend of the Desert Bigfoot. (1995)

Last Chance Detectives: Mystery Lights of Navaho Mesa. (1994)

Last Kind Words. (2012)

The Last Prostitute. (1991)

The Last Song. (2010)

The Last Summer. (2004)

The Late Bloomer. (2016)

Late Summer. (2001)

Lawn Dogs. (1997)

The Lawnmower Man. (1992)

The Legend of Billie Jean. (1985)

The Legend of Cryin’ Ryan. (1998)

The Legend of Gator Face. (1996)

The Legend of Razorback. (2002)

The Lego Movie. (2014)

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. (2019)

Leprechaun. (1993)

Let It Be. (1970)

Let Us In. (2021)

Letters to God. (2010)

The Liar’s Club. (1993)

Liar’s Moon. (1981)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (2004)

Life Now, Life Then. (2017)

A Light in the Forest. (2002)

Lightning Bug. (2004)

The Lightning Thief. (2009) (see Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief)

Like Mike. (2002)

Like Sunday, Like Rain. (2015)

Little Darlings. (1980)

Little Gangster. (2015) (see De Boskampi’s)

Little Giants. (1994)

Little Men. (2016)

Little Marines. (1990)

Little Miss Millions. (1994) (aka Home for Christmas)

Little Miss Sunshine. (2006)

Little Nikita. (1988)

The Little Rascals Save the Day. (2014)

Lomasankarit. (2014) (see The Island of Secrets)

The Longshots. (2008)

Looking for Miracles. (1989)

Lords of Discipline. (1982)

Los Herederos (The Heirs). (2015)

Los olvidados. (2017) (See What the Waters Left Behind)

Los Scavengers. (2014)

Loser. (2000)

Losin’ It. (1982)

Lost Christmas. (2011)

Lost Lake. (2012)

The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone. (2013)

Love and Basketball. (2000)

Love Like Poison. (2023)

The Loved Ones. (2009)

Love at First Hiccough. (2009) (see The First Time)

Low Tide. (2019) [R]

Lucas. (1986)

Lucky. (2002)

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M Click on the icon to see the M Films Page.


Ma vie en rose. (1997)

Madison. (2001)

Magic Kid. (1994)

The Magic of Marciano. (2000)

Making the Grade. (1984)

The Maldonado Miracle. (2003)

Mallrats. (1995)

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. (2018)

Mamma o papà? (2017)

Man in the Chair. (2007)

The Manhattan Project. (1986)

Martian Child (2007)

Matinee. (1993)

Max. (2015)

Max 2: White House Hero. (1995)

Max is Missing. (1995)

McBain. (1991)

Mean Dreams. (2016)

Mean Girls. (2004)

Mean Girls. (2024)

Meatballs Part II. (1984)

Meet the Applegates. (1990)

Men Don’t Leave. (1990)

Men In Black 3. (2012)

Mercy Rule. (2014)

The Messengers. (2007)

Mickey Matson. (2013) (See The Adventures of Mickey Matson)

The Midas Touch. (1997)

Midnight Madness. (1980)

Mighty Oak. (2020)

The Million Dollar Kid. (2000)

Mind Games. (1989)

Mimon. (2005)

Miracle Dogs Too. (2006)

Miracle in Lane 2. (2000)

Mischief. (1984)

Missing for Halloween. (2021) (see Forsvundet til Halloween)

Mr. Holland’s Opus. (1995)

Mr. Nanny. (1993)

The Money Pit. (1986)

Monkey Trouble. (1994)

A Monster Calls. (2016)

Monster High. (1987)

Monster Night. (2006)

Monsters of Man. (2020)

Morgan. (2016)

Mostly Ghostly: One Night In Doom House. (2016)

Motorama. (1991)

The Mudge Boy. (2003)

Munchie. (1992)

The Muppets. (2011)

My Babysitter the Super Hero. (2022)

My Bodyguard. (1980)

My Dead Boyfriend. (2016)

My Girl. (1991)

My Girl 2. (1994)

My Magic Dog. (1997) (aka Ghost Dog)

My Mistress. (2014)

My Pet Dinosaur. (2017)

My Sister’s Keeper. (2009)

My Science Project. (1985)

My Soul To Take. (2010)

My Spy. (2020)

Mystery Date. (1991)

Mystery Kids. (1999)

Mystery Men. (1999)

Mystery Monsters. (1997)

Mystery Science Theater 3000. (1996)

The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens. (2008)

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Nancy Drew. (2007)

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. (2019)

The Nanny Diaries. (2007)

National Treasure. (2004)

National Treasure: Book of Secrets. (2007)

Natural Enemy. (1997)

Never Cry Werewolf. (2008)

NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia. (1994)

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. (1988)

The New Mutants. (2020)

Next Door. (1994)

The Newcomer or New Kid. (See Le Nouveau below)

Niagara Motel. (2005)

Niagara, Niagara. (1997)

Nightmares. (“Bishop of Battle” segment) (1983)

Night Shift. (1982)

No Big Deal. (1983)

No Dessert, Dad, ’til You Mow the Lawn. (1983)

No Man’s Land. (1987)

No Place Like Home. (2001)

A No-Hit No-Run Summer. (2008) See Un éte sans point ni coup sûr

North Hollywood. (2021)

Northern Lights. (1997)

Not Another Teen Movie. (2001)

Not Cinderella’s Type. (2018)

Le Nouveau. (2015)

Nowhere to Run. (1993)

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O Click on the icon to see the O Films Page.


The Object of My Affections. (1998)

The Odd Couple. (1968)

Odd Squad: The Movie. (2016)

Office Uprising. (2018)

The Old Man and the Pain in the Ass. (2020) (see Der Alte und de Nervensäge.)

Olli in der Unterwelt. (1993)

One Crazy Summer. (1986)

One Fine Day. (1996)

Once Bitten. (1985)

Once In a Blue Moon. (1995)

100 Girls (2000) is in the # list.

One Night at McCool’s. (2001)

One on One. (1977)

The Orphanage. (2007)

Oskar & Josefine. (2005)

The Outsiders. (1983)

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no place like home still

These red high tops were meant for flying!


Oskar and Josephine still

Magically transport yourself in a pair of chucks.

My Girl still

Taking My Girl to out to lunch.

chucks footprint

These chucks are leaving a tell-tale clue.

P Click on the icon to see the P Films Page.


Palo Alto. (2013)

Papadolpoulos & Sons. (2012)

Paper Towns. (2015)

The Paperboy. (1994)

Paradise. (1991)

Paradas continuas. (2009)

Party Camp. (1987)

Pas de répit pour Mélanie. (1990)

Pecker. (1998)

People Like Us. (2012)

The People Under the Stairs. (1991)

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. (2009)

Perfect Parents. (2009)

A Perfect World. (1993)

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. (2012)

Permanent Record. (1988)

Pet Sematary. (2019)

Pet Shop. (1995)

The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet. (1995)

Picture Perfect. (1995)

Pie in the Sky. (1996)

A Pig’s Tale. (1995)

Pirate Radio. (2008)

Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson. (2014)

The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend. (1991)

Pitch Perfect. (2012)

Piu buio di mezzanotte. (see Darker Than Midnight)

Pizza’s Here! (2017)

A Place Called Home. (2005)

Plain Clothes. (1988)

Planet Ottakring. (2015)

Playing Dangerous. (1995)

Playing Dangerous 2. (1996)

The Playroom. (2012)

Pleasantville. (1998)

The Pledge. (2011)

Plunge. (2000)

Pojdi z mano. (see Come Along)

Pojken med GuldBroxorna. (2014)

Polar Storm. (2009)

Pontiac Moon. (1994)

Pop Pirates. (1986)

Popcorn. (1991)

Porky’s. (1981)

Porky’s Revenge. (1985)

Power Kids. (2009)

The Prankster. (2010)

Prehysteria! (1993)

Prehysteria! 3. (1995)

Prestir. (see Sparrows)

Pretty in Pink. (1986)

The Prince of Central Park. (2000)

Princess Protection Program. (2009)

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. (2005)

Project Almanac. (2015)

Project X. (1987)

Promoción fantasma (see Ghost Graduation)

Proof. (2005)

The Protector. (2005)

Pulp Fiction. (1994)

Pulse. (1988)

The Pursuit of Happyness. (2006)

Push. (2009)

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Pie in the Sky still

These films are Pie in the Sky.


Q Click on the icon to see the Q Films Page.


Quantum of Solace. (2008)

The Quarry. (2020)

Quicksilver. (1986)

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R Click on the icon to see the R Films Page.


Radio Flyer. (1992)

Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins. (1975)

The Raid 2. (2014)

Rain Man. (1988)

The Rainbow Tribe. (2008)

Rattled. (1996)

Räuberhände. (2021). See Blurred Lines.

Ready or Not. (2019)

Ready Player One. (2018)

Rebound. (1996)

Red Dog: True Blue. (2016)

The Red Sneakers. (2002)

Reel Monsters. (2022)

Regret! aka Spijt!. (2013)

Remote. (1993)

The Rescue. (1988)

The Return. (2020)

Revenge of the Nerds. (1984)

Richie Rich. (1994)

The Right Stuff. (1983)

Rim of the World. (2019)

Ripe. (1996)

Rivals. (1972)

The River. (1984)

River’s Edge. (1986)

The Road. (2009)

The Road Within. (2014)

Road Kill USA. (1993)

Roadside Prophets. (1992)

The Robin Hood Gang. (1998) (aka Angels in the Attic)

Robocop 3. (1993)

Robo-Dog: Airborne. (2017)

Robosapien: Rebooted. (2013)

Robot Overlords. (2014)

Rock ’n’ Roll High School. (1979)

Rockaway. (2017)

The Rocker. (2008)

Rocky. (1976)

Rocky Balboa. (2006) [PG]

The Rodriguez and the Beyond. (2019)

Rookie of the Year. (1993)

Roma. (2018)

Rounding First. (2005)

A Rumor of Angels. (2002)

Run Lola Run. (1998)

The Runaway. (2000)

Running on Empty. (1988)

Rush Hour. (1998)

RV. (2006)

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The Red Sneakers still

These Red Sneakers will change your life.


Rumor of Angels still

Trevor waits for A Rumor of Angels.


Spring Break Shark Attack still

What could be more fun than a Spring Break Shark Attack?

S Click on the icon to see the S Films Page.


Safety Patrol. (1998)

Safelight. (2015)

St. Elmo’s Fire. (1985)

Same River Twice. (1996)

The Sandlot. (1993)

The Sandlot 2. (2005)

The Sandlot 3 Heading Home. (2007)

Santa. (2021)

The Santa Clause. (1994)

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. (2006)

Saving Shiloh. (2006)

Saw II. (2005)

Scars. (2002) (see Glasskår)

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular. (2003)

The Scary House. (2020)

School of Life. (2005)

The School of Rock. (2003)

Sci-Fi High. (2010)

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins. (2009)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. (2015)

Scream VI. (2023)

Second Chances. (2021)

Secret Admirer. (1985)

The Secret Agent Club. (1996)

The Secret: Dare To Dream. (2020)

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. (2008)

The Secrets We Keep. (2020)

Seduction Theory. (2014)

The Seekers: Thrill Night. (2021) (See Forsvundet til Halloween)

A Separate Peace. (1972)

Sergeant Pepper. (2004)

Seven Minutes in Heaven. (1986)

17 Again (2009) is in the # list

Severed Ties. (1992)

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. (2011)

Shakes the Clown. (1992)

Shazam! (2019)

She’s All That. (2001)

The Shining. (1980)

Short Circuit. (1986)

Shorts. (2009)

Shredder Orpheus. (1990)

Sick Girl. (2007)

Sidekicks. (1992)

Silk Hope. (1999)

Silly’s Sweet Summer. (2007) (See Blöde Mutzel)

Simon Birch. (1998)

Sin City. (2005)

The Skateboard Kid. (1993)

Skinner. (1995)

Skinwalkers. (2006)

Skipped Parts. (2000)

Sky High. (2005)

Skymaster. (2006)

Skyrunners. (2009)

Slash. (2016) [NR]

Sleepers. (1997)

Sleeping Giant. (2015)

Sling Blade. (1996)

Slow Fade. (2011)

Smitty. (2012)

Sneakers. (1992)

Snoopers. (1997)

Solar Destruction. (2008)

Sox. (2013)

Soul Harvest. (2018)

Spaceboy. (2006)

SpaceBoy. (2021)

SpaceCamp. (1986)

Sparrows. (2015)

Speak. (2005)

Speed 2. (1997)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. (2023)

Spider-Man: Far From Home. (2019)

Spider-Man: Homecoming. (2017)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. (2018)

Spider-Man: No Way Home. (2021)

Spijt! (see Regret!)

Spontaneous. (2020)

Spooky House. (2000)

Spring Break Shark Attack. (2005)

Spud. (2010)

Spud 3: Learning to Fly. (2014)

Spy Kids. (2001)

Spy Trap. (1988) (aka Zits)

Stamp of a Killer. (1987)

Stand and Deliver. (1988)

Stand By Me. (1986)

Star Kid. (1997)

Starman. (1984)

State Park. (1988)

Staying Together. (1989)

Step Aside. (2023)

Step Brothers. (2008)

The Stepfather. (2009)

Step Up 3D. (2010)

Step Up All In. (2014)

Stepmonster. (1993)

Storm. (2009)

Straight Outta Compton. (2015)

Stranger Than Paradise. (1983)

The Stream. (2015)

Streets of Gold. (1986)

Stuart Little. (1999)

Stuart Little 2. (2002)

The Stupids. (1996)

Sublime. (2022)

Summer Camp Nightmare. (1987)

Summer of 84. (2018)

The Summer Project. (2015)

Summer Rebels. (2020)

Summer School. (1987)

The Sunchaser. (1996)

Sune på bilsemester. (2013)

Super 8. (2011)

The Sure Thing. (1985)

Surf Ninjas. (1993)

Survival Guide. (2020)

Suzie Q. (1996)

Svein og Rotta (Svein and the Rat). (2006)

Sweet Talker. (1991)

The Sweetest Gift. (1998)

Swing. (2003)

Swing Vote. (2008)

Swinging Safari. (2018)

Sydney White. (2007)

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T Click on the icon to see the T Films Page.


Tainá 2: The Adventure Continues. (2004)

Tall Story. (1960)

A Talking Pony!?! (2013)

Tank. (1984)

A Ted Called Gooby. (2009) (see Gooby)

Teen Beach Movie. (2013)

Teenage Dream. (1986)

Terminal Error. (2002)

TerrorVision. (1986)

Teufels Kicker (Devil’s Kickers). (2010)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (2003)

That Was Then... This Is Now. (1985)

There’s Something In The Lake. (2021)

They Are Among Us. (2004)

They Reach. (2020)

The Thief Lord. (2006)

Thirteen. (2003)

Thrashin’. (1986)

Three Months. (2022)

3 Ninjas (1992) is in the # list.

3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) is in the # list.

Three Wishes. (1995)

Threesome. (1994)

Thunderbirds. (2004)

Thunderbolt in Mine Eyes. (2020) (see Young Hearts)

tick tick BOOM! (2021)

Tiger Heart. (1995)

The Tiger Rising. (2022)

Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove. (2020)

Timeline. (2003)

Timemaster. (1995)

Time Toys. (2016)

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made. (2020)

To All The Boys I Loved Before. (2018)

To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You. (2020)

To All The Boys: Always and Forever. (2021)

To Dance with the White Dog. (1993)

Toen we van de Duitsers verloren. (2023)

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. (1996)

The Tolltaker. (2009)

Tom yum goong. (2005) (see The Protector)

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller. (1987)

Toothless. (1997)

Tortilla Soup. (2001).

Toy Soldiers. (1991)

Trading Mom. (1994)

Trainspotting. (1996)

Transcendence. (Short) (2014)

Trapped. (2004)

The Treasure of the White Falcons. (2005)

The Tree of Life. (2011)

Tremors. (1989)

Tremors: Shrieker Island. (2020)

T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous. (1998)

Trick or Treat. (1986)

Troup Zero. (2019)

The True Adventures of Wolfboy. (2019)

True Crime. (1996)

True Friends. (1998)

Try Seventeen. (2002) (see All I Want)

Tschick. (2016)

Tu seras un homme. (2013) (see You’ll Be A Man)

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. (1997)

Turbulence. (2016)

The Turning. (2020)

25 Hill (2011) is in the # list.

Twice Dead. (1988)

Twilight Zone — The Movie (segment 3) (1983).

Twin Sitters. (1994)

Twins. (1988)

Twister. (1989)

Two-Bits & Pepper. (1995)

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) is in the # list.

2012 (2009) is in the # list.

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Thrashin' still

Thrashin’ in L.A.


True Friends still

True Friends wearing high top chucks.


The Sandlot still
Check out his fastball on this Sandlot.


The Sure Thing still

Black high top chucks are A Sure Thing.



U Click on the icon to see the U Films Page.


Un éte sans point ni coup sûr. (2008) See under E.

Un poison violent. See Love Like Poison.

Un Viaje a la Luna. (2017) See under V.

The Unborn. (2008)

Uncle Nino. (2003)

Uncle Sam. (1997)

Under the Bed. (2012)

Under the Silver Lake. (2018)

Underdog Kids. (2015)

An Unexpected Family. (1996)

Unhinged. (2020)

The Uninvited. (2009)

The United States of Leland. (2003)

Unstrung Heroes. (1995)

Upside-Down Magic. (2020)

U.S. Marshals. (1998)

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V Click on the icon to see the V Films Page.


The Vampire’s Assistant (Cirque du Freak). (2009)

Vampires vs. the Bronx. (2020)

Venom. (2005)

A Very Serious Person. (2007)

The Very Thought of You. (1998)

Un Viaje a la Luna. (2017)

Victor and the Secret of the Crocodile Mansion. (2012)

The Video Dead. (1987)

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W Click on the icon to see the W Films Page.


Wadjda. (2012)

Waiting. (2005)

The Wake. (2017)

Walking and Talking. (1996)

The Walking Deceased. (2015)

The War. (1994)

The War With Grandpa. (2020)

Warlock: The Armageddon. (1993)

The Warriors. (1979)

The Wash. (2001)

Watch It. (1993)

Watching the Detectives. (2007)

The Watchman’s Canoe. (2017)

Wayne’s World. (1992)

Wayne’s World 2. (1994)

Ways To Live Forever. (2010)

Wee Sing in the Marvelous Musical Mansion. (1996)

Weekend at Bernie’s. (1989)

Weekend at Bernie’s II. (1993)

Weekend Warriors. (2019)

Weird Science. (1985)

Welcome Home. (2015)

Welcome to Germany. (2016)

We’ll Rise At Dawn. (2019)

West Side Story. (1961)

West Side Story. (2021)

Wet Hot American Summer. (2001)

What Love Looks Like. (2020)

What the Waters Left Behind. (2017)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. (1993)

When a Stranger Calls. (2006)

When The Smoke Clears. (2009)

When We Lost To The Germans. (2023) (see Toen we van de Duitsers verloren)

When Zachary Beaver Came To Town. (2003)

Where The Buffalo Roam. (1980)

Where the Scary Things Are. (2022)

Whiplash. (2014)

White Bird in a Blizzard. (2014)

White Squall. (1996)

White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II. (1993)

White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild. (1995)

The Wicked. (2013)

Wide Awake. (1998)

Wiener Dog Nationals. (2013)

Wild America. (1997)

The Wild Life. (1984)

The Wild Soccer Bunch 6. (2016)

Wild Tigers I Have Known. (2007)

Wilkommen bei den Hartsmanns. (2016) (see Welcome to Germany)

WildCats. (1986)

Wildlife. (2018)

Wish Upon A Unicorn. (2020)

WishCraft. (2002)

The Witches. (2020)

The Witching of Ben Wagner. (1987)

The Wiz Kid. (1989)

Wolfen. (1981)

A World Away. (2019)

World Famous Kid Detective. (2014)

Worst Friends. (2014)

Wonderstruck. (2017)

Words On Bathroom Walls. (2020)

The Wretched. (2019)

The Wrong Guys. (1988)

Wrong Turn. (2003

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White Wolves: A Cry in the Wilderness still

Chucks can help you conquer the wild.


Y Click on the icon to see the X-Y-Z Films Page.


Yesterday. (2019)

You’ll Be A Man. (2013)

You’re So Cupid. (2010)

You’ve Got A Friend. (2007)

Young Hearts. (2020)

Young Hunters: The Beast of Bevendean. (2015)

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Z Click on the icon to see the X-Y-Z Films Page.


Zathura. (2005)

Zits. (1988) (see Spy Trap)

The Zodiac. (2005)

The Zoo Gang. (1985)

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You've Got a Friend still

You’ve Got a Friend always with a pair of chucks.


Wild America still

A wild ride in a pair of black high tops.


Wadjda still

Lacing up a pair of chucks is cool anywhere.

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