“Thnks fr th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy


Cast your minds back to the early 2000’s and visualize the flat hair, the piercings, the skinny jeans, and chucks. Then, straight from the suburbs of Chicago came the punkiest of pop punk bands, Fall Out Boy. Composed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, lead guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley, the group was instrumental in the rise of the pop punk genre and the scene subculture. They had numerous hits throughout the 2000’s, but perhaps none is more remembered for than the 2007 track “Thnks fr th Mmrs” (a “disemvoweling” of “Thanks for the Memories”). The song has become a staple of their performances and is one of their most recognizable hits.


Thnks fr th Mmrs still 1

Let the good times roll.


The song starts hot, with Stump immediately capturing the listeners attention along with some very dramatic violins. The excitement kicks in harder when Hurley’s drums come in, and then everything peaks when the chorus is first sung. That moment is engrained in the minds of every 2007 preteen. Lyrically, the song is tells the tale of doomed lovers who are still in it for the sex. Everything about this track is big and bold. From Stump’s vocals, to the driving strings, this song never lets up and that’s why it was such a huge hit and a memorable part of so many people’s lives.


hnks fr th Mmrs still 2

Pete Wentz loses his cool and smashes his bass.


The music video opens with Stump and Wentz talking before filming begins. The song then begins, but suddenly, a chimpanzee yells “Cut!” and calls the band a “joke”, complaining that he should have hired Panic! at the Disco. They start up again, but the chimps in charge continue to wreak havoc over the shoot. At one point, Andy Hurley is replaced by another ape, and when he tries to retrieve his drumsticks, he is thrown out of the studio. Other scenes show the band playing the song on a brightly lit stage with the letters “FOB” in the background, and here we see them more in their element. They all wear matching chucks in these scenes, and all seems to be going well until the chimps interfere again. This time it comes when the chimps start stealing Pete’s “girlfriend” Kim Kardashian (pre reality show fame) from him while he’s performing. This causes Wentz to lose his cool and destroy the set, smashing the “B” in the “FOB” sign the band’s been playing in front of. This is a very fun, and a very 2007 video. It shows how big the band had gotten at this point, and also shows how they would struggle with it.


hnks fr th Mmrs still 3

The band wears matching white low top chucks in this video.


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