“Summer Fling” by Willow Smith


What to say about Willow Smith’s “Summer Fling”…well for starters, if you recognize the name, yes it is the same little girl who is behind the incredibly annoying song, “Whip My Hair”, and unfortunately, this tune isn’t much better. The lyrics are—as the title reflects—about a summer fling and is the essence of every parent’s nightmare. Luckily, the video is slightly tamer than the lyrics (the word slightly is being used relatively loosely, though).


Summer Fling still 1

  Partying in their chucks.


The first thing you’ll notice is that Willow Smith is about thirteen years old. While that’s a shame that a girl her age is preaching to other girls her age that hooking up is OK, in her defense there actually is a bright side. She is doing it in such a way that conveys to women that if they are to make the decision to be with somebody, then it should be because they decide to and not because a man pressured them. However, the only way you’ll get that message is if you specifically listen to the lyrics, as the video does nothing to reflect her statement.


Summer Fling still 2

 Willow Smith flirting with a summertime boyfriend.


There’s really not much to the video for the most part. There are some kids partying. Then she sings for a bit. Then some more partying happens. Granted, she does mix things up a bit when the pool party switches to a bonfire party (“creative”, right?) but for the most part all it is, is three and a half minutes of teens doing nothing particularly interesting.


Summer Fling still 3

A romantic date while wearing chucks.


But hey, the video might be terrible, but at least they’re wearing chucks!


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Buy some pairs of chucks for your summer fling.

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