“Baby I” by Ariana Grande


Did you just get a cute new pair of purple chucks and you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on an outfit to show them off with? You came to the right place! Did you come looking to find a great song with a high quality music video? You should’ve turned left at Albuquerque.



     Grande struts her stuff in purple chucks.


The lovely Miss Ariana Grande tried her very best to make a musical masterpiece, filled with elaborate dance numbers and cool sets…but she missed the mark. To give her credit, she at least had some nice clothes (which includes pastel purple chucks), but other than that…well…it just falls short of a train wreck. A very boring, uncreative train wreck.



Grande and a fellow dancer.  


The video switches between three different locations, an urban type setting, a street that looks to be somewhere in sunny California, and an outdoor stage. She is surrounded by backup dancers the entire time as she flashes bright smiles and sings her heart out. If you really want to find something entertaining, you can at least give props to the camera guys for playing around with some cool angles that at least make the whole thing look professional. It will also probably make you want to go outside, because the warm weather is conveyed pretty well. But obviously, these are just desperate attempts to find something, anything interesting and unique about “Baby I”. If you’re curious and every other video on YouTube has been deleted then you might as well look it up, but frankly, your time is probably better spent watching cat videos.



A shot of the “urban” part of the video.  


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