“All Summer” by Kid Cudi

featuring Rostam Batmanglij and Bethany Cosentino


Kid Cudi’s “All Summer” is your typical “friends hanging out and involving themselves in mischievous shenanigans” type video with a twist. They all have paper heads. While this has definitely been done before (See “Congratulations” video review), you gotta tip your hat to whatever poor intern was stuck with the job of crafting paper heads with multiple different expressions. Granted, it’s not like this is a full stop-motion style video, each of the three musicians only has two or three different “heads”, but it makes for a pretty cool effect. A cool…borderline creepy effect, anyways. Luckily, everyone in the video does take off their “head” for enough time to see that there are in fact, human beings under all that paper!


All Summer videoshot1

Three friends hanging out.


Aside from the interesting costuming is the way the director was able to keep things interesting despite there actually being very little going on in the video itself. With the mellow beats in the background, we see the three (who we are assuming to be) roommates hanging out in their cluttered living room—one that includes a rope swing—getting ready in their bathroom, and even vacuuming. Sound boring? It’s honestly not! Of course, it’s not necessarily the most interesting thing in the world, but the quick camera work and integration of the paper heads make it eye catching. Plus, the fact that the trio wears classic black chucks certainly helps the interest factor.


All Summer videoshot2

Going for a swing…inside!


So if you’re feeling bored, looking for inspiration to make a big paper head twin, or just want to check out some cool looking chucks, then Kid Cudi’s “All Summer” is the video for you!


All Summer videoshot3

 Who said vacuuming can’t be fun?  


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