“Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae


It’s a universal law that everyone loves a sing along song…or at least it should be. But whether you’re a supporter of this declaration of music or one of those “I don’t sing” types, you’re sure to be tapping your foot along to Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight”. Formed by four guys whose style is just a tiny bit too rebellious for the average teenage girl to swoon over, they have taken the pop rock genre by force. But how do their videos compare to the band? In one word: decently.


Tonight Tonight still 1

 A face painting clown wearing chucks.


“Tonight Tonight”, an upbeat tune basically preaching about making lemonade from life’s lemons, has a video that starts out strong and ends on a relatively weak note. In the first scene we see the band dressed up as “awkward” looking business men, foreshadowing the carefree attitude the video possesses. After achieving the difficult feat of turning a cheating girlfriend into something comedic, we flash to a park where it looks like the band is taking part in a children’s birthday (in a non-creepy way, of course). It is then that chucks make their very unique appearance.


Tonight Tonight still 2

Kids wearing chucks playing outside.


Several of the children have on classic black chucks, but it’s the clown that you should pay attention to. Yes the clown, because despite the fear he may strike in many of your hearts, the oversized chucks he wears are sure to make him a little less scary.


Tonight Tonight still 3

Kids wearing chucks whizzing past the camera as they chase the band.


The second half of the video is hardly noteworthy. Just images of the band playing on a rooftop with a pretty city view and a typical music video style wild party. Yet aside from the very average ending half, Hot Chelle Rae definitely gets points for their creative use of chucks.


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