“Here” by Alessia Cara


It’s very difficult to stand out in today’s pop music scene. Homogeneity runs rampant with everyone using the same chorus-heavy style of songwriting, and EDM-influenced beats. Last year, Alessia Cara broke through that tired, pop style with her crooning smash hit “Here” off her debut album Know It All. The song is instantly unique by starting with an Isaac Hayes sample and then going straight into Cara’s alluring vocals. Her voice is so powerful yet controlled it’s hard not to be entranced by it.


Here still1 

Alessia Cara entering the party in her black high top chucks.


Her lyrics cover a topic that doesn’t ever get covered in pop music: the people who hate parties. In pop music, it’s assumed that parties are the greatest thing to go to. In Cara’s world, and the world of so many introverts like her, parties suck. In the music video, she is shown to be the only one moving around, while every other person in frozen in a party that never ends. She whizzes by girls gossiping, guys throwing up the copious amounts of alcohol they’ve consumed. She states that she’d rather be at home listening to music, or just hanging with her friends. In a party that is sure to be remembered by all as the best ever, Alessia would rather be anywhere else in the world, and that’s ok. This message is so underrepresented in music that it’s refreshing to hear it in every verse of this song. There are millions of young kids out there, who when they hear that there is a pop star out there who’s not calling them a loser for hating parties, but is rather showing how she feel the same, will light up with smiles on their faces.


 Here still2

Feeling like an outsider at this party.


Wearing a pair of black and white chucks, Cara comes to the decision to just wait outside, and when the friends she came with are ready to leave that’s where she’ll be. She walks out of the insane party that overtaken the house, and heads to the calm of the car as the track ends. With an absolutely incredible voice, and infectious melody and beat, “Here” is sure to be an anthem for introverts for decades to come.


Here still3

It really was one hell of a party if you’re into that kind of thing.


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