Zero Gravity


Black high top chucks are so light on your feet that you can levitate in them!

Black high top chucks are so light on your feet that you can levitate in them!


Zero Gravity is a levitation trick developed by Mike Bent that features the Converse All Star High top. The effect is described as follows:


“You stand in the middle of a room. Without any cover, totally away from any objects, your body completely levitates 4-5 inches off the ground, putting you heads above the competition.”


The author also describes why he chose to use chucks when he developed his trick:


“The sneakers I use are canvas Converse All Star high tops, available just about anywhere. There are several reasons I decided on this brand. First, they are classics and never go out of style. They are unisex and sized to fit all ages; anyone ... will be able to find a pair that works. They are extremely common, and therefore less suspicious. They have a flat sole, which aids in the illusion.The walls of the shoe are thin, giving you more room inside. Most important, they provide great ankle support, making it easier to perform [the levitation].”


People who already wear and like Chuck Taylors know that they are light on your feet, are very flexible, and have that classic cool look. And now you can actually “float” in a pair. It would be unfair to reveal the secret in this article, but if anyone’s interested, you can purchase the instructions at a magic store or easily buy them on the Internet. Just do a search for Zero Gravity and you will find several on-line vendors to choose from.


If you learn how to perform the levitation, have someone photograph you doing it, and send it to us at any pictures in a jpeg file), and your picture will be posted with this article. It would be great to get some pictures of someone performing the illusion for the website.


To order a magical pair of black high top chucks, click on the thumbnail below:


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