“Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg is, simply put, an icon of rap. Over a career spanning almost 25 years, he has released hit after hit, and stayed an ever-constant presence in pop culture. He’s reached mainstream success very few rappers have, and is the status quo when it comes to longevity in rap. The man formerly known as Calvin Broadus hails from the Eastside of Long Beach, and was signed to Death Row Records after getting his mix tape heard by Dr. Dre. He appeared on Dre’s debut album, “The Chronic”, and released his debut, “DoggyStyle”, shortly thereafter. The song “Gin and Juice” is the second single off that album and was released in early 1994, and the music video has become iconic in the gangsta rap genre.


gin and juisce still1 

Snoop’s father wears chucks and tells him not to let Tha Dogg Pound in his house.


The song follows Snoop Doggy Dogg through a day in Long Beach, and the music video visualizes this. It starts with Snoop waking up to his parents leaving him alone for the weekend. They warn him not to throw a party, or invite “Tha Dogg Pound” (his backing group) over. He spends the rest of the video getting ready for the party he’s going to throw as Tha Dogg Pound assembles at his house. Snoop’s flow throughout the song is melodic and infectious, and vibes with the G-Funk sound so well. The opening line is instantly recognizable, as is the hook. Visually, the music video is famous for the shot of Snoop riding the handlebars of a bike wearing a Penguins jersey, and a pair of chucks.


 gin and juice still 2

The iconic image of Snoop on a bike wearing chucks.


Snoop and his gang invade a drive in movie theater before heading back to his place. From there the party turns up, as Dr. Dre makes a cameo. However, it all comes to a halt as Snoop’s parents unexpectedly come home early and kick everyone out of the house, including Snoop. It’s an extremely fun video, and the song is a certified hip-hop classic.


gin and juice still 3

Snoop getting his hair done for the party.


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