“Go Loko” by YG


YG is an American rapper from Compton, California. “Young Gangster” rose to fame in 2009 with his smash hit “Toot It & Boot It”, and has continued to release a steady stream of hits since, including “Who Do You Love?”, “I Don’t”, and “FDT”. His song “Go Loko” was released on May 3rd, 2019 as the second single from his album 4Real 4Real, and features guest verses from Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z and American rapper Tyga. Jon Z may be a bit of an unknown to some, but he’s been steadily climbing through the rap game for the past five years. Tyga is definitely known by many, both for his beginnings with rap supergroup Young Money, and his time dating Kylie Jenner of the Kardashians. Musically, Tyga had a bit of a hit dryspell in the mid 2010’s, but has risen back to prominence after the release of his song “Taste” in 2018. “Go Loko” has reached Gold status since it’s release, and peaked at #49 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Go Loko still 1

They got the horses in the back.


The track has a Latin infused beat to go with the song’s theme of going “loco”. YG, Tyga, and Jon Z all rap about how they can go completely crazy on anyone and anything if they’re crossed. The beat is very low key, and the acoustic guitar lick that’s played over and over gives the song the light feeling of a bolero. This offers an interesting dynamic with the song’s lyrics which are decidedly not chill.


Go Loko still 2 

“Black love, brown pride in the sets again”.


The music video takes place in LA, and heavily uses Mexican American culture as a backdrop to the song. This is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because the setting of lowriders, cholos and pinatas fit with the acoustic guitar lick and Spanglish used in the lyrics. It’s bad though because none of the artists involved are actually Mexican American, and Mexican American culture is far more than lowriders, cholos and pinatas. YG is dressed in a full mariachi’s uniform and Tyga is dressed like a cholo, complete with button down shirt and black chucks. Both of these “costumes” come off a bit like cultural appropriation. However, for the most part, YG’s heart seems to be in the right place and none of this is done in a mocking fashion.


Go Loko still 3

Tyga wears black chucks in this video.


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