“When You Look Me In The Eyes” by the Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers an American pop rock group formed in 2005 made up of three talented brothers from New Jersey. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas made their way to the top of every teenage girls playlist across America. They released their third single “When You Look Me In The Eyes” in 2007. The band's Look Me in the Eyes Tour was named after the song, their most current single at the time.


When You Look Me In The Eyes, still 1 

Nick stretching before the band performs.


This song is about a guy finding love and feeling complete when this certain girl looks into his eyes. It’s as if she is speaking to his heart without having to say any words. When she looks at him he forgets all his worries and problems and is transported to a better place. When he looks back at her nothing else matters but the idea that they are both meant to be together forever.

 When You Look Me In The Eyes still 2

Nick landing a perfect flip in his chucks.


The music video was shot mostly during the band’s tour and is shot complete in black and white. This effect makes the viewers feel like we’re inside the Jonas Brother’s heads as they sing about a memory of looking into that girl’s eyes. The audience at the concert plays another big part in the video. The eyes of the many fans help get a feel for what the music is about and the boys try to portray that by choosing to take clips from their concerts for this video.


When You Look Me In The Eyes, still 3

The band bowing to the crowd


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