“I Hope It Rains” by Jana Kramer


Jana Kramer is an actress known for her roles in Friday Night Lights, Entourage, and One Tree Hill. In 2011, she signed a recording contract with Elektra Records to bring her brand of country music to the world. Her debut album, Jana Kramer, debuted at number 19 on the Billboard 200, and received rave reviews from critics. The song “I Hope It Rains” is the third single off that album after the songs “Why Ya Wanna” and “Whisky”.


I Hope It Rains still 1 

Jana Kramer wears low top optical white chucks that match her dress in this video.


Like all great country songs, this track is about heartbreak. Jana laments about how her ex is off with his new girl, and they’re already planning on getting married. He’s already got a date planned, a spot picked out, and a beautiful bride in a white gown. Jana wishes nothing but the best for them if it is in fact true love, but she still hopes that his picture perfect day gets ruined by rain. She even goes as far to say as that she hopes there’s lightning too. The wedding day of an ex is hard for anyone who’s ever been through a nasty breakup, so this a very relatable revenge song that has a great up tempo, rock-country sound.


 I Hope It Rains still 2

What is she gonna do to that cake?


The video sees Jana play the role of wedding crasher, presumably on her ex who’s now getting married. She sports a pair of loc top optical white chucks throughout the video as she tries on the bride’s dress, eats the couple's cake, and topples over table settings. She ends up pulling the ultimate wedding crasher move in completely ruining the dress after having her band throw water balloons filled with paint at it. The white chucks really add to the rebel without a cause motif, and are something that’s not usually seen in country music videos. The video fits really well with the song, and definitely gives the impression that Jana wants this wedding to be absolutely horrible. It also shows what many people would love to do to an ex’s wedding if they had the chance, and let’s those people live vicariously through Jana.


I Hope It Rains still 3

Oh, that’s what she’s gonna do.


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