“Check Yes, Juliet” by We the Kings


“Check Yes, Juliet” is the upbeat hit from pop punk band, We the Kings. Now before we go any further, a quick warning: if you watch this video, you will want to touch singer Travis Clark’s hair. You laugh now, but it’s something straight out of a Pantene commercial that is almost captivating enough to distract from the video itself. It also seems that his hair has caught the eye of a girl (who looks just a tad too young to be a love interest, but it can slide for now) that spends her time trying to sneak away from her stuffy parents to get some time alone with Travis.



     Juliet after a failed attempt to sneak out.


It’s a cute Romeo and Juliet type story (get it?) with “Juliet’s” parents acting as the barrier between these star-crossed lovers. They can be seen sabotaging a series of dates that the pair go on together breaking up a guitar playing session, a picnic, and an oil change (hats off to We the Kings for being able to make dirty cars quirky and romantic). During all these romantic escapades, the band is shown playing at a house party that “Juliet” is trying to get to. This is one of the more impressive things about the video; the fact that unlike most bands who just play their song in between the story line, We the Kings have actually integrated their “concert” to their tale of romance.



A romantic double date.  

Fear not! It turns out that Juliet’s parents aren’t as stuffy as the viewer is led to believe, and after she laces up her chucks, she does, in fact, make it to the house party and her Romeo.



Travis coming to pick Juliet up as a surprise.  


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