Film and Video Honorable Mention


Films where chucks make a cameo appearance.


13 Going On 30. In the last scene where Jenna’s dreams have finally come true, she is seen wearing pink high top chucks.


A Beautiful Mind. (2001) Russell Crowe, who stars as the eccentric mathematical genius John Nash, wears black high tops in one brief scene, set in the summertime.


The Boneshifter. Homeless woman in one scene.


Bring It On. (2000) Jesse Bradford wears maroon high top chucks in one scene only at the beginning of the film.


Bruce Almighty. (2003) Morgan Freeman, who plays God in the film, briefly appears in white high tops when he acts as a janitor.


A Dog’s Purpose. (2017) K. J. Apa is seen wearing black low cuts in one brief scene.


A Dog's Purpose still


Donnie Darko. (2001) Donnie’s older sister appears in one scene wearing black low cut chucks.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (1986) In the opening sequence when Ferris (Matthew Broderick) is planning out his day and talking to the film audiece, he briefly appears in chucks.


Field of Dreams. (1984) Young Archie Graham (Frank Whaley) is seen wearing black high top chucks when he is picked up by Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) and Terrence Mann (James Earl Jones) while hitchhiking to Ray’s baseball field.


Frankenhood. (2009) Saige Ryan Campbell plays a little girl wearing pink high top chucks in one scene.


Freaked. (1993) Two walking eyeballs, one wearing black high top chucks and the other red, appear on the farm in the later part of the movie.


Freaked still


Free Enterprise. (1999) In one of the opening scenes of the film, the actors who portray the main characters as kids are seen standing in a movie line wearing chucks.


Get a Clue. (2002) In this mystery film with Bug Hall and Lindsay Lohan as high school students trying to track down a missing teacher, Lindsay’s younger sister, who briefly appears wearing maroon high tops, helps them decipher a couple of important clues.


Godzilla 1985. (1984) Shin Takuma is seen wearing black high top chucks in one scene while being lowered from a helicoptor.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. (1993) During their trek through San Francisco, Shadow, the golden retriever, and Sassy, the Siamese cat, come across a house engulfed in flames. Inside the house is a young boy named Peter (Benj Thall) who is wearing black low cut chucks. When no human seems to be able to do anything about it, Shadow rushes in and rescues Peter, leading him out of the flames and smoke while Sassy rescues his pet kitten.


Indecent Proposal. (1993) Woody Harrelson is seated by a table with a pair of black low tops on it in one scene.


Liberty Heights. (1999) In the first part of the film, there is a brief scene in Van and Ben Kurtzman’s (Adrien Brody and Ben Foster) P.E. class at school, where everyone is wearing high top or low cut black chucks.


Light of Day. (1987) This film is about the problems of a rock musician (Michael J. Fox) trying to make it in the business and deal with family problems at the same time. Toward the end, there are some shots of the band’s drummer who is wearing black high top chucks.


Little Men. (2016) Theo Taplitz wears black high tops during one brief scene at the start, and one other brief shot later in the film.


The Lords of Magick. (1989) There is a scene in the movie, where one of the wizards casts a spell on a jogger wearing red hightops. The jogger goes and runs behind the bushes with a lady. His red chucks come flying out shortly thereafter.


Lucky Number Slevin. (2006) Oliver Davis plays a kid wearing black high top chucks in a couple brief scenes.


Lucky Number Slevin still


Mannequin. (1987) Star Andrew McCarthy is shown on the cover wearing black high top chucks, but they never appear in the actual film.


Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home. (1987) Star Jon Cryer is shown on the cover atop a motorcycle wearing red high top chucks, but they never appear in the actual film. (1987 seems to be the year of the unfulfilled chucks teaser)


Morgan Stewart's Coming Home cover


Mystic River. (2003) At the beginning of the film, we briefly see the three main characters as kids in their New England riverside neighborhood. Two of the kids Jimmy and Dave are wearing chucks.


Pirate Camp. (2007) Connor Ross is shown wearing red high-top chucks in the first scene.


Prime Suspect. (1991) One of the team wears chucks.


Range of Motion. (2000) Melanie Mayron wears white high top chucks in one or two brief scenes.


RATZ. (2000) In an early scene, a kid named Spike (Levi James) is seen running around creating havoc wearing black high top chucks.


Rock School. (2004) In this documentary about a promoter and the young students he trains to perform at a German festival, some of the kids are seen wearing black high top and other models of chucks.


still from Sixteen Candles


Sixteen Candles. (1984) Anthony Michael Hall is shown wearing white chucks on the cover of the Sixteen Candles video, but the pushy freshman never wears them in the film. However, at the beginning there are a couple of good shots of someone standing in line and then tapping their foot to the soundtrack in pine green high tops.


Sox. (2013) Anton Starkman wears blue high top chucks during one brief scene at the end of the film.


Stranger Inside. One of Yolanda Ross’ cellmates in the prison wears black high top chucks.


Sweet Hearts Dance. The girl friend of Kyle Boon, the son of leads Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon, is briefly seen wearing bright blue high tops.


Vice Versa. (1988) The cover of this film shows Judge Reinhold wearing red high tops while dancing on a desk, but you never see any chucks during the film.


Walking and Talking. (1996) Randall Batinkoff appears in one scene as Peter, an aspiring actor and Amelia’s (Catherine Keener) new boy friend du jour. There is a good shot of him sitting on some stairs wearing black high top chucks.


Wide Awake. (1998) The cover of this video shows Rosie O’Donnell wearing red high tops and Joseph Cross wearing black chucks. but during the film you only see Joseph Cross wearing red low cut chucks in a few brief scenes.


Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling. (2009) An extra at the beginning of the film is wearing black high top chucks.


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