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Johnny Knoxville wears black high top Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” sneakers in the series.


Jackass still 1

Johnny Knoxville is the host of Jackass. In this sequence, Johnny tries to ride a bull at a rodeo. (Thumbnails below) Johnny mounts and attempts to ride the bull. Johnny has just been thrown by the bull.

Jackass still 2 Jackass still 3

Johnny Knoxville stars in this MTV show about all kinds of crazy variations on stunts, dares, and situational antics, which are videotaped and then edited into short sequences on each show. Some of the stunts involve Knoxville, who is always wearing black hightop chucks in his bits. If you are someone who likes knocking around in your chucks, or someone who likes to watch crazy stunts, you will love this show. Some of the scenes of chucks are terrific. Part of his show image is that of a regular guy who tries these bizarre stunts dressed in his street clothes. The opening set of pictures is a good example, as Johnny tries riding a bull bareback at a rodeo.

Jackass still 4

These chucks are about to get very wet. (Below) A fireman aims his hose at Johnny. The hose is blasted at Johnny sitting in an office chair.

Jackass still 5 Jackass still 5

Another typical bit is a crazy challenge. In the next sequence of photos, the bit is to see if Johnny can take the 300 psi pressure of a fire hose. A location for the stunt is found, and then the local fire department is called. You can see some of the results above. Besides Knoxville, there are other associates on the program who have regular features. There are regular strange skateboarding features, for example skateboarding down hilly Lombard Street in San Francisco, skateboarding blindfolded, or skateboarding on the beach. The associates also do weird antics in costume such as taking on an attack dog in a bunny suit, performing a medieval joust in a park, staging a hockey fight that continues out into the street, or dressing up as a one legged man trying to roller blade. Warning: One of these guys always seems to end up almost naked at the end of his bits.

Jackass still 6

Knoxville puts on his protective cup. (Below) First kids test the cup by kicking it. Next someone hits a croquet ball at the cup. Finally someone drops an eight ball on it from a two story roof.

Jackass still 7 Jackass still 7 Jackass still 8

Some of the sequences are downright painful. There was a bit on one show where Johnny decided to try out the effectiveness of a protective cup, to see if it actually worked, as it is always touted by coaches and trainers. He had little kids kick him, people throw tennis balls at it, hit it with a croquet ball, and even drop an eight ball on it from a rooftop. Ouch! This ended up becoming a running bit in several more episodes of the show, as his colleagues couldn't resist the temptation to keep the idea going. In the Human Red Carpet, Johnny was rolled up inside a red carpet which was then rolled out for the king first down a flight of stairs and later down a hill. At the end the guy playing the king couldn't resist taking a shot at the quite dizzy Knoxville.

Jackass still 9

Knoxville becomes the Human Red Carpet as the midget king starts to roll it out. (Below) The carpet rolls down the hill. The king has just kicked Johnny in the groin.

Jackass still 10 Jackass still 11

By the way, don't try these stunts at home. Apparently, a teenaged viewer severely burned himself trying to replicate a burning man bit that Johnny did with a Hollywood stuntman who specializes in fire effects. Now there are huge disclaimers at the beginning of each sequence on the weekly show. Jackass was seen weekly on MTV for three seasons from 2000 - 2003. A feature film also called Jackass was released in 2002. A second film, Jackass Number 2, was released in the fall of 2006. Converse released a line of Jackass shoes to coincide with the release of the film.

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