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Still from the Zoo GangThe Zoo Gang works out preparing to take on the Donnelly clan.

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Recent and classic films where chucks have a role. . . .


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To qualify for a listing, one or more of the lead or main supporting characters in the film is seen wearing chucks — Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars.

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Films on this page: Yesterday, You’re So Cupid, You’ve Got A Friend, Zathura, The Zodiac, The Zoo Gang.

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Yesterday poster

3 chucks rating


Yesterday. (2019) Himesh Patel, Lily James, Sophia Di Martino, Vincent Franklin, Ed Sheran, Harry Michell. Directed by Danny Boyle. A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.

Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical.

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You'll Be A Man cover

3 chucks rating

NR would be PG-13

You’ll Be A Man. (2013) Jules Sagot, Aurélio Cohen, Eléonore Pourriat, Grégoire Monsaingeon, Clara Bonnet. Written and directed by Benoît Cohen. A reclusive ten-year-old boy and a twenty-year-old out of work college student develop a friendship that changes both their lives and that of those around them.

Categories: Comedy, Drama.

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You're So Cupid cover

2.5 chucks rating

You’re So Cupid. (2010) Brian Krause, Jeremy Sumpter, Lauren Holley, Malese Jow, Caitlin EJ Meyer, Dani Chuchran, Chad Hively. Directed by John Lyde. Fraternal twin sisters Emma and Lilly have an insatiable desire to play matchmaker, even though they’ve never fallen in love themselves. When Emma and Lilly fall in love with the same guy, they suddenly become rivals for his affection, until they find out that their parents’ marriage is falling apart.

Categories: Comedy, Family.

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you've got a friend cover

3 chucksrating


You’ve Got A Friend. (2007) Dylan McLaughlin, John Schneider, Jason Brooks, Kate Connor, Mark Ralston, Bitty Schram. Directed by James A. Cortner. In 1976, 12-year-old Bobby Graham, a recent orphan, moves to Albuquerque to live with his aunt and uncle, who never had children of their own. Although his uncle is opposed to the idea of Bobby doing anything but attending school and working in his hardware store, Bobby has the talent to design his own race car and wants to build it and enter the local soap box derby. Saying that he has joined the school baseball team, Bobby defies his uncle and teams up with the town recluse, Vietnam veteran Jim Klecan, a former soap box champion, to build a soap box racing car and compete in the derby.

Categories: Drama, Family.

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Zathura cover

3 chucksrating


Zathura. (2005) Jonah Bobo, Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart, Tim Robbins. Directed by Jon Favreau. Two bickering young brothers are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when they start playing an enchanted board game called Zathura.

Categories: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Family.

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The Zodiac cover

3 chucksrating


The Zodiac. (2005) Justin Chambers, Robin Tunney, William Mapother, Rory Culkin, Rex Linn, Philip Baker Hall. Directed by Alexander Bulkley. An elusive serial killer known as the Zodiac terrorizes the San Francisco Bay in the late 1960s, while detectives aim to stop him before he claims more victims. Based on a true story.

Categories: Drama, Crime and Mystery.

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The Zoo Gang cover

2 chucks rating


The Zoo Gang. (1985) Eric Gurry, Tiffany Helm, Jason Gedrick, Marc Price, Gina Battist, Bobby Jacoby, Ben Vereen, Jackie Earle Haley. Written and directed by Pen Densham and John Watson. Tired of having nowhere to go for fun, a group of teenagers lease a dilapidated night club and turn it into an overnight success — until the Donnelly clan finds out about it and begins to muscle their way in.

Categories: Drama, Teenagers.

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