“Gimme Dat” by Ciara


Though it may not necessarily be grammatically correct lyrically, the video for Ciara’s “Gimme Dat” does a lot of things right. Granted, you have to keep an open mind because it is after all a typical music video in which a woman is overly-sexualized, however, Ciara does it in a way that makes one think of words like “powerful” or “sexy” versus “objectified”.


Gimme Dat still 1

 Ciara stepping out of her car wearing high heeled chucks.


This video is strictly dancing. No storyline or focus on the musician actually doing something musical. Just dancing. But it’s dancing done right for this genre of music. From the very start, Ciara is showing off not just her sex appeal, but her athleticism as she bends backwards low to the ground and rolls her hips…all while wearing six inch stilettos (chuck-stilettos, might I add). That takes some impressive body strength.


Gimme Dat still 2

Ciara executing a complicated dance move in her chucks.


We then follow her as she struts inside an empty warehouse to see that she’s swapped out her heeled chucks to some standard black high tops. Again, she shows off her skills but this time with a male dancer who appears to be following her lead. The entire video progresses like this (save for one needless part that is shot with a negative filter over it) with Ciara playing leader and the men following what she does. In other words, it’s girl power at its very finest. Sure there may be a bit of unnecessary twerking, and outfits that show maybe a little too much skin, but this video shows that women can be sexy without being objectified.


Gimme Dat still 3

Ciara in classic high top black chucks.


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