“Walk My Way” by Brynn Cartelli


The Voice is an American singing competition that airs on NBC. The show sets itself apart from other singing competitions in that the celebrity judges have to pick contestants for the live shows blind, only judging them on the quality of their voice. The show has aired 15 seasons, and while its winners really haven’t found much mainstream success, the show is still incredibly popular. Brynn Cartelli is the Season 14 winner of The Voice and has been working on her debut album since winning the show. She recently premiered the brand new music video for her new track “Walk My Way” on the show’s official YouTube channel. This has helped the video quickly reach 300,000 views in under a week, and it was even featured on the live, national broadcast of The Voice.


Walk My Way still 1 

Brynn is ready to walk.


The song is all about how Brynn is hoping this guy that she likes will walk her way so that they can get closer. It alludes to the idea that sometimes love will take some luck and chance in order to work out. Brynn has very good vocals on this track, which is expected considering that she won The Voice. The song is also catchy, and has a subtle yet groovy beat that is easy to snap along to with Brynn. The Voice has long been criticized for the lack of success its winners have found, but Brynn Cartelli may be the contestant that finally breaks that trend.


 Walk My Way still 2

Brynn’s high top chucks are a focal point of the video.


The music video starts out with Brynn standing against a graffiti laden wall. She is wearing high top chucks that are a big focal point of the video, as there are plenty of shots of her walking. Her whole ensemble makes her look very relatable, which relates to the songs message that she’s just looking for companionship and not to impress anyone. The video follows Brynn as she walks and dances through the streets of LA in her chucks. She goes through a photoshoot and rehearsal along the way, and eventually ends up alone on a rooftop, waiting for someone to come and walk with her.


Walk My Way still 3

The video features some cool tracking shots of Brynn’s chucks.


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