“Drop” by Chloe x Halle


Chloe X Halle is an R&B duo from Atlanta that is made up of sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey. The duo have been making music since 2013, when they started releasing covers on YouTube. They’ve quickly made a name for themselves, serving as the opening act for Beyonce on the European leg of her Formation World Tour, and performing at the White House as guests of First Lady Michelle Obama. The duo may be most well known for their starring roles as the Forster Twins on the Freeform show Grown-ish, for which they also perform the opening theme.. Their song “Drop” is the first single off their EP Sugar Symphony, and was released in April of 2016.


Drop still 1 

One of the sisters wears a pair of pastel, yellow chucks.


The song is about how the girls are undoubtedly sick of a boy, but when confronted by his presence, they start catching old feelings. They attempt to tune him out and turn off what they felt before, but something about him makes time stop. The melody is very light and airy, but the drums are super heavy and pounding, which offers an amazing dynamic that emphasizes the “drop” aspect of the song. It also highlights the dramatic difference in feelings the girls have for this boy: love and disgust. The vocals are very soulful and harmonic, and they play with that dynamic between love and hate as well.


 Drop still 2

Giddy up in chucks!


The music video takes place in a picturesque, open field. Chloe and Halle star in the video, offering aesthetically pleasing shots of them, such as a shot of them with their hair intertwined. They also spend much of the video running, and on horseback. It’s in these shots that we see that both sisters are wearing chucks, one pastel yellow pair that fits with the scenery and a classic black pair. The video highlights the kind of out of body experience these girls are having “when the beat drops” and they’re with this guy. With its use of slow motion and bright light, the video is almost dreamlike. Overall, it’s very aesthetic video that fits the feeling of the song, and actually captures the feeling the lyrics are trying to convey.


Drop still 3

The girls run down a dirt road in slow motion, showing how playful and dreamlike the video is.


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