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Billy Jacoby wears black high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the film.


Dr. Alien

by Hal Peterson


Dr. Alien still 1

Wesley talks to Lee Anne, the girl of his dreams, on the telephone.


As Dr. Alien opens, Dr. Ackerman (Troy Donahue), a biology professor at a local college is driving home from his laboratory when suddenly he is zapped by aliens from a visiting space ship. The aliens have done this in order to conduct experiments on the local human population, which they can do by having their leader, Miss Xenobia (Julie Landers) take over Ackerman’s biology classes. This change turns out to have an amazing impact on Wesley (Bobby Jacoby), a nerdy college freshman, living at home with his parents (Arlene Golonka and Jim Hackett). Wesley’s parents hope that he will become an accountant like his dad, and Wesley looks and acts the part — so square in his behavior and dress that even his younger brother Bradford (Billy Jacoby) shows him no respect. Wesley drives his best friend Marvin (Stuart Fratkin) crazy, because he can’t persuade Wesley to try getting to first base with a girl, especially the girl of his dreams, Lee Anne (Olivia Barash). Worse yet, Wesley is being picked on by Dirk (Scott Morris) a senior who Wesley accidentally tripped over on the college campus. But all this changes when Miss Xenobia picks him out of the biology class to participate in the special “vitamin experiment” that they came to earth to try.


Dr. Alien still 2

The women’s soccer team finds Wesley irresistible.


The voluptuous Miss Xenobia, with the help of her assistant, Drax (Raymond O’Connor), injects the reluctant Wesley with a serum that quadruples his sex drive and strength. The formula manifests itself in very strange ways, making him to be irresistible to all women, inspiring strange dreams, and causing a funny snake-like antenna to pop out his head when his libido is particularly strong. When Wesley wakes up the next morning, he is totally transformed. He starts dressing and talking cool, is able to pickup Lee Anne, and bests Dirk in a drag race. His buddy Marvin is blown away by the change, but thinks it is great. Although Wesley wants to just pursue Lee Anne and a new career in music, when other women see him, they literally throw themselves all over him. Lee Anne is alternately fascinated and repelled by the antics of Wesley, who in just a few days has had all kinds of sexual encounters with some very nubile women he runs into, joined a metal band as lead singer, and defeated his foe Dirk in a hilariously choreographed fight scene.


Dr. Alien still 3000

Miss Xenobia’s assistant Drax looks on and takes notes as she tests out the results of the experiment on Wesley.


The plot and design of Dr. Alien is nothing more than an excuse for a ribald T&A movie. Besides some great shots of well endowed women, there are some really good shots of Bobby Jacoby wearing his chucks in this film, so what more could a virile chucks guy want for a diverting couple hours of entertainment. In a way, it’s too bad that the writers tried to put in so much story, because when the film gets serious, you wish you could see more scenes with the beautiful Judy Landers or with the girls on the soccer team who grab Wesley in the locker room. There is another hilarious scene when Wesley brings the members of his new metal band home for dinner with his straight-laced parents. It reminds you a little of Spinal Tap as each band member plays his part to the limit. The alien story line and effects are pretty lame however, and you wonder why they decided to come up with the weird antenna that grows on Wesley’s head when he is aroused, if the aliens can take on human form in all other things. But if you try to make too much sense out of this film, you will just be frustrated, and probably won’t enjoy it for what it is.


Part of Wesley's transformation from nerd to cool guy includes lacing up his black high top chucks

Part of Wesley’s transformation from nerd to cool guy includes lacing up his black high top chucks.


Best Chucks Scene


Wesley takes a flying leap at Dirk

Wesley takes a flying leap at Dirk.


There are several really good chucks scenes in Dr. Alien, such as the scene where he makes himself over from nerd to cool guy wearing black high tops or the scene where Miss Xenobia is testing out the results of the serum on Wesley who is lying on a raised examination table and you see his chucks while Drax cowers under taking notes. But the best chucks scene has to be the fight sequence between Wesley and Dirk, when Wesley leaps in the air and delivers the coup-de-grace with a devastating kick to Dirk’s face.


Wesley's chuck delivers the knockout blow

Wesley’s chuck delivers the knockout blow.


Dr. Alien. (1988) Billy Jacoby, Judy Landers, Olivia Barash, Stuart Fratkin, Raymond O’Connor, Arlene Golonka, Bobby Jacoby, Jim Hackett, Troy Donahue.
Directed by David DeCoteau. Categories: Comedy, Romance, Sexually Explicit.
ChucksConnection Rating: 2.5 chucks rating Two chucks for the film, plus an extra 1/2 chuck for several great chucks scenes. MPAA Rating: R

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