“Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy


We all know by now that high school is a popular setting for music videos to take place in. That can be either good or bad, depending on the types of scenarios being depicted—in Fall Out Boy’s case, it’s definitely a good thing. “Dance, Dance” has the fitting setting of a homecoming dance and stars two versions of the band: their usual rocker selves, and their awkward alter-egos.


Dance, Dance still 1

    Girls without dates hanging out on the bleachers.


There is more focus on the “high school” Fall Out Boy than there is on their “normal” versions (who are acting as the band playing the music for the event), and each member has their own separate storyline. It begins with bassist Pete Wentz being comforted by his date as they nervously enter the gym to be greeted by guitarist Joe Trohman, but not before Pete—who’s alter-ego goes by Peter—brushes off a guy who tries to talk to his date. Meanwhile, Singer Patrick Stump is dressed like your standard high school nerd and having quite the opposite problem of his band mate, as he can’t seem to find anyone to dance with.


Dance, Dance still 2

  Some students showing off their dance moves.


After a few cutaways to some lonely girls sitting on the bleachers (one of which is wearing chucks), we find that drummer Andy Hurley is right there with them with his nose stuck in a book. This video is really well done and despite the separate issues that each member faces, they all get their happy endings, one of which even includes a short dance number led by Wentz. 


Dance, Dance still 3

Andy Hurley’s happy ending.


Fall Out Boy fan or not, this is the type of video that is pretty universal, and with its tongue in cheek look at the awkwardness better known as high school dances, something that everyone should watch if they’re looking to be entertained.


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