“MAYBE (deconstructed)” by Justine Skye


Justine Skye is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She amassed a huge online following at a young age on the website Tumblr. Soon after, she recorded with the rapper Tyga and signed with Atlantic Records. Since then she’s released 4 EP’s and her debut studio album in 2018. The song “MAYBE” was originally released in July, 2019 on the EP Bare with Me, and is the first single released by Skye after parting ways with Roc Nation. To help promote the album, Skye recorded a “deconstructed” version of the track and released it on January 31, 2020 along with a new “deconstructed” music video.


Maybe still 1

Justine Skye wears dark blue leather zipper high top chucks in this video.


The song “MAYBE” is about someone who is in love and knows they’re with the one they’re meant to be with. The deconstructed version differs from the original in a couple key ways. First off, it’s a slower tempo than the original, which pairs well the other deconstructed elements. This includes less instrumentation, and greater vocal runs from Skye herself. This heightens the listener’s focus on Justine’s vocals and her lyrics, which actually makes this version have more of a wow factor than the original recording. Skye has an incredible voice and a lot of soul for a 25-year-old.


Maybe still 2 

Skye sits staring at the sky.


The music video begins with Justine walking into a lofty studio in baggy pants, white tank top, and blue leather chucks. She’s writing lyrics and smoking, completely at peace and in her element. She sits on the couch and begins to sing the song live into the microphone that’s set up. She’s joined only by a man on guitar and a man on the drum machine. Eventually she makes her way to the rooftop with a warm cup of tea. Everything about this video feels deconstructed from the setting’s bare walls, to Justine’s stripped down no frills wardrobe, everything here is raw and real just like the track she’s performing. This whole video acts as a showcase for not only the song and power in Justine’s voice, but also for her spirit and aura as a real, soulful person.


Maybe still 3

Raw and relaxed footwear.


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