“Crush on You” by The Jets


Who could ever forget The Jets’ hit 1985 song “Crush on You”? Probably those who were born after 1985. No worries, though, because thanks to the magical powers of the internet, you can find just about any video—within reason—that may have come before your time. While “Crush on You” may not exactly be a musical masterpiece, nor is its video anywhere near show stopping, it’s still something to be viewed now and then at least for educational/nostalgic purposes.



    A close up of some of The Jets’ chucks.


So what was it, exactly, that made the 80s such a great time period? Or more applicable to the current topic at hand, what made it memorable? The Jets have laid it all out for us in one video, almost like an overly-clichéd musical time capsule.  The women have large curls in their hair and the men have just as many, on a smaller scale, of course. There is technical lighting showing the dawn of computerized special effects, and neon colors galore as the entire band sings and dances using moves that are a little more than similar to those once executed by the pop king himself. 



  The Jets performing in their chucks.


But apart from the ripped off Michael Jackson moves and horribly cheesy everything else, “Crush on You” has something special (aside from the members wearing chucks). This video is fun! It just takes thirty seconds to see that everyone has a pretty genuine smile on their face and there’s no way the bounces in their steps could be fake! So if you’re looking for a fun trip to the 80s, check out “Crush on You”.



 What a totally tubular video!


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