Don't Wear Flip-Flops, Wear Chucks!

mom helping girl lace up pink high top chucks

Protect your feet. Lace up a pair of high top chucks!

A recent article in USA Weekend magazine discussed the foot problems of people who wear flip-flops a lot. The cheap sandals apparently cause long term damage to your feet, especially if you wear them for extended periods of time. Some of the problems incurred included sore feet, ankles, and legs. They can also cause calluses and cuts and sores in between your toes. The other issue is that your feet are not protected at all when you are out walking or going out places with flip-flops on.

The article went on to state that “podiatrists have taken a stand against the ubiquitous sandals: Flip-flopping is out.” Long term wear of flip-flops can be very damaging to young people’s feet and it advises parents to have their children wear athletic shoes instead of flip-flops for most of the day. They even show a picture of a young girl lacing up a pair of pink high top chucks.

Today’s advice for kids these days is that they need to spend more time outdoors with at least an hour of physical activity each day, preferably more. That may not always be possible due to the weather or other time requirements. But in colder climates there are plenty of indoor places where you can be active if you make the effort.

Certainly you don’t want your kids to be running around in flip-flops because they offer no protection for young feet, and could be dangerous to wear in any kind of sports activity.

Another reason people give for wearing flip-flops is that your feet feel free, open to the air. Going barefoot accomplishes the same feeling. That is something to do when relaxing, not being active.

Today, most every kid owns at least one pair of sneakers. Canvas sneakers are very popular because they are lightweight and are super comfortable to wear. After a pair is broken in, you hardly even notice them on your feet, while at the same time you have the benefit of foot protection, and outer soles that have real gripping capabilities.

Another important thing to remember is to wear socks with your chucks. There are many choices of socks to wear; quarter and no show socks give your feet the benefit of the cushion that a sock provides, but you don’t (or barely) see them. For typical vigorous activity the sneaker should be laced up tightly, another reason why wearing socks with sneakers is recommended. This advice applies to people of all ages.

At The ChucksConnection, we strongly endorse what the article and podiatrists are saying. The best shoes for summer leisure activities, games and just kicking back are a pair of chucks. They are lightweight, the canvas breathes, and once broken in you hardly even realize that you are wearing them. So get into a new tradition and protect your feet at the same time. When spring and summer rolls in, get yourself a new pair of chucks. Then kick back and enjoy the freedom and leisure fun that summer and wearing a pair of chucks represents.

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